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This presentation was created on a blank, basic PowerPoint template to allow you the ability to add graphics and branding (logos) for your station(s).

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1 This presentation was created on a blank, basic PowerPoint template to allow you the ability to add graphics and branding (logos) for your station(s). You will also note that throughout, we indicate (insert advertiser here) or identify an advertiser as Advertiser X – please replace those with the name of the advertiser you are pitching. Please delete this slide prior to your presentation. Need assistance? Click below and send your questions.

2 Leveraging Radio and (insert station name) for (insert Consumer Electronics advertiser) (Insert date of meeting) Presented by: Insert your name and title INSERT RADIO STATION LOGO(S)

3 Agenda Radio –Reach –Relevance –Results Insight based ideas for insert advertiser

4 Radio reaches 93% of all U.S. consumers every week… Listeners continue to turn to Radio for news, information and entertainment, despite an ever-increasing selection of media options. 242,100,000 Weekly Reach Source: June 2012 RADAR® 113 National Radio Listening Report (Persons 12+ Monday-Sunday 24-Hour Weekly Cume)

5 Radio reach is consistently high through all dayparts Weekdays and weekends, Americans young and old find reasons to tune in to Radio at all hours of the day and night. To make sure their messages get maximum exposure, smart advertisers run ads throughout the broadcast day. Weekly Reach By Daypart Source: RADAR® 113, June 2012 © Copyright Arbitron (Persons 12+ Monday-Sunday 24-Hour Weekly Cume Estimates)

6 Radio Dominates the Day Source: GfK MediaDay 2009 Single Year (Fieldwork 08-09/Spring Respondents) weighted to population (000) Base All Next Day

7 Source: Scarborough USA+ 2011 Release 2 (12 months only) 92 % 90 % 89 % Adults whose household plans to buy an iPad in the next 12 months Adults whose household plans to buy a high definition TV in the next 12 months Adults whose household plans to buy wireless/cellular service in the next 12 months Radio is Relevant 92 % Adults whose household plans to buy a video game system in the next 12 months

8 Radio is Relevant Formats and features that do exceptionally well among adults who recently purchased consumer electronics (Laptop, Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone, TV with large screens) include: –Adult contemporary –CHR/Top 40 –Country –Sports play-by-plays –Traffic reports Source: GfK MRI Doublebase – 2011 – Weighted to Population

9 Radio is Relevant Adults who are likely to purchase large or giant flat screen/HDTVs or a Blu-ray player in the coming year : –Over 50% listen to radio during morning drive time, M-F 6a-10a and an average of 46% listen in afternoon drive, M-F 3p-7p –Midday listening is strong with nearly 40% tuning in M-F 10a-3p –On the weekends, listening is steady as follows: Average of 31% listen 6a-10a Average of 44% listen 10a-3p Average of 35% listen 3p-7p –Are big FM listeners (82%) and an average of 20% listen to AM radio –Over 60% of listening occurs in the car and 20% in the home –An average of 17% listened to radio online in the past 30 days –23% listen to any sports play-by-play on the radio Source: GfK MRI Doublebase – 2011 – Weighted to Population

10 Radio Works for Consumer Electronics Retailers Best Buy celebrated 20 years in Chicago by rolling out the Blue Carpet and providing access to once-in-a-lifetime Chicago experiences, exclusive offers and more. Radio on-air media, including endorsements by Chicagos Heritage Radio Personalities as well as in store appearances and extensive digital branding on Radio web and social media platforms made this program a success.

11 Radio Works for Consumer Electronics Objectives: Increase awareness of and coolify the Panasonic brand among a discriminating target of people ages 12-24 Provide listeners with a Panasonic summer saving experience Drive traffic to retailers Solution – Save Your Summer: Help the target audience that is having a bummer summer (working their first job) save their summer.

12 Radio Works for Consumer Electronics How it worked: :60 spots featuring a :30 pre-produced spot and :30 station created spot promoted a contest for listeners to call in and tell why their summer needs saving. 4 winners received Panasonic prizes and a grand prize of $2500 was awarded at retail via radio station remote. Panasonic Rescue Teams traveled to different events throughout the summer via ambulances converted into Fun Emergency Vehicles (FEVs). FEVs offered free karaoke and awarding participants a keepsake Panasonic DVD-R disc of their performance. The Panasonic rescue teams also demonstrated products and distributed collateral.

