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TCE Board Presentation February, 2006 Evaluating the Initiative Oakland, CA - Seattle, WA.

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1 TCE Board Presentation February, 2006 Evaluating the Initiative Oakland, CA - Seattle, WA

2 2 Presentation Overview About PPH Intersection of PPH and MAPP Developing and using intermediate indicators

3 3 PPH Approach 39 Partnerships PPH Initiative Public Health Departments (14) Community Groups (39, 2-3 per health dept) Program Office Grants Management Technical Assistance Communication Policy Evaluation

4 4 Goals of PPH Initiative 5 goal areas Community group internal capacity building Health department internal capacity building Partnership development Community health improvement Policy and systems change

5 5 Multiple Levels to Consider

6 6 Key PPH Accomplishments Successful models for public health partnerships Policy change activities supported partnerships Partnership efforts are being sustained Health departments learning new ways of working with community

7 7 MAPP & PPH:The Connection 8 PPH jurisdictions completed some or all of MAPP PPH funded MAPP (minimal) PPH partnership key to to implementation of MAPP in PPH sites

8 8 MAPP & PPH: Comparison Both start with partnerships and end with improved health Both emphasize the health department working with community Both need to accommodate the specific contexts of a health department jurisdiction (demographics, geography, politics) MAPP emphasizes assessment process and planning, PPH emphasized program development and policy change

9 9 Developing Intermediate Indicators Used logic models and case studies (descriptive data) Looked at intermediate steps and ideal pathways Emphasized progress and change Looked at contribution rather than attribution

10 10 No paid staff No office Little/no resident engagement Unclear decision making structures Skilled, stable leadership Clear, appropriate governance structure Funding to sustain programs Ability to engage and mobilize the community Methods for building residents skills Strong alliances with other organizations Goal 1: Strengthening Internal Capacities of Community Group

11 11 Limited awareness of the benefits of working with community No support for staff to work with community Limited opportunities for residents to give input on planning and programs Organizational culture committed to working with community Workforce policies support staff working with community Multiple ways for residents to have input Resources dedicated to building residents skills Goal 2: Enhance health department capacities to work with communities

12 12 No/negative prior relationship between HD and community group Lack of trust No shared understanding of the purpose of the partnership No formalized structures for partnership Partnership viewed as positive and mutually beneficial Structures in place to facilitate working together Proven ability to share resources and jointly implement activities Ability to sustain partnership Goal 3: Create sustainable partnerships

13 13 Limited ability to carry out community health improvement activities Activities that focused on agency interventions, health education, and service delivery Limited programs or activities Partnership working jointly to implement sustainable activities and programs that have the potential to improve the health of the community Ability to address multiple community health issues and/or the broad determinants of health Goal 4: Develop programs, services and/or activities aimed at improving health

14 14 Partnership has successfully changed and/or enforced local policies Partnership has an experienced and savvy constituency to mobilize around community health issues Policy is integral part of health improvement strategies Goal 5: Develop policies that support improved health No experience with policy and systems change activities No resident advocacy skills Little understanding of the meaning and purpose of policy and systems change

15 15 Policy & Systems Changes

16 16 Summary A number of connections between MAPP and PPH Intermediate indicators allow documentation of change Evaluation of community-based efforts need to focus on contribution rather than attribution Contribution and linkages based on logic modeling and descriptive documentation

17 17 Contact Information Clarissa Hsu Group Health Community Foundation 1730 Minor Ave, Suite 1500 Seattle, WA 98101 206-287-4276 Websites:

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