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Focus Humanitarian Assistance

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1 Focus Humanitarian Assistance
Partnerships in Disaster Management

2 Our Vision… FOCUS is an affiliate of the Aga Khan Development network whose mandate is to enable the economic, social and cultural development of communities in the developing world. Our vision is to build; “An organization that enables disaster- resilient communities and that responds to disasters rapidly and effectively”


4 FOCUS is organized around three primary Goals;
Our Goals… FOCUS is organized around three primary Goals; To protect lives and prevent the loss of property of communities through Prevention, Mitigation and Preparedness (PMP) initiatives Disaster Prevention, Mitigation & Preparedness (PMP) To respond rapidly and effectively to selected disasters affecting communities, reducing human suffering and enabling sustainable recovery Disaster Response To respond to complex emergencies, delivering emergency Assistance, protection and durable solutions to Refugees, IDP’s and forced migrants Refugee & IDP Assistance

5 Focus International Coordinating Committee
Structure Focus International Coordinating Committee Canada Europe USA Pakistan India Afghanistan Tajikistan USA Field Office

6 FOCUS Afghanistan Major Initiatives: Afghanistan Programme
Humanitarian Assistance Programme ( Present) Provision of emergency assistance, food for work, milk for schools and crisis response initiatives Refugee support programme ( Present) Support to the relocation of Afghan communities to Western countries and Pakistan along with repatriation programmes back to Afghanistan. Shelter Provision Programme ( Present) Working with communities to build seismic resistant homes to replace those destroyed during the wars. Nehryn Earthquake Support (2002) Provided emergency assistance and relocation support to victims of the Nehryn Earthquake

7 FOCUS India Major Initiatives: Indian Programme
Bhuj Earthquake Support (2001) Provision of emergency supplies such as tents, food, blankets and water to affected communities along with building materials and reconstruction support. Tsunami Relief Programme ( Present) FOCUS has been actively involved with the AKDN and civil society organizations in the reconstruction of tsunami impacted areas of India. Community Emergency Preparedness ( Present) Working with the AKDN to train schools and hospitals in management for emergency situations.

8 FOCUS Pakistan Major Initiatives: Pakistan Programme
Kashmir Earthquake Relief Programme ( Present) FOCUS response and assessment teams were amongst the first on the scene in Kashmir and provided critical assistance to the most vulnerable communities through the use of the AKDN fleet of helicopters. Initiatives continue to enable the disaster resilient reconstruction of Kashmir. Pakistan PMP Programme In the Northern Areas of Pakistan, FOCUS has worked extensively to prepare for natural disasters through the development of search and rescue teams, stockpiles of materials and community based disaster management training. Natural Hazard Vulnerability Database ( Present) Catalogued Natural Hazards such as landslides, avalanches, and floods across the Northern Areas and Chitral for use in scenario planning and risk assessment activities.

9 FOCUS USA Major Initiatives: Tajikistan Programme
Fostering Disaster Resilience ( Present) In Tajikistan, FOCUS has worked with the AKDN, the Government and the International community to support newly created civil society organizations in self protection initiatives using private sector tools and methodologies. Reducing the risk from Lake Sarez ( Present) Lake Sarez remains one of the most significant risks to Central Asia, FOCUS has been working with the Governments of Japan, Switzerland and the World Bank to develop early warning solutions and to provide access to isolated communities. Earthquake Safety Initiative ( Present) Working with the National Government, the International Community and civil society organizations, FOCUS has introduced an earthquake safety curriculum for Tajikistan.

10 FOCUS USA Major Initiatives: USA Programme
Crisis Response - USA & Tajikistan ( Present) Since 2002 FOCUS USA has been involved in the following Crisis Responses; Hurricane Rita and Katrina Dasht Disaster Approx 32 small to medium scale disaster responses in Tajikistan Crisis Response Teams ( Present) FOCUS has worked to develop a national framework for community based response, orchestrated by trained responders across the country.

11 FOCUS around the World Major Initiatives: Syria Refugee Programme
FOCUS has worked with the Syrian Governemnt and UNHCR to create emergency care shelters and stockpiles for the recent refugees from Lebanon, targeting mothers and children in need of support. Iraqi Refugee Camps in Jordan Shortly after the beginning of Iraqi operations, FOCUS worked with the government of Jordan to develop refugee camps for the departing Iraqi migrants. Mozambique Flooding Support Utilizing volunteer support from across East Africa, FOCUS worked with the local governments to provide emergency assistance to communities affected by severe flooding in 2002. Cyclone Gafilo, Madagascar FOCUS mobilized local volunteers in the provision of tents, blankets, food and medical assistance to the victims of Cyclone Gafilo.

12 AKDN Risk Management Framework

13 Building deep before wide
Engagement Approach Emphasis on building models - taking an area, developing a long term plan and approach Building deep before wide Utilizing development partners as the vehicle for disaster risk reduction


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