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Sport in Scotland and Great Britain

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1 Sport in Scotland and Great Britain
Rugby Presentation Sport in Scotland and Great Britain

2 The popularity Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the UK
It is a rough, violent sport but surprisingly it does not attract a rough, violent crowd All matches have a friendly atmosphere, much unlike football in the United Kingdom

This is a popular phrase about rugby and it highlights the fact that despite it being a violent sport, it does not attract a violent crowd

4 Basic rules The ball must be passed backwards
The ball may be kicked forward, providing your team mate does not collect it until you are in line with each other or they are behind you You can tackle your opponent with your arms or shoulder and it must be below the neck Basic rules

5 Points The three ways of achieving points are: Tries(5 points)
Conversions (2 points) Drop goals (3 points) Penalty kicks (3 points) Points

6 Gained by placing the ball on the ground beyond the oppositions goal line

7 After each try scored, the team is to take a conversion kick in line with where the try was scored in order to gain a possible extra 2 points The aim is for the player to kick it between the ‘H’ shaped posts Conversions

8 During the game a player may attempt a drop goal which is when the let the ball drop to the ground and as it hits the ground they kick it between the ‘H’ shaped posts It takes a very skilful player to do this as it is difficult when there are opposition players trying to tackle you Drop goals

9 Penalty kicks can be taken when the opposition makes a foul, for example a high tackle
A penalty kick can then be taken from the position where the foul was made They can also make the decision to just keep the ball They will again aim to kick the ball between the ‘H’ shaped posts Penalty kicks

10 The scrum The scrum happens when the ball is passed or knocked forward
8 players from each team bind together and push to win possession of the ball The team that passed the ball forward has a disadvantage because they do not feed the ball into the scrum The scrum

11 Stadiums The biggest stadium for any sport in Scotland is Murrayfield, which holds 71,000 people and is in Edinburgh, the capital Ireland, 51,000 England 82,000 Wales 72,000

12 More popular than club rugby (more interest, bigger crowds)
There are 3 main tournaments, the world cup, the 6 nations and the British Lions Tour International rugby

13 The world cup Similar format to the football world cup
New Zealand, Australia, South Africa have won it the most times (twice each) The world cup

14 The British and Irish Lions
Every two years a team of the best British and Irish Players will tour Australia, New Zealand or South Africa They will play three matches against one another The British and Irish Lions

15 The six nations Held every year
Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, France and Italy all compete against one another

16 1st Place Last Place The prizes

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