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 1 Professional Development Competency—Teamwork and Inclusion.

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1  1 Professional Development Competency—Teamwork and Inclusion

2 To develop a deeper understanding of teamwork and inclusion qualities, skills, and behaviors in support of individual and institutional growth. Objective 2

3 Agenda  Questionnaire  Competencies  What are we doing?  How are we doing it?  My next steps 3

4 Competencies  Champlain College Professional Staff Career Competencies: Fundamental to the successful implementation of our 2020 Strategic Vision. Needed for every staff member.  Functional/Job Competencies: Capabilities needed in order to successfully perform current or future job responsibilities (i.e. marketing, finance, education, technology, etc.).  Leadership Competencies: Needed for successful leadership of a team of individuals. 4

5 Teamwork and Inclusion Scale Collaborates well with others Proactively assists and involves others Fosters teamwork Coaches others and resolves conflict Builds bridges between teams 5

6 Teamwork and Inclusion Scale 6

7 Collaborates Well with Others  Deals honestly and fairly with others, showing consideration and respect for individual differences.  Does own fair share of the work.  Seeks assistance from other team members, as needed.  Assists other team members.  Shares all relevant information with others. 7

8 Proactively Assists and Involves Others  Initiates collaboration with others.  Assumes additional responsibilities to facilitate the achievement of team goals.  Seeks input from other team members on matters that affect them. 8

9 Fosters Teamwork  Gives credit and acknowledges contributions and efforts of other team members.  Makes outstanding efforts to help other team members.  Fosters team spirit.  Ensures that all group members have an opportunity to contribute to group discussions.  Helps build consensus among team members. 9

10 Coaches Others and Resolves Conflicts  Coaches others on teamwork skills to promote high team performance.  Provides constructive feedback to fellow team members.  Facilitates beneficial resolutions to conflict among team members. 10

11 Builds Bridges Between Teams  Facilitates collaboration across teams to achieve a common goal.  Breaks down barriers (structural, functional, and cultural) between teams, facilitating the sharing of expertise and resources.  Creates opportunities for groups to work together and get to know each other to further organizational objectives.  Promotes agendas that support the organization's broader goals.  Creates cross-functional teams to solve problems. 11

12 Two Parts to Teamwork and Inclusivity 12

13 13

14 14

15 GRPI Model Diagnosis of Issues Team Development 15

16 GRPI and Your Current Team 16

17 17

18 18

19 Focus on Collective Results Practice Accountability Demonstrate Commitment Support Conflict Build Trust High Functioning Teams 19

20 20

21 The 4 Cores of Credibility Self Trust 21

22 Integrity  Congruence, Humility, Courage Intent  Your Motive, Agenda, Behavior Capabilities  TASKS: Your Talents, Attitudes, Skills, Knowledge, Style Results  Your Track Record 14 Adapted from Stephen MR Covey, Speed of Trust The Core of Trust 22

23 High Trust Earned Trust I extend trust when I first meet people People need to earn my trust through actions and behaviors over time Trust Orientation 23

24 High Trust / Earned Trust 24

25 8. Confront Reality 9. Clarify Expectations 10. Practice Accountability 11. Listen First 12. Keep Commitments 13. Extend Trust 1. Talk Straight 2. Demonstrate Respect 3. Create Transparency 4. Right Wrongs 5. Show Loyalty 6. Deliver Results 7. Get Better The 13 Behaviors to Build Trust 23 Adapted from Stephen MR Covey, Speed of Trust 25

26 Agreement Scale—Driving Force During Conflict 26 Welcoming Engagement Seeking Resolution Seeking Harmony

27 Your Agreement Level 27

28 Communication Style 28 Indirect Direct

29 Intent vs. Impact IntentionsImpact 29


31 Included and Excluded 31

32 Diversity and Inclusion INCLUSIVENESS DIVERSITY Visible and invisible differences, thinking style, leadership style, gender, ethnicity, religious background, sexual orientation, age, experience, culture etc. A quality of the organizational environment that maximizes and leverages the diverse talents, backgrounds and perspectives of all employees

33 Developing Inclusive Teams 33 INCLUSIVENESS DIVERSITY 4-B Value differences of self and others Identify exclusion behaviors and patterns Model and Embed inclusive practices 4 Inclusive Teams Transform exclusion behaviors and patterns

34 Behaviors that Support Inclusivity  Being open to growth and learning  Be curious—the opposite is judgmental  Practice the Platinum Rule  Be brave—speak out when necessary  Clean up the messes 34

35 One thing you will practice in the next month to grow your competency in teamwork and inclusion. Closing 35

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