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Enterprising Community Libraries Tuesday 5 March 2013 Christoph Warrack – CEO, Open Cinema.

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1 Enterprising Community Libraries Tuesday 5 March 2013 Christoph Warrack – CEO, Open Cinema

2 What is Open Cinema? Open Cinema enables vulnerable communities to have their own cinemas It is a social enterprise, sustainably building life and media skills Clients and partners include:

3 We provide...

4 Film Clubs (29 in UK and Ireland since 2005)

5 Co-Curated Film Seasons

6 Special Guests (117 since 2009)

7 Filmmaking (24 participatory films since 2009)

8 Public Galas

9 Clip from film broadcast on Channel 4 (2010 and 2011)

10 Evidence of the impact of Open Cinema Formal evaluations done at 7 centres with 58 participants over 2010-2012 period. A full report is available at Participants report that Open Cinema: ENGAGES: Adds value to their centre (100%) and would recommend the film club to someone else (88%) INSPIRES: Inspired them to try new things (75%) DEVELOPS: Made them feel more able to socialise and express themselves (range from 50-100%, depending on centre) PROGRESSES: Accessed other services at their centre as a result of the film club (90%).

11 Open Cinema in Libraries: First steps PILOT: An ACE-funded pilot with Fresh Horizons is still running. From 13/13 to 8/13 in borough libraries lending league table ACE LIBRARIES FUND: £6m to support partnerships between libraries and cultural organisations COMMUNITY HUB: Engage community sub-groups, and bring them together RENTAL VALUE: Market the facility to third parties FILM CLUB REVENUES: Ticketed licenses and Umbrella Licenses (and suggested donations). Open Cinema License from 2014… AUDIENCE GENERATION: NB which times and days work best for the sub-groups being engaged. Family sessions have proved most popular. Sub-groups require a passionate advocate.

12 Open Cinema in Libraries: Marketing PARTNERS: Build relationships with local businesses, schools and colleges, and media organisations. Offer links and media for their websites. SOCIAL MEDIA: Launch and sustain Twitter, Facebook, Youtube / Vimeo, Google+, Pinterest feeds (and delegate contributions) “OLD MEDIA”: Invite the local and regional media to ‘adopt’ the cause PUBLIC MARKETING: List the cinema in all local papers and websites. Simple ‘search engine optimization’ ( Include your social media links in all communications. Present live! VOLUNTEERS: Delegate roles to those volunteering for them, and give them good titles (projectionist, critic, usher, cinema technician) REVIEWS: Encourage audience members to write film reviews, and publish the best online.

13 Open Cinema in Libraries: Participation and Growth TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! Introduce programmes as though this is the BFI MEDIA MATERIALS: Take photos, record Q&As on audio and video, keep and publish all posters, press clippings, etc QUIZ: run a film quiz POSTERS: Make one-off posters for special guest visits FEEDBACK FORMS: Encourage feedback – as a tool for participation – but don’t scare people away. And respond to what you hear! LINK ATTENDANCE TO LIBRARY MEMBERSHIP: This can help you track borrowing levels LINK PROGRAMMING TO COLLECTIONS, AND TO OTHER ACTIVITIES IN THE LIBRARY BE PATIENT: Building an audience takes time (at least 6 months).



16 Management Team Christoph Warrack, chief executive: 11 years in film industry, 15 years support work in voluntary sector / Future 100 Award 2009 / UnLtd Ventures / Director, Choices Consortium / former chair, Churches Together in Westminster Laura Hopper, director of marketing and partnerships: MBA Columbia Business School / founder and former president, Warsaw Coffee Company Jesse Vile, director of operations: producer, Raindance Film Festival / head of production, Future Shorts / award-winning documentary filmmaker + Network Manager, Guests and Industry Manager, 31 film club Coordinators, and 35 professional filmmakers.

17 Contact Us 020 7247 5069 @weareopencinema Follow Us... Join Us...

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