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Multitype Library Board Prepared by Elgin Bunston for OLA Super Conference, February 26, 2010.

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1 Multitype Library Board Prepared by Elgin Bunston for OLA Super Conference, February 26, 2010

2 Definition n A multitype library system is a network of working relationships, between any combination of autonomous libraries and information providers, established to share services and resources for mutual benefits. n The purpose of the multitype library system is to support communities in their access to affordable, quality information services.


4 Environmental Context n 1950 first regional library formed (model for others) n 1958 provincial library begins centralized cataloguing service for municipal and regional libraries. n 1965-73 public libraries formed regional libraries -Interlibrary loan and reciprocal borrowing policies developed n 1967 Library Inquiry Committee Report -Provincial Library to play a central role in interlibrary loan and in-depth reference support

5 Environmental Context The Public Libraries Act, 1984 n Saskatchewan Library Board –Evolved into Public Library Directors group n Northern Library Office –Multitype arrangement

6 10 Public Library Systems PNLS (northern) 7 regional libraries Regina and Saskatoon

7 Environmental Context Public Libraries Act, 1996: n Mandated participation of municipalities in the provincial public library system n Outlines Provincial Library responsibilities to: 1.Provide cost-effective and appropriate central services to public libraries. 2.Develop province-wide library policies and other library advisory functions.

8 History Continued n 1998 first Multitype Board meets n 2001 Gateway, Z-39.50 search portal for all SK public libraries n 2006 public libraries develop a strategic to implement a single integrated library system n 2008 funding for SILS is granted


10 Formation of the Multitype Library Board Libraries Cooperation Act, 1996 n to provide a mechanism for formalized co-operation, across jurisdictional boundaries, in accordance with principles respecting continued individual responsibility on behalf of participants and respecting the importance of achieving consensus before making important decisions between…

11 Composition of the Board n A public library system director and a library trustee; n A post-secondary library director and 1 other librarian from a post-secondary library; n A teacher-librarian and a member of the Saskatchewan School Boards Association (SSBA); n A special library director and another special librarian.

12 Composition of the Board n Provincial Librarian; n A representative from the Saskatchewan Library Association; n A specialist in Aboriginal library services; n An archivist.

13 MLB and Government n Ministers Advisory Board n Role of Provincial Library & Literacy Office

14 How does the MLB operate? n Consensus decision making, by law n Consultations with partners n Respect for institutional mandates n Development of relationships n Creation of a co-operative framework rather than operations

15 Role of Board Members n Represent their sector at the MLB table n 2-way communication with sector on board activities n Contribute ideas for possible collaboration across sectors n Follow up on agreed upon tasks

16 How and Why? n Echo Valley Forum 1988 n Reaffirmed the idea, first stated by the Library Inquiry Committee (1967), to expand the one-province public library system to include cooperation among all types of libraries.

17 Principles: One-province system; Resource sharing; Service to all; Participation of users.

18 Library Service in the 1990s n Many barriers to library service : Physical, Geographical, Institutional mandates, Cultural, economic, Educational.

19 Ideas for Improvement n Better resource sharing; n Reduce duplication; n Help patrons make use of technology; n Improved access for everyone.

20 Board Successes n Removal of PST on electronic resources n Competency profile for professional librarians n Support from provincial ministers on library issues such as Library Book Rate n Initiated grant and bursary programs to address areas of concern

21 Saskatchewan Library Education Bursary 2002- n Recruitment and retention of concern to multiple sectors; n Background including 8Rs Report; n MLB recommendation to the Government of Saskatchewan; n Seed funding for bursary administered by Saskatchewan Library Association.

22 Multitype Database Licensing Program (MDLP) n Province-wide license for 10,000+ unique journal titles and 83 eBooks for all residents n Maximizes purchasing power of libraries through cost sharing; n Increases the amount of authoritative content available to Saskatchewan and provides equitable access for all residents.

23 Product Overview n ProQuest (4) (News, Canadian Research Index and CBCA) n The Gale Group (15) (Business, general reference, health and kids) n EBSCO (3) (Auto repair and 2 Novelist products) n Grey House Canada (Canada Info Desk) n CEDROM-SNi (Newscan products for appropriate sectors) n Encyclopedia Britannica Inc. (Encyclopaedia Britannica Online) n Services documentaires multimedia (Repère) n Thomson Carswell (Index to Canadian Legal Literature) n Wiley InterScience (The Cochrane Library)

24 Multitype Database Licensing Program (MDLP) n Development n Model/Structure n Philosophy n Future growth

25 Initial Program Partners n All 10 public library systems n 4 urban school divisions n Special libraries

26 Program Expansion n Universities and colleges (SIAST, religious colleges, etc.) n 800+ schools represented by the Ministry of Education n More special libraries (government, law, health, credit union)

27 Program Structure n No contribution formula n Committee (at least 2 reps/sector) n Products satisfy the needs of multiple sectors n Reached the limits of common interest

28 Program Evolution n Opt-in products to augment the core collection (2 sectors or more) n Focus on training and increased patron usage

29 Digitization n 6 + 1 working group n Digitization Forums n Inventory Project n Saskatchewan Digital Alliance

30 Saskatchewan Digital Alliance n Workshops n Policy recommendations n Advisory to grant program

31 Digitization Grant Purpose: Multitype partnerships Building capacity Saskatchewan content


33 Digitization Grant n Success and challenges n Limited grant funding n Barriers to entry

34 Leveraging Funds n Contribution from U of Saskatchewan n 15 partners on a $20,000 grant n Saskatchewan War Experience n Wide representation (geographically and across sectors)

35 New Strategic Plan MISSION n Through co-operation, libraries contribute to the social and economic development of citizens of Saskatchewan. VISION n Successful communities through library co- operation.

36 Strategic Directions 1. Engage strategic partners in the continuing development of the Multitype System; 2. Identify opportunities for co-operation in order to address emerging issues; and, 3. Initiate mechanisms for co-operation.

37 Other Board Activities and Challenges n Representative workforce n Recruitment and retention n Potential internship n Promote the value of school libraries and teacher-librarians n Improved communications and use of technology

38 Saskatchewan Libraries Site

39 Career Information

40 Promotion Campaign


42 Questions? n Contact: (business card with me as well) n Provincial Librarian, Joylene Campbell n Information about the Multitype Library Board

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