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Microsoft Power Point Nagendra Vemulapalli

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1 Microsoft Power Point Nagendra Vemulapalli

2 Topics Interface Switching views Printing presentation Adding new slide Bullets 2

3 Views Download and open the example1 file Three different views – Normal view: To edit the slide – Slide sorter view: Used to arrange slides – Slide show view: To launch the presentation 3

4 Slider Sorter view Switch to Slide sorter view – View tab->Presentation Views group->Slide Sorter Re-order the slides 4

5 Slide Show view Select the First Slide Click on Slide Show button Hit Spacebar to advance Esc to exit the mode. 5

6 Printing presentation Done for providing handouts to participant or for printing lecture presentations Click the File tab and Choose “Print” Click “Full page slides” dropdown and Switch to “6 slide horizontal” Handouts 6

7 Inserting New Slide In the normal view and with “Slides” tab selected click between the blank space between slides 2 and 3 To Insert a new slide – Hit the enter key – (Or)Click Top Part of the “New Slide” in the home ribbon/Slide Area 7

8 Design Themes 8 Design themes allow the usage of established set of colors, fonts, backgrounds and other attributes

9 Design Theme Click on the office button (File Tab) Select “New” Select “Installed themes” Select any of the thumbnail Themes that show up. Click “Create” 9

10 Layout Add 3 more slides Change the layout (Home -> Slides group -> Layout) as follows: – the 2 nd slide to “Title Only” – the 3 rd slide to “Title Only” as well – the 4 th slide to “Two Content” 10

11 Layout.. In the first slide, – Click “Click to add title” and type in: “CS101 and My Life” and type your name in the subtitle In the second slide, – Type in “My Schedule” – We will insert a table from a Word document later In the third slide, – Type in “Chart from Excel” – will insert a chart from Excel later In the Fourth slide, – Type in “Likes and Dislikes” – will enter two texts for comparison later 11

12 Animation You can use an Animation Scheme or a Custom Animation – Custom Animations offer a wider variety of possibilities 12

13 Animation Scheme Animation Schemes apply animation automatically to all the objects! Select title on second slide Animation ribbon->Animation Group->Animate Drop down->Choose one scheme 13

14 Setting transitions Transitions ribbon-> “Transition to this slide area” Select any animation you like Click “Apply to all” if you want all slides to have the same effect Run the presentation and check it out! 14

15 Clipart, word art and table Inserting clipart, word art and tables same as word and excel 15

16 Word Tables Open file Example2 Select table with the four headed arrow in the upper left and Right click and Copy Paste in the Second slide of the Presentation 16

17 Excel Charts Open example3 file In Excel, right click a whitespace area of the chart and select Copy In power point right click and select Paste in the third slide of the presentation Resize chart using fill handles 17

18 Two Column Side Used for comparing things Switch to the 4 th slide Type what you like on the Left Type what you hate on the right 18

19 Create a New Presentation Create a new presentation Select a Design Theme Create 3 additional slides 19

20 Title the Slides Put “Title” on the first slide. Put the following as titles for the others: “Two” “Three” “Four” 20

21 Footers Insert ribbon > Text group > Header & Footer Check Date and Time Check Update Automatically Check Slide Number 21

22 Footers Check Footer Type in your name Check Don’t show on title slide Click Apply to All 22

23 The Slide Master The Slide Master controls all elements on slides: Font styles Animation Background designs Color schemes Alignments 23

24 Master Slide Making a change on the Slide Master enables changes to all individual slides of the same layout at once For example a graphic can be added to every slide 24

25 Changing Master Slide ViewMaster Views Slide Master View ribbon > Master Views group > Slide Master Title and Content Select Title and Content layout slide Change font and Insert clip art Slides based on this master will take on these characteristics immediately Like changing the Normal Style in Word 25

26 Hidden Slides Could be used if a certain part of a presentation that is used multiple times is not needed on one occasion… 26

27 Hidden Slides In normal view, right click the second slide thumbnail and select “Hide” Run the show from the start and it should not appear. Right click the second slide in normal view and unselect “Hide” to reengage slide. 27

28 PowerPoint Hyperlinks Smart Graphics Theme Colors 28

29 Adding a Hyperlink Go to the third Slide of your Presentation Insert ribbon > Links group > Hyperlink Type WVU in the “Text to display” box Type the following in the address box: 29

30 Smart art :Venn Diagram Undergrad MastersDoctorate 30

31 Creating a Diagram Go to the 4 th slide Insert ribbon > Illustrations group > SmartArt Select Basic Venn and populate: Undergrad Masters Doctorate 31

32 Design Theme vs. Theme Colors We have seen that Design Themes comprise a collection of attributes such as a slide background, fonts, bullet types, and colors. Theme Colors allow us to select from various color options to apply to a design theme… 32

33 Theme Colors Design ribbon > Themes group > Colors Highlight the various ones vertically and watch it recolor your theme Pick something you like 33

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