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How many different types of football played around the world? Prepared by Alan Ford for the IUP Program.

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1 How many different types of football played around the world? Prepared by Alan Ford for the IUP Program

2 Introduction to different types of football Soccer ( Football (UK) Rugby –Rugby Union –Rugby League Aussie Rules American Football (Gridiron) Session Plan

3 Different Types of Football How many different kinds of football are there in the world? It is hard to make a definitive answer to that, but there are many varieties of football worldwide. Here, in no particular order, we list just a few of them. The methods vary, such as the number of players in a football team for the different codes, the different types of footballs, how are goals scored, styles of kit and different types of football equipment, playing areas, surfaces and stadiums.

4 Association Football The most popular of the many different styles of football. Sometimes referred to as soccer, which comes from the word Association in the original Football Association. In some countries, such as the USA and (to an increasingly lesser degree) Australia, where other codes of football are more prevalent, the term soccer is often preferred. Football consists of two teams of eleven players, one of which (the goalkeeper) is allowed to touch the ball with their hands.

5 Rules of the Game Teams and players A football team consists of 11 players, including a goalkeeper. Scoring Goals are scored by managing to get the ball into the opponent's goal, which consists of two posts and a cross-bar. The team with the most goals wins. Shape of ball Round. What is the size of a football pitch? An association football pitch can vary in size to some degree. The length should be between 90 metres and 120 metres and the width should be a minimum of 45m with a maximum of 90 metres. Although, the size of a football pitch for international matches, can be different. International competitionssize of a football pitch for international matches

6 World cup Football The World Cup is the premier international footballing event and is held every four years. There are also various continent-based international football competitions, including the UEFA European Football Championship, the Copa América (American Cup), the Africa Cup of Nations, the AFC Asian Cup, the CONCACAF Gold Cup and the OFC Nations Cup.

7 Rugby football Modern Rugby consists of two main codes that have descended from the original game said to have originated in the town of Rugby in Warwickshire, in the United Kingdom, Rugby Union and Rugby League.

8 General Rules of Rugby Union Teams and players A rugby union team consists of 15 players. How do you score? There are numerous ways to score points in rugby. Rugby union's scoring is as follows. five points for a try, three points for a drop-goal, three points for a penalty kick and two points for a conversion (which is a kick at goal awarded after a try has been scored). Shape of balls Oval. How big is a rugby union pitch? A rugby union pitch can be up to 100 metres long and no more than 70 metres wide.

9 International competitions The Rugby Word Cup has been played since 1987. Other international competitions include the Six Nations Championships, which started life as the Home Nations, between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, but now also includes France and Italy. The Tri-Nations Series is a competition between Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

10 General rules of Rugby League How many players? Rugby league teams consist of 13 players and are allowed 2 substitutes. Scoring A try is worth four points and conversions and penalty goals are worth two points each. A field goal, during open play, is worth one point. Shape of ball Oval. What is the size of a rugby league ground? A rugby league pitch can be up to 100 metres in length and no more than 68 metres in width

11 International Competitions Includes the Rugby League World Cup.

12 Australian Rules Football Australian Rules Football, or Aussie Rules as it is sometimes known, is an Australian version of football and players are allowed to use both hands and feet to propel the ball towards the opponents goal. The goal consists of four posts, two inner and two outer.

13 Rules of Aussie Rules Teams and players An Australian Rules Football team consists of 18 players a-side. Scoring A goal (worth six points) is scored by kicking the ball between the two inner posts of the opponents goal. A behind (worth one point) is awarded if the ball misses the inner posts, but passes through the outer posts. A behind is also awarded if the ball touches an opponent before passing through the goal, or if it is put into the goal with any part of the body other than an attackers foot. Shape of ball Spheroid/oval

14 Aussie Rule - Rules What is the size of an Australian Rules Football oval? An AFL oval is approximately 150 metres long and 130 metres in width at the furthest points. International competitions Played professionally almost exclusively in Australia. Below the Melbourne Cricket Ground the home of Aussie Rules Football

15 American Football American football, sometimes known as gridiron, has its origins in rugby football. It is played mainly in the United States, but leagues do also exist in some other countries.

16 The number of players? How many players in an American football team? There are 11 players on the field at any one time. However, as it is possible to substitute any number of players throughout the game, the full team often consists of 11 offense, 11 defence players and also special teams

17 Scoring in American Football Scoring A touchdown is scored when a player carries the ball into the opponent's end zone, or receives a pass in the end zone. It is worth six points. This is followed by a try attempt, where the scoring team try to kick the ball over the crossbar to score an extra point, or attempt to get the ball into the end zone for two points. A field goal is scored by kicking the ball through the uprights and over the crossbar. It counts as three points. A safety is generally scored when the team in possession gets tackled in their own end zone, or otherwise loses control of the ball in their own end zone and lets it go out of play. It is worth two points.

18 Size of the field Shape of ball oval. How big is an American Football field? An American football field is 360 feet in length and 160 feet wide. International competitions No regular professional international competitions.

19 Superbowl

20 The end The information for this PowerPoint can be found at)

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