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Alberta’s Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education System with Waldemar Riemer.

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1 Alberta’s Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education System with Waldemar Riemer

2  This presentation will: Provide you with an overview of Alberta’s Education system Roles and responsibilities within Alberta’s Education system

3  $6.3 billion (Cdn) budget  596,113 students  45,427 certificated teaching personnel  62 jurisdictions  over 2,100 schools

4 2010-11 Government Spending $38.7 billion

5 Alberta Education Vision Education inspires and enables students to achieve success and fulfillment as citizens in a changing world

6 Alberta Education Mission Every student has access to educational opportunities needed to develop competencies required to contribute to an enriched society and a sustainable economy

7 The success of each student is our highest priority Students can access a quality basic education regardless of where in Alberta they live. Provincial policies allow parents and students to choose their schools and programs. Education programs are appropriate to the unique needs of each child. The delivery of education programs to students should be flexible.

8 Alberta has built a strong education foundation Standardized curriculum for all grades and subject areas. Ongoing review of curriculum to ensure it is current and focuses on what students need to know. Carefully selected and developed resources for learners and support materials for teachers.

9 Alberta’s Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education System We have standardized our curriculum for all grades and subject areas to make sure every Alberta student has the same learning opportunities.

10 Provincial Achievement Testing Grade 3: reading, writing and mathematics Grade 6 and 9 PAT’s: reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies Grade 12 students write Diploma Examinations in core subject areas. These exams make up 50% of a student’s final mark.

11 Structure of Education in Alberta Students Businesses Community 62 School jurisdictions Parents Teachers Ministry School Councils’ Association School Board Associations College of Superintendents

12 Delegation of Responsibility for Education Through the School Act, the Government of Alberta delegates much of its authority for the governance of education to school boards, which are elected by local community members. School boards are responsible to make decisions about education programs that will meet the needs of their students.

13 Balancing Provincial and Local Autonomy Alberta Education  establish and communicate learning expectations/standards  develop Programs of Study (curriculum)  conduct provincial assessments  develop and implement an accountable education system School Board  ensure that education programs provided are consistent with the School Act and provincial regulations  implement the Programs of Study  provide optional programs in response to local needs  establish clear measures of student achievement  implement systems for evaluating students, teachers, schools and programs

14 Three Fully-funded School Systems  Public School Districts and Divisions  Separate School Districts (that primarily serve children of parents of the Roman Catholic faith.)  Both systems serve English and French speaking students  Francophone

15 Role of the Superintendent Implement education policies established by the Minister Ensure students have the opportunities to meet the standards of education set by the Minister Provide leadership in all matters relating to education in the jurisdiction The Superintendent shall report to the Minister with respect to the above matters at least once a year

16 The role of the principal To provide educational leadership and administer the school in consultation with central office staff, teachers, parents, the school council and the community.

17 Highly skilled professional teachers play a key role Alberta was the first in Canada to develop Teaching Quality Standard that outlines the knowledge, skills and attributes teachers are expected to demonstrate throughout their careers Teachers must hold a university degree which includes a teacher preparation program

18 The Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) As set out in the Teaching Profession Act, the objectives of The Alberta Teachers' Association are as follows:  to advance and promote the cause of education in Alberta  to improve the teaching profession

19 For further information, please visit the Alberta Education website:

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