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Introduction to SOAPStonE!

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1 Introduction to SOAPStonE!
What is SOAPSTonE? A strategy that can be used to analyze speeches, letters, political cartoons, posters, photos, artist representations, or almost ANY other primary source. It will help build skills in: Developing arguments Analyzing points of view The situation/context Bias Change over time

2 SOAPSTonE includes: Strategy questions addressing: Speaker Occasion
Audience Purpose Subject Tone Evidence

3 Who is the Speaker? Remember that it is not enough simply to name the speaker. What can you say about the speaker based on references to the text? Identifying the speaker’s values, biases and beliefs. Can the speaker be trusted?

4 What is the Occasion? Discuss and record both the larger occasion, that is, those issues or ideas that must have made the speaker think about this issue, as well as the immediate occasion. What specific set of circumstances prompted the writer to write?

5 Who is the Audience? At whom is the text directed? It’s not enough to say, “Anyone who reads it.” You will want to identify a certain audience by describing some of its characteristics. Who will hear or read the message? Is the audience open to the message? What are this audience’s biases/values?

6 What is the Purpose? The purpose could be a personal one, decide what the message is and how the author wants this audience to respond. What is the main purpose (argument)? Why was the document produced? What “change” do they want to accomplish?

7 What is the Subject? What is the focus of the piece?
What is the topic of this text? What is this work about? What is the main topic of the document?

8 What is the Tone? Try to choose a description of the tone that fits the piece as a whole. Include specific words or phrases from the text and explain how they support your statement. What feeling or attitude does the document express? What is the author’s attitude and what emotions do they rely upon within their argument?

9 What is Evidence? What evidence does the speaker give to prove his/her argument? Use this stem sentence: “To prove the idea that _______, the speaker (says, points out, shows, etc. ) _____________________.

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