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Internet Week New York 2009 James All rights reserved James Y James R Wendell.

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1 Internet Week New York 2009 @gullivergo James Rohrbach @jamesrohrbach All rights reserved James Y James R Wendell Shampa

2 What is Study Abroad and why does it matter? 1 300,000+ Study Abroad students in 2009 Growing 9-15% a year Near-term catalysts Colleges making it a priority (e.g., Princeton) Fed. government support (Paul Simon Act) FAST-GROWING HIGH-SPEND LOTS OF HEADROOM $5.9 billion in 2009 $26,000 per semester Third-party Study Abroad providers Less than 2% of US undergraduates will Study Abroad in 2009 4+ million 18-24 year olds will take an international trip in 2009

3 Immature market with lots of problems 2 Except for at the very best colleges, students do not have comprehensive, objective, easy-to-use resources They dont get their questions answered, are intimidated, and give up STUDENTS SCHOOLS STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS Under-resourced and drowning in questions No high-ROI, low-risk marketing channel – banner ads and field sales Everyone is frustrated Under-resourced college offices – featureless ad directory – featureless ad directory

4 3 Gulliver solves the main problems for students & colleges 1500 programs in 70 countries Student reviews & ratings Approved programs lists for all Div I and Div II schools Facebook Connect Trip Planning guides for Top 13 destinations Filter Save Compare We help students go abroad & reduce advisory burden on colleges

5 Gulliver offers the first CPA inventory for Study Abroad programs How it works 1. FastApp links to a providers online application Field dominated by 3 rd -party, for-profit Study Abroad program providers Top 20 providers have an average of 36 programs each 2. FastApp Lite collects a lead on Gullivers own form. Our value for programs Who Pays First CPA inventory in industry Zero-risk, lower cost, decreases abandonment Complete control over content/presence for free Why We think Gulliver will make a huge difference for our marketing, and our university partners are really excited about your Trip Planner. – Sample testimonial

6 5 Lessons and the future Cost per Action/lead gen can be a great model Trust and relationships are material competitive advantages Slower growth rate but sustainable market share Huge opportunities for innovation Lessons from working with schools The future The social university Erosion of institutional walled gardens Transparency

7 6 Thanks!

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