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SB 1.15 Punctuating Personality

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1 SB 1.15 Punctuating Personality
Monologues SB LEVEL 5 CARD

2 Step 1: Punctuation Identify the punctuation used in the monologue.
How does it affect the reader’s interpretation? What does it do the the oral delivery of the text?

3 Step 2: Speaker Locate the speaker of the monologue.
Write the speaker in the “response” box of your SOAPSTone chart. Locate textual evidence, and underline it, that indicates or suggests that the speaker is the person you identified. Write your text evidence in the box on the SOAPSTone chart.

4 Step 3: Occasion What is the social, cultural, and/or geographical context (situation) of the monologue? Identify the context and record your answer in the “response” box. How do you know? Locate text evidence that supports your response and document it on the SOAPSTone chart.

5 Step 4: Audience To whom is the speaker addressing? Who is the “target audience?” Record your answer in the “response” box on the SOAPSTone chart. You may need to infer this information aka, read between the lines. Describe this person. How do you know? Record your answer in the “text evidence” box on the SOAPSTone chart. Be sure you underlined the evidence in your SB book.

6 Step 5: Purpose What is the message of the monologue? What does the speaker want the audience to learn? Record your answer in the “response” box of the SOAPSTone chart. Why was it written (or spoken)? Consider both the speaker and the author of the monologue. Find evidence in the text to support your answer. Document that evidence in the “text evidence” box on the SOAPSTone chart.

7 Step 6: Subject What is the monologue about?
Remember, these subjects should be both concrete [touch and hold] and abstract [universal in nature ie love]. Record your response and text evidence on the SOAPSTone chart. What is the speaker doing with the subject (theme)? Record your response and text evidence on the SOAPSTone chart.

8 Step 7: Tone Look at your Tone Words list and consider the over all tone for your monologue. Which word from that list BEST matches the tone demonstrated in your monologue? What is the speaker’s attitude toward: The reader The subject The audience

9 Write a CER: How does the speaker create tone in the monologue and which SOAPSTone element most contributes to the tone? Be sure to include text evidence (direct quotes) and embed them smoothly and correctly.

10 Let’s do this together!

11 Step 1: The Claim Individually, create a claim to the prompt in your journal. This is your answer to the question. Each member of the group should then share their claims and discuss which one is the best response and why. On the sentence strip, write your group’s claim.

12 Step 2: Choosing the Claim
Elect one member to place the sentence strip on the white board. We will discuss and vote on the best claim for the class to move forward with.

13 Step 3: Text Evidence Now that we have chosen a claim for us to work with, let’s find some evidence to support it! Individually, refer to your SOAPSTone chart, do any of the quotes you selected support the class claim? If so, prepare to share them with the group. If not, refer back to the monologue and select direct quotes that support the claim. As a group, decide on one or two pieces of text evidence that support the class claim.

14 Step 4: Choosing T.E. Once your group has selected the best TE, write it on the sentence strips and place them on the board. As we discuss the TE provided, consider which one’s support the claim BEST. Vote on the best TE.

15 Step 5: Reasoning Now that we have heard the reasoning behind the TE selections, we must arrange the TE and explain their connection to our claim. As a group: Consider the order of TE and how to transition between both the quotes themselves and the quotes within your sentences. Be prepared to share your reasoning and write it on the provided sentence strip!

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