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2013 SPRA Conference and Annual General Meeting Session B1 Planning for the Future October 25, 2013 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

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1 2013 SPRA Conference and Annual General Meeting Session B1 Planning for the Future October 25, 2013 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

2 Agenda Overview of the proposed SPRA Strategic Plan – Facilitated discussion Overview of the Government of Saskatchewan Recreation Framework Development Process – Facilitated discussion

3 SPRA Strategic Plan Draft Presentation Swift Current, October 25, 2013

4 Review of Strategic Planning Process Environmental Scan/ Literature Review (complete) Initial Draft for Discussion (complete) Community Consultations (complete) Draft #2 (May 31) (complete) Board and Staff Consultation (Sept 15) (complete) Draft #3 (Sept 30) (complete) SPRA Conference Consultation (Oct 25) Finalize Plan (Jan 15) Operational Plan Development

5 Consultations A total of ten community consultations were held across Saskatchewan in the following locations: -Swift Current -North Battleford -La Ronge -Prince Albert -Humboldt -Yorkton -Weyburn -Regina (2) -Saskatoon Participants included: -Recreation practitioners -Volunteers -Organizational administrators -Government officials -Municipal administrators -Health promotion practitioners From the following sectors: -Provincial government -Municipal government -Provincial recreation associations -Districts -Parks -Physical activity and health

6 Definition of Recreation Recreation includes all those activities in which an individual chooses to participate in their leisure time, and is not confined solely to sports or physical recreation programs, but includes artistic, creative, cultural, social and intellectual activities, and … is a fundamental human need for individuals of all ages and interests and for both sexes and is essential to the psychological, social and physical wellbeing of each Canadian; (Also,) …recreation is an essential social service in the same way that health and education are considered as social services, and that recreation’s purpose should be: (a) to assist individual and community development, (b) to improve the quality of life and (c) to enhance social functioning.

7 Proposed Organizational Vision SPRA is the recognised leader in the wellbeing of people and communities through recreation.

8 Sector Vision We envision a Saskatchewan in which all citizens have equitable access to recreation experiences that: -Contribute to mental and physical health and wellbeing -Result in well rounded, well adjusted contributing members of their community -Provide connection and attachment to their community(ies) and environment We envision a Saskatchewan in which our communities are healthy, inclusive, welcoming, resilient and sustainable, and our natural environments are appreciated and sustained.

9 Proposed Mission SPRA provides leadership, facilitation, programs and services to enhance the impact of recreation for the wellbeing of Saskatchewan.

10 Proposed Values Collaboration Community Engagement Accountability Inclusivity Professionalism Volunteerism

11 Proposed Roles Training Education Public Relations Funding Information Management Research Networking Community Development

12 Discussion Is there anything within the Vision, Mission, Values and Roles statements that concerns you? Is there anything that you particularly like about the statements?

13 The Strategy Model SocietyThe Delivery NetworkThe ProvidersThe Organization

14 SPRA is a strong and effective organization driven by the needs of its members, providers and the public The Organization The Strategy Model – The Organization

15 The recreation sector is served by informed and highly competent volunteers and professionals The Providers The Strategy Model – The Providers

16 The delivery network is effective and meets the needs of Saskatchewan people The Delivery Network The Strategy Model – The Delivery Network

17 Recreation is an important contributor to the wellbeing of communities, environments and individuals Society The Strategy Model – Society

18 Outcomes Statements Discussion At your table, review the long and mid-term outcome statements hand-out. Each table to discuss one block. Questions… Is there anything within the statements that you disagree with? Are there any gaps? Leave your edits and comments on the form provided.

19 Next Steps Information from this session will be used to create the final draft of the Plan. The draft will be presented to the Board for ratification at their December meeting. SPRA will reconcile existing Logic Models with the new approved Strategic Plan to carry-over existing tasks and identify outstanding gaps. SPRA staff and committees will develop Logic Models and Operating Plans to support the Strategic Plan, following approval.


21 Sport, Recreation & Stewardship Branch Minister Minister – Kevin Doherty Deputy Minister – Lin Gallagher Divisions Operations – ADM Nancy Cherney - Parks Stewardship – ADM Twyla MacDougall Branches Culture Branch Heritage Branch Royal Saskatchewan Museum Sport, Recreation & Stewardship Branch

22 Saskatchewan Recreation Framework Environmental scan Information gathering consultations  Stakeholder interviews  Saskatoon workshop  2012 SPRA Conference presentation  Online feedback process Saskatchewan Recreation Sector Final Report

23 Saskatchewan Recreation Framework 6 priorities 19 initiatives - provided 15 goals Commonalities and alignment with other strategies and Government of Saskatchewan priorities

24 4 Draft Strategic Directions Creating a healthier population Laying the foundation for recreation participation Supporting a strong recreation and parks sector Developing community vitality

25 Next Steps Moving forward with National Recreation Agenda/Framework development process Ensuring collaboration and communication in development of Saskatchewan Recreation Framework Future consultations on Saskatchewan Recreation Framework

26 Feedback As the development of the Saskatchewan Recreation Framework proceeds, is there anything you believe is important for government to know?

27 Thank you

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