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Welcome to the Class of 2024 Michelle Thiel Cindy Figueiredo Heather Boyer LuAnne Ainsworth Rhonda Gil.

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1 Welcome to the Class of 2024 Michelle Thiel Cindy Figueiredo Heather Boyer LuAnne Ainsworth Rhonda Gil

2 Please Keep in Touch Email is an effective way to reach us during the day

3 Conferences Planning Period: 12:00-12:50 Feel free to schedule a meeting during this time. Beginning of Year Conferences: October 3 rd October 8 th

4 Academic Expectations Grades based on a 100% point scale  Assignments below 75% will be retaught  Upon Reteach Final Grade  original grade will be averaged with a 75%

5 Grade Weights Assessments  50%  Math Assessments broken down (Tests 30% + Quizzes 20%) = 50% Daily Work  40% Homework / Participation  10%  Computer 100% Based on completion of assignments and participation

6 Viewing your child’s grades online LPE website: “Site Shortcuts” txConnect Log in or Create a New Account

7 Tx Connect


9 Get your Portal ID Need your child’s Portal ID? To obtain your unique Portal ID, contact or call (512)

10 Language Arts Block  Warm- Up: Daily “get in gear” activities such as, Making Words, journaling, analogies and grammar corrections.  Spelling: using phonetic patterns (students will have option of assessment on list 1 or list 2)  Writer’s Workshop: Students will use the Writing Process to compose original writing pieces.  Vocabulary: We will focus on several vocabulary words each week to expand our students’ vocabulary. “DNA” = Did not answer

11 Reading Block Use of novels, reading anthology, & other printed materials Skills in: vocabulary, comprehension, main idea, literary elements, conclusions, summaries, sequence, author’s purpose, etc.

12 Math Block  Check homework  Daily lessons centered around State Curriculum Wednesday is Assessment Day  Alternating between Tests and Quizzes Friday is Reflection Day  Self-analysis of missed test questions  Motivational Math Workbook  Hands on Approach reinforced through strategic games, manipulative, visuals and rotations.  “DNA” = Did not answer

13 Online Textbooks

14 Homework  Students copy assignments in planner Reading- 20 minutes per night + complete “Reading Log” page Spelling- Practice words twice a week through different assignments  Quiz on Thursdays.  Spelling Café (ABC order, Sentences, Story Writing, etc). Math- Daily Homework assigned on Monday Monday: 1 page (usually from the Motivational Math workbook) Tuesday: Study Guide to prepare for Quiz or Test Wednesday: 1 page (usually from the Motivational Math workbook) Thursday: 1 page (usually from the Motivational Math workbook) Science - Solar System Project Social Studies- Hot Spots Project & Culture Doll Project

15 Math & Reading STAAR  Your child will take the Math and Reading STAAR test for the first time this year. We will be working to practice the STAAR format throughout the school year.  STAAR Testing Dates:  April 21 st  Math  April 22 nd  Reading

16 Social Studies Block Social Studies in the third grade offers the student a chance to explore his/her community more in depth. Students uncover their community’s unique history, personalities, cultures, and landmarks. We will journey through a regional tour where students will learn about different regions in our country. Projects: Hot Spots, Culture Dolls

17 Science Block Units of Study  Matter  Weather  Force, Motion and Energy  Natural World  Solar System  Ecosystems Hands-on Experiments using the Scientific Method

18 Tuesday Folders 100 99 98

19 Student Expectations Citizenship Grades: E 95-100 S+ 90-94 S 85-89 S- 80-84 N 75-79 U 70 -74 Conduct points lost for: Unfortunate behavior Late / Incomplete homework

20 General Information Birthday celebrations  Last Friday of each month (typically)  From 2:30-2:45 The home room parent will notify the appropriate families for the birthday celebrations.

21 Thank you for your time. We are looking forward to a fabulous school year!

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