13 Leveraging Radio for (insert Consumer Electronics advertiser name) Insight Based Ideas

14 Insight #1 Men are attracted to electronics like an iron towards a magnet and according to a Fox Business report, men spend more of their money on technology and electronics than women – at a rate of 54% to 23%. Why? 1)The wow factor: a shiny new techno-toy is cool 2)Status: cutting edge technology is a status symbol 3)Makes them feel like a kid again 4)Practicality 5)Addictive 6)Entertaining Men LOVE Gadgets Source: Fox Business News; July 2011

15 Idea: Boys & Their Toys In an effort to celebrate the guy targets obsession with the latest and the greatest in high-tech gadgetry, Radio will create a 360 o surround sound platform focused on the 3 core tenets that toys provide – power, freedom and independence.

16 Boys & Their Toys How it works: Radio will create a series of Boys & Their Toys :30-:60 spots/vignettes produced in a tongue and cheek, funny but true way that will appeal to men and their loved ones, example topics: –Boyhood but better – watch your favorite game on a new HD plasma, with DirecTV, etc. –Work and play at the same time – computers/screens with enhanced gaming options –Gadgets lure women – cell phones, mp3 players, binoculars, etc. –Toys as stress busters – video games, music, movies, etc. – Men love to fidget – remotes, handhelds, etc.

17 Boys & Their Toys How it works: Boys & Their Toys will bring communities of like minded souls and their loved ones together to discuss the toys they have, the toys they want, why their toy is best, why they need them, innovative ways to use them and Advertiser X as the place to get them. –DJs react to the :30/:60 vignettes and talk about their own obsessions and invite listeners to join them online to share their ideas and experiences. –Creation of an advertiser X branded area or page on the stations website for communities of guys to gather and share ideas, experiences, video, photos and more.

18 Insight #2 In this new multi-platform media environment, peoples relationship to news is becoming portable, personalized, and participatory. These new metrics stand out: Portable: 33% of cell phone owners now access news on their cell phones. Personalized: 28% of internet users have customized their home page to include news from sources on topics that particularly interest them. Participatory: 37% of internet users have contributed to the creation of news, commented about it, or disseminated it via postings on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Technology Has Turned News into a Social Experience Source: Pew Research Center,, March 2010

19 Idea: Mobile Journalists Radio and Advertiser X invite listeners to join them on-the-air as citizen journalists by providing up-to-the-minute, live news captured and forwarded via their smart phones and tablet devices.

20 Mobile Journalists How it works: On-air and online messaging encourages listeners to be an Advertiser X mobile journalist and record local news stories, traffic reports, celebrity sightings, etc. with your smart phone or tablet device. Listeners will send audio, images and/or video to the Advertiser X Mobile Journalist@Radio station via email or text message to be included in news updates on-air and/or online and potentially RDS messaging.

21 Mobile Journalists How it works: Listeners who submit stories and incidents become a target for special messaging from Advertiser X. Stories that air include the name of the Mobile Journalist by the on-air reporter/DJ and will also appear on the stations website.

22 Insight #3 Technology moves so quickly, its hard for the average person to keep up with the latest launches, consumer reports, reviews, details and how-tos. Technology: Faster Than the Speed of Sound? Source: Kantar, 2012 Healthcare Report, AdAge Healthcare Insights Report, March 2012

23 Idea: Tech Talk Radio station creates a new Tech Talk feature sponsored by Advertiser X to provide local listeners with a brief, daily newscast with the top tech headlines and usable news.

24 Tech Talk How it works: On-air Tech Talk reports will focus on technology news about trendsetting consumer products and services as well as helpful how-to tips and tricks to help make managing the tech in your life a whole lot easier. Advertiser X spots will run adjacent to the Tech Talk reports daily with contextual relevance. Reports can be voiced by a station reporter or an interview between a station DJ and a qualified tech expert from Advertiser X.

25 Tech Talk How it works: Tech Talk feature runs as digital podcasts on the stations website along with links to Advertiser X, archived and extended reports. Listeners will have the ability to post comments, questions and share their own advice as it relates to each Tech Talk feature. Advertiser X may respond to listener comments and re-market to the group of engaged listeners.

26 Next Steps Gain feedback on ideas Station to revise based on feedback and propose schedules and costs Plan activation timeline including commercial creative and station produced spots (if required) Discuss how campaign success will be measured Launch campaign

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