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7A Present Continuous Tense Unit 5 Going shopping.

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2 7A Present Continuous Tense Unit 5 Going shopping

3 What are they doing?

4 He write is ing now.

5 The boy swimismingnow.

6 Listen! The birdis sing ing.

7 The boy fly a kite is ing now. Look!

8 They watch TV are ing now.

9 Look! The children are ting. chat

10 I am speaking English. You are listening carefully. She is reading now. He is write now Listen! The bird is singing. Look! The children are chatting. +be + v-ing ing

11 How to form the -ing form of a verb How to form the -ing form of a verb. Most verbs+ingwalk Verbs ending in e -e+ingcome Verbs ending in ie -ie+y+inglie Short verbs ending in a vowel + a consonant Double the consonant +ing run walking coming lying lie, ; running

12 shop --- cut --- stop --- put --- get --- begin --- swim --- chat--- plan--- run--- sit --- drawing listening waiting eating shopping cutting stopping putting getting beginning swimming chatting running sitting wait--- listen--- eat--- draw--- planning

13 write --- writing take --- taking have --- having make --- making come --- coming skate---skating dance --- dancing leave --- leaving shine---shining

14 skiing cooking reading watching opening drinking singing playing going talking crying studying cleaning looking

15 4.Father isnt at home. He ________ (work). 5.Its seven oclock now. His father ____________(watch) TV. is working is watching

16 6.Kitty____________(dance)with her friends. Cant you see? Where is Millie? ---She_______________ (chat) with her classmates in the classroom What _____Simon_________ (do)? ---He_____________ (draw) a picture on the blackboard ______the girls___________ (sing) ? ---No, they_______________ (shout). 10.Dont talk with me, please. I ___________ (do) my homework. is dancing is chatting isdoing is drawing Aresinging are shouting am doing at present at the moment

17 Key words with present continuous tense: ( ) Look! Listen! now at the moment at present right now Its … ( ).

18 Lets play a game: Who is the guessing champion? Are they + v-ing…? Is it/he/she + v-ing…?

19 Is it ….?

20 Is he ….?

21 Are they … ?

22 Is he ….?

23 Are they … ?

24 Is she ….?

25 Mrs Zhao: What (1) ___ you______(do) now,Amy? Amy: I am in the Sunnyside Shopping Mall with my friends. Mrs Zhao:_____ Simon _______(go) with you ? Amy: Yes. He (3)_____________ (look) at some football cards. Mrs Zhao: What (4) ______ Kitty _________(do)? Amy: Oh! Kitty and Sandy(5) ____________ (eat) ice cream. Mrs Zhao: Where is Millie? Amy: She is in the shoe shop. She (6) _________ (pay) for her new shoes. Simon Kitty and Sandy Millie Daniel Amy are doing Is going is looking is doing are eating is paying

26 Mrs Zhao: (7) ________ Daniel __________(play) computer games? Amy:Yes! How do you know that,Mum? Mrs Zhao: He loves computer games! Amy,What dou you have there? Amy:I (8) _________________ (carry) lots of shopping bags. Mrs Zhao: Don`t stay out too late. Amy:OK. See you later, Mum. Simon Kitty and Sandy Millie Daniel Amy is playing am carrying

27 Exercises Every day at 5 p.m. Now Mother ____ dinner. mother ______ dinner. cooks is cooking The boys _____football. play The boys _________ football. are playing Every night, At the moment,

28 Every morning It s 7 a.m. Mr. Li often_____ TV. Mr.Li ________ TV. watches is watching My aunt _______coffee. drinks is drinking she ________ Coffee. Look!

29 Look! Simon and I having a party. There are many friends at our party. Millie and Kitty is siting on the floor. They are play with Eddie. Some of my friends is singing and danceing. Daniel is chating with Simon about football. Here comes Mr Wu. He are giving Simon and me some presents. Now I is standing at the table with all my friends. There is a big birthday cake on it. Now, Simon and I am each making a wish. are having are sitting ing are ting is am are

30 Key words: Topic: at your birthday party, eat, sing, dance, talk, cake, present…… Task3:Who has good talent? Make stories and act

31 Welcome to the park

32 In the park Its a fine Sunday morning. Therere many people in the park. They are playing. Look! Two boys are playing with yo-yos. A girl is flying a kite. There are a lake in the park. Some children are boating. Near the lake,a young man is running. There are two men near the house. They are working hard now. A woman is watering the flowers. A girl is taking photos. Look at the big tree. Two cats are climbing up the tree. What do they want to do? They want to catch the bird. All of them are very happy.

33 Play a game. 1 2

34 Guess, guess, guess ! 2. Listening to the music 1. Playing ping-pong 4. Taking a shower 3. Dancing 5. Doing morning exercises 6. Singing

35 Production

36 In the Playground 1.Where are the students now? 2.What are the boys doing? 3. What are the girls doing? 4. What else are they doing? 5. whats Simon doing? 6. Are they having a good time?

37 1. Where are the students now? 2. What are the boys doing? 3. What are the girls doing? They are in the playground. They are playing football. They are running. Questions

38 4. What else are they doing? 5. Whats Simon doing? 6. Are they having a good time? Some are playing basketball, and others are doing morning exercises. Hes playing with a yo-yo. Yes, they are. Questions

39 Task1: Who has good memory?

40 Task2: Who has good eyes?


42 Add –ing to the following verbs swim ski skate get eat cook run sit draw write read watch close open drink chat sing play go talk cut make listen lie cry clean dance look have put wait begin leave take shop study stop plan come

43 Sandy: Hello, Amy. _____ you __________ (study) at the moment? Amy: No, Im not. My cousin ___________ (visit) me. Sandy: Oh, really? What _____ he ______ (do) now? Amy: Well, he _____________ (play) a new computer game. Sandy: ____ you _______ (play) the game with him now? Amy: No, Im not. I ____________ (wait) for my turn. are studying is visiting isdoing is playing Are playing am waiting P81 What are they doing?

44 HOMEWORK Go around our school in groups to see what people are doing


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