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To be active, the first three will get my present after class! (*^__^*)

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2 To be active, the first three will get my present after class! (*^__^*)

3 Module 4 Life in the future by Liu Junfei Jiashan Experimental Middle School

4 In 10 years, I will be a/an ______. Free talk: Talk about what your life will be like in 10 years. In 10 years, I will work in ______. In 10 years, I will have a ______.

5 Lets watch a piece of video i, Robot

6 Robots will…in the future. help old people clean the house cook food care for children

7 care for Around the world Life in the future We will have in our homes to do many jobs. Robots will clean the house, cook food,______ children and help old people. So people will have a lot of. robots free time People will befree Robots will not (wont ) sleep or ___ eat.

8 an _________ robot a _______ robot beautifulsmall interesting

9 Match game: 6.weak 4.short 2.good 7.comfortable large 9.light 10.rough dull bad expensive long old strong uncomfortable 8.small heavy smooth adj. ( ) + n. jobs weather fuel holidays cars winds work plane life sea 1.interesting

10 bad weather strong winds warm winterhot summer Climate cable TVcomputers satellite TV dull jobsheavy work interesting jobs expensive fuellarge planes small cars Technology Jobs Transport Activity 4 Put words and phrases into the correct columns The weather will be bad. There will be bad weather.

11 1.Cars will be small.( new) 2. Machines will do work in factory.( heavy) 3. People will have holidays.( long) 4. There will be winds in spring and autumn.( strong) 5. We will speak English.( good) 6.Flying in planes will be cheap.( large) New cars will be small. Machines will do heavy work in factory. People will have long holidays. There will be strong winds in spring and autumn. We will speak good English. Flying in large planes will be cheap. There will be + n. will + v. will be + adj.

12 We are going to know a new friend today. He is very unhappy. Lets help him. Story time

13 Poor Jack carries a big heavy school bag to school every day. Whats his problem?

14 The bag is so heavy that Jack feels very tired when he gets to school.

15 One day, Jack falls asleep and he has a sweet dream.

16 In his dream, people wont carry a backpack. It will carry people.

17 Will the dream come true in the future?. When he wakes up, he thinks:

18 What will the school be like in the future?

19 (students/use) pens and paper? (students/read) books? (students/go) to school to have lessons? (teachers/send) emails to students? Will students use Will students read Will teachers send Will students go No, they wont. Yes, they will.

20 The classroomThe lessons The playground Lets design ( ) our dream school will be large / big / good/ beautiful / modern/comfortable / warm / not cold There will be a satellite TV. We wont use pens or pencils too much. Everyone will have a computer on the desk. different / new/ interesting Well have swimming lessons. Well use computers to do homework. Well send our homework to teachers by email. big / clean / beautiful There will be many trees and flowers around it. Students will play games happily.

21 Our dream school will be very beautiful. It will be …. Our classrooms will …. We will … But we wont… The lessons will be very different. We will have… The playground will … I think everyone will like our dream school very much. Our dream school

22 1.Finish writing Our dream school. 2.Write a short passage My dream home HomeworkHomework

23 Work hard, and my future is not a dream( )







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