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The Most Effective Competitors in the 21 st century will be the organizations that learn to use shared values to harness the emotional energy of people.

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1 The Most Effective Competitors in the 21 st century will be the organizations that learn to use shared values to harness the emotional energy of people. Noel Techy Prof. of Org. Behavior U of Michigan


3 APPLICATIONS Creating community – bonds Maximizing employee engagement & ownership Focusing concerted action & common direction Lasting conflict resolution

4 BENEFITS Anticipating & remedying employee concerns before they become labour relations problems Tapping into the whole teams collective wisdom & creativity Building a sense of employee ownership & full engagement Creating enduring solutions to conflict



7 THE PROCESS 1.Meet with staff (peers only) –The Five Focus Questions 2.Record & provide what the staff want to say to Manager 3.Town Hall Meeting –Manager responds personally to all points/issues 4.Town Hall Meeting –6 month check up

8 QUESTIONS FOR CONSIDERATION 1.What would we like our Manager to know about us (our needs, expectations) that we feel our Manager doesnt already know? 2.What are our hottest: a)Opportunities missed? b)Obstacles in our way? 3.What are the three things we would change right now, if we had the authority to do so?

9 QUESTIONS FOR CONSIDERATION contd 4.What can/should our Manager do to help us: a)Better serve our clients? b)Better serve ourselves? 5.What are the three things we can do personally and are prepared to commit to now to: a)Better serve our clients? b)Better serve ourselves?

10 CREATING VALUES Seven Criteria 1.Choosing freely 2.Choosing from among alternatives 3.Choosing after thoughtful consideration of the consequences of each alternative 4.Prizing and cherishing 5.Affirming 6.Acting upon choices 7.Repeating



13 OUR TIME TOGETHER 1.Review – how we got to where we are today 2.Where are we now? 3.What is our preferred future? 4.How will we get there? Vision Values 5.Our declaration of interdependence planning & acting together 6.How will we sustain the momentum? Long term activities Values champions Values review

14 TEAMWORK & TOGETHERNESS Concerns taken to the team for resolution; collective resolution No one on the team left alone to hang out to dry Collective accountability and responsibility Willingness to connect with each other (face-to- face, telecon, etc.), even when the issue or case is not ones direct responsibility

15 PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL RESPECT Respect the feelings and experiences of others Commit to be punctual (for meetings, work, etc.); shows respect for all team members Keep common areas tidy Devote your efforts to planned team activities, avoiding interruption Each team member has the right to be treated with dignity Appreciate and utilize the talents and abilities of others

16 COURTESY Put forth effort to go out of your way to assist others Be considerate of others in your own use of language and tone / pitch of voice Ask for assistance / help, rather than giving orders or coming across as demanding Be conscientious and tactful when interacting with others, always considering their feelings

17 MARKHAM PUBLIC LIBRARIES STAFF VALUES Respect Communication Common Focus/Service Teamwork

18 RESPECT We will: –Treat others as they would like to be treated. –Actively listen to each other and respond with courtesy (tone of voice and body language). –Greet, acknowledge each other in a friendly way. –Keep each other informed about our whereabouts, when it affects others. –Be punctual at all times. –Appreciate and endeavour to utilize each others unique skills, talents and backgrounds. –Demonstrate a positive attitude with each other.

19 RESPECT contd We will: –Have patience, wait our turn and not interrupt each other. –Empathize with and affirm each others feelings and concerns. –Be inclusive, not exclude others (e.g. the common business language is English). –Keep our shared work areas neat and tidy. –Not be unfairly judgmental. –Allow each other to make mistakes and learn from them. –Accept and honour our unique individual differences and the way in which we act out and process the world around us.

20 COMMUNICATION We will: –Be respectful in tone and tactful in communication of any type. –Share information openly and willingly, where and when possible. –Communicate with clarity, timeliness, completeness, and adequate contextual detail to ensure understanding, to the appropriate audience. –Listen actively and probe for clarity. –Give and receive positive, constructive feedback, for mutual understanding. –Provide and accept open, honest expression, with no fear of reprisal.

21 COMMON FOCUS/SERVICE (We exist to serve our customers) We will: –Treat each customer as an MPL customer, first and foremost – single point of service delivery. –Provide seamless service to customers. –Ensure that all employees and volunteers receive system focused orientation and training. –Discuss, share and implement best practices across the system. –Champion the MPL vision.

22 TEAMWORK We will: –Commit to one team working together for the betterment of the MPL system. –Be collectively supportive and accountable for our outcomes and achievements. –Help one another, even when its not ones direct responsibility. –Treat each other as they would like to be treated. –Support one another through all challenges. –Build and nurture relationships within the team.

23 TEAMWORK contd We will: –Ensure that team members feel comfortable expressing their unique opinions. –Take time to have fun and celebrate achievements. –Welcome new members to the team. –Take responsibility for coaching each other and be open to being coached. –Focus on the similarities rather than the differences across MPL.

24 CONTACT US Catherine Biss, CEO Markham Public Libraries Phone: 905-305-5999 E-mail: David Dycke D.G. Dycke Consulting Phone: 416-299-5353 Cell: 416-995-6300 E-mail:

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