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STARBUCKS Chapter 9 Teamwork and Team Performance.

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1 STARBUCKS Chapter 9 Teamwork and Team Performance

2 T EAMS What are teams? A small group of people with complementary skills who work actively together to achieve a common purpose. Starbucks team members are a team because each member has a specific job that contributes to the team.

3 T EAMWORK What is teamwork? Teamwork occurs when group members work together in ways that use their skills effectively to accomplish a purpose Teams add value to the work processes.

4 H OW TO CREATE A HIGH PERFORMING TEAM Communicate high-performance standards Set the tone in the first team meeting Create a sense of urgency Make sure members have the right skills Establish clear rules for team behavior As a leader, model expected behaviors Find ways to create early “successes.” Continually introduce new information Have members spend time together Give positive feedback



7 T ASK A CTIVITIES Directly contribute to the performance of important task. Leaders at Starbucks have provided a structure that allows partners to infuse themselves into their work, so that they can inspire customers in legendary ways. The leaders call this the “Five Ways of Being” Be welcoming Be genuine Be considerate Be knowledgeable Be involved

8 F IVE W AYS OF B EING Be welcoming At Starbucks, “being welcoming” is an essential way to get the customer’s visit off to a positive start. Be genuine At Starbucks, being genuine means to “connect, discover, and respond.” Be considerate Starbucks leadership challenges partners to be considerate of needs on a global level, and staff members.

9 F IVE W AYS OF B EING Be knowledgeable When Starbucks leaders ask partners to “be knowledgeable,” they are encouraging employees to “love what they do and share it with others.” Be involved From the perspective of Starbucks leadership, being involved means active participation “in the store, in the company, and in the community.”

10 M AINTENANCE ACTIVITIES Support the emotional life of team as an ongoing social system

11 M AINTENANCE A CTIVITIES (F IVE WAYS OF B EING ) Be welcoming What’s in the Name? Welcoming people by name and remembering them from visit to visit is a small thing, but it counts. Acknowledgeable Uniqueness Starbucks leadership understands that customers long to have their uniqueness recognized.

12 M AINTENANCE A CTIVITIES (F IVE WAYS OF B EING ) Be genuine Expectations and Service: Connect Legendary service comes from a genuine desire and effort to exceed what the customer expects. Discover Starbucks understands that discovery is essential to developing a unique and genuine bond. Respond Starbucks partners are trained not just to listen to their customers, but to take action immediately based on what they hear, and to learn from these experiences for future customer interactions.

13 M AINTENANCE A CTIVITIES (F IVE WAYS OF B EING ) Be considerate Looking within Considerate actions taken by leadership can serve to encourage thoughtful and respectful behavior among staff members.

14 M AINTENANCE A CTIVITIES (F IVE WAYS OF B EING ) Be knowledgeable Formal training At Starbucks, all partners are encouraged to develop knowledge of coffee that can lead to personal insights for customers.

15 M AINTENANCE A CTIVITIES (F IVE WAYS OF B EING ) Be involved Involvement in the Store One of the best ways to become involved is to look around the office or store for clues on how to make the customer experiences and the business better. In-Store Improvements Management encourages Starbucks partners to be involved in the company, partners often look at how they can improve the manner in which customer needs are served.

16 Be involved Involvement in the Business Starbucks management makes a point of listening and responding to the ideas and suggestions of partners. Be Involved in the Community Starbucks leadership encourages and supports engagement in creating a community meeting place, to supporting community events, to staff volunteering in community-related activities.

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