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Getting the Most Out of Social Media Michele L. Lee de León Centro Venezolano Americano de Mérida !Más que inglés!

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1 Getting the Most Out of Social Media Michele L. Lee de León Centro Venezolano Americano de Mérida !Más que inglés!

2 Today’s Agenda 1.What is social media 2.What is most used and how 3.Activities: Case studies to 1.Determine clientele and stakeholders input 2.Decide social media objectives 3.Decide the experiences and added value 4.How to evaluate 5.Tips on how to be successful !Más que inglés!

3 Today’s Goals  Recognize the opportunities social media can bring to marketing, client attention, and empowering your stakeholders  Develop ideas [strategic plan] for using social media to give added value to your binational center !Más que inglés!

4 What is social media ? !Más que inglés!

5 What is social media ? Way of communicating where there is interaction between people online. Moreover, social media allows for user- generated content Technologies: social networks, forums, blogs, wikis, podcasts, vcasts among others. !Más que inglés!

6 What is social media? Migration from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 Static websites and read only content Participatory websites and read-write content !Más que inglés!

7 What is social media? Migration from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 Participatory Internet Semantic Web Personalization, Mobility, Advocacy Signifies a fundamental change in the way we communicate !Más que inglés!

8 What does social media do for us?  Organization  Technologies  New ways to reach our clients/students  New opportunities for communication  Promotion  Alternative to advertising  Peer recommendation (word of mouth)  New ways to work with customers  Feedback  Tells us what people are saying about us/product  Helps us improve because we are listening to our clients !Más que inglés!

9 What is most used and how !Más que inglés!

10 Important Considerations  What would you like to do?  For whom: who are your stakeholders  Who is involved in the project  With whom would you like to interact  What is the best way to interact with all parties Be cognizant that different audiences have different requirements. !Más que inglés!

11 Above all…  Provide good, interesting, relevant content  For some ideas from Search Engine J.: 1.Make a list of something (ten ways to improve your English) 2.Add videos, photos, personal interviews 3.Add a “How to” or tutorial 4.Helpful download or pdf file !Más que inglés!

12 How to do what we want with Social Media 1.Make a social inventory a.Evaluate what you have b.Decide what you would like 2.Keep in mind the right questions: a.Who b.What c.Why d.How !Más que inglés!

13 Social Inventory MediaGoalTargetContentInteractionLinks Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Youtube Digg Flickr !Más que inglés! What Why Who How… Describe how you are currently using social media.

14 A Look at Content  Content: Is your content relative and friendly? Is you information fresh and original? Or, is it the same old thing.  Tone: Does your public want funny, informative, or serious?  Navigation: Is it easy to find things? Do the links work? Are you pages user friendly? Does your audience experience your center when they visit your social media pages? !Más que inglés!

15 Social Inventory GoalsPurposeTargetContentInteractionMedia Promotion Branding Community Cooperative Learning Client Services Client Participation !Más que inglés! What Why Who How… What would you like to do?

16 Case Studies  Working in groups r ead the case study given you.  Determine who the stakeholders (people involved) are in each case.  Each stakeholder is represented by one member at your table.  Your table should also have a note keeper and a spokesperson !Más que inglés!

17 Case Studies  Each stakeholder should  Describe the target client.  What would your center like to obtain from using social media?  What would your client experience from connecting with the social media you choose to implement? !Más que inglés!

18 Case Studies  From each stakeholders’ points of view discuss and determine the following:  Who is the target?  At least four specific and measureable objectives.  What experience can you create for your client using social media to accomplish this objective? !Más que inglés!

19 Case Studies  Schematically, discuss how to go about this.  What tools do you need and can use  How can you use them.  Use your social inventory planning sheet for the case study !Más que inglés!

20 Tips on how to be successful 1.Diversify: Use social media and traditional methods together 2.Sustainability: Engage your audience and make them part of your on line activities 3.Promote communication & community building  By putting a human face/name behind it  Make people feel a part of it 4.Provide content rather than advertisement !Más que inglés!

21 Tips on how to be successful 1.Identify and categorize your needs. 2.Identify and categorize your constituent’s needs. 3.Prioritize! What is most pressing? 4.Decide which technology tool can be used to deliver the service you require. 5.Start small and build on what you create. 6.Implement one tool at a time. 7.Work together with your natural partners for collaboration. 8.Experiment with what works best for you. 9.Maintain your sites and build on them. !Más que inglés!

22 Tips on how to be successful 5.Dare to try something new, be creative 6.Use what suits your need and use it well, You do not have to use every social media 7.Evaluate what works and does not work 8.Plan again 9. Decide what works and gives your center added value !Más que inglés!

23 References  guides/content-matrix/ guides/content-matrix/  -facebook-for-business-tips/ -facebook-for-business-tips/  O-SOCIAL%20LANDSCAPE-R5.pdf O-SOCIAL%20LANDSCAPE-R5.pdf  /13461 /13461 !Más que inglés!

24 References  points-for-online-presence/ points-for-online-presence/  content-management-systems/ content-management-systems/  ways-to-increase-link-popularity-with- content-on-your-site/22620/ ways-to-increase-link-popularity-with- content-on-your-site/22620/ !Más que inglés!

25 Thank you Please tell us what you thought of this presentation. !Más que inglés!

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