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This presentation was created on a blank, basic PowerPoint template to allow you the ability to add graphics and branding (logos) for your station(s).

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1 This presentation was created on a blank, basic PowerPoint template to allow you the ability to add graphics and branding (logos) for your station(s). You will also note that throughout, we indicate (insert advertiser here) or identify an advertiser as Advertiser X – please replace those with the name of the advertiser you are pitching. Please delete this slide prior to your presentation. Need assistance? Click below and send your questions.

2 Leveraging Radio and (insert station name) for (insert advertiser that is appropriate for a Back to School strategy) (Insert date of meeting) Presented by: Insert your name and title INSERT RADIO STATION LOGO(S)

3 Agenda The business of Back to School Radio –Reach –Relevance –Results Insight based ideas for insert advertiser

4 Back to School is a $69B+ industry (K-12 & College) Average spending is predicted to be $650+ K-12 and $800+ College The back-to-school and back-to-college season remains the second biggest season next to the holidays Sweet spot for Back to School shopping Mid-July through Mid-September with majority of shopping taking place last week of July and first week of August Back to School Sources: National Retail Federation 2011

5 Portrait of a Back to School Shopper 88% of parents with school age children (6-17) currently living in the household are Adults 25-44 Back to School is relevant to all socio-economic backgrounds, across all parts of the country Moms are traditionally the core target for Back to School shopping, but Dad plays a role as well Nearly two-thirds of parents (61.2%) say their children influence 50% or more of back-to-school purchases Pre-teens and teens allocate some of their own money for Back to School needs as well (average of $32) They will be shopping based on their needs –Fulfilling the lists received from school/teachers (inclusive of supplies, snacks, clothing & accessories) –Replenishing the closet for the new school year (clothing, shoes, undergarments) –Electronics for school or home (MP3 players, tablets, readers, computers, cell phones) –Snacks Back to College shoppers are represented by both parents and students, so the target audience range expands to Adults 18-54, both male and female College students and their parents, who are likely also spending thousands of dollars on tuition, will be looking for ways to stretch their budgets and find good deals They will be shopping based on their needs –Clothing and accessories –Dorm furnishings –Food items –Personal care items –Gift cards/pre-paid cards provided by parents so their kids can have some meals on them Sources: GfK MRI Doublebase – 2011 – Weighted to Population ; National Retail Federation, National Restaurant Association, BIG Research

6 Radio reaches 93% of all U.S. consumers every week… Listeners continue to turn to Radio for news, information and entertainment, despite an ever-increasing selection of media options. 241,512,000 Weekly Reach Source: RADAR® 112, March 2012 © Copyright Arbitron (Persons 12+ Monday-Sunday 24-Hour Weekly Cume Estimate)

7 Radio reach is consistently high through all dayparts Weekdays and weekends, Americans young and old find reasons to tune in to Radio at all hours of the day and night. To make sure their messages get maximum exposure, smart advertisers run ads throughout the broadcast day. Weekly Reach By Daypart Source: RADAR® 112, March 2012 © Copyright Arbitron (Persons 12+ Monday-Sunday 24-Hour Weekly Cume Estimate)

8 Radio Dominates the Retail Day Source: GfK MediaDay 2009 Single Year (Fieldwork 08-09/Spring Respondents) weighted to population (000) Base All Next Day

9 Source: GfK MRI Doublebase – 2011 – Weighted to Population. 89 % 90 % 89 % Moms who bought clothing and shoes for their 6-12 year old children in the past year. Moms that purchased writing implements in the past year. Adults who are likely to have a child going away to college in the next 12 months. Radio is Relevant 88 % Adults planning to buy a computer in the next 12 months.

10 Radio is Relevant Moms who buy clothes for their kids (ages 6-17): –89% listen to FM Radio –63% of Moms with teens 13-17 listen to Traffic reports 52% of Moms with kids 6-12 listen to Traffic reports –68% listen in the car during the week and 62% during the weekend –15% listened to Radio online in the last 30 days People who are likely to buy a computer in the next year: –88% listen to FM Radio –65% listen in the car during the week and weekend –55% listen to AM drive time Radio (6AM-10AM) Moms that purchased writing implements in the past year –90% listen to FM Radio –67% listen in the car during the week and 63% listen in the car during the weekend –59% listen to morning drive Radio (6AM-7AM) and 52% listen to afternoon drive (3PM-7PM) Adults who are likely to have a child going away to college in the next 12 months. –88% listen to FM Radio –66% listen in the car during the week and weekend –61% listen to morning drive Radio (6AM-7AM) and 49% listen to afternoon drive (3PM-7PM) Source: GfK MRI Doublebase – 2011 – Weighted to Population

11 Radio Drives Back to School Sales In order to drive young women to stores to discover the latest Fashion for the Back to School season, Marshalls partnered with Radio to produce an award winning campaign called Fierce Fashionista Fridays. –Program employed summer interns as Marshalls fashion ambassadors who voiced personalized messages on-air and online. –On-site, Ambassadors hosted Fierce Fashionista Foto Shoots allowing listeners to try on clothing and pose for the chance to be showcased as one of the markets Fiercest Fashionistas. –Stations also aired shout-outs on Fierce Fashionista Fridays to announce winners of Marshalls BTS gift cards Dillards partnered with the Kidd Kraddick Show where one of the personalities worked with a Dillards personal shopper to find her personal style. –For 12 weeks, the personality debuted a new look pulled together from Dillards via a 3-4 minute video webisode which was promoted via DJ chatter on-air and online –Listeners voted on their favorite looks and were directed to to purchase featured items –Over 118,000 listener votes were registered and selected featured items sold-out via online purchases from Horizon Organic promoted its new single serve juices, flavored milks and yogurts through a Radio media tour featuring Julie Burns, registered dietitian/nutrition consultant and founder of SportFuel Inc., and Ellie Krieger, registered dietitian and host of "Living Better who delivered Horizon Organics key messages to millions of listeners. School has a lot. Target has it all. and…. Radio drove the message home. 2011 Personality endorsement campaign that leveraged Mom and Dad DJs discussing fulfilling their own Back to School lists at Target (focus on supplies, apparel, snacks and electronics). Sources: RAB, Katz Marketing Solutions, Breaking

12 Leveraging Radio for insert advertiser name that is appropriate for a Back to School strategy Insight Based Ideas

13 Insight #1 Moms are all about being the unsung hero – among her top 5 list of priorities are pleasing her kids and value shopping. Creating an emotional connection with todays mom requires providing her with the products, services and ideas to delight her kids at a great value for her pocketbook. Pleasing the Family & the Purse

14 Idea: Backpack Monday Radio will showcase Advertiser X complete Back to School offerings in a way that will provide Mom with the one-stop- shop for all the merchandise that will thrill her kids as they prepare to go back to school. How it works: Every week during the BTS promotional period, stations on-air personalities receive a new Advertiser X Back to School Backpack filled with the promotional items to be featured that week. The station will use the Advertiser X Backpack throughout the week chatting up the actual bag, its contents and how great the value is (e.g. all this stuff for $x.) Each week, the featured backpack and all of its contents are refreshed on the station website where listeners will be able to click on each item and be directed to the Advertiser X website to purchase the goods If possible, the station can also include the Back to School shopping lists (or links to them) from the local schools in the area on their site as well Listener promotions and on-air/text campaign giveaways can be scheduled same time each day over the course of the week, for example: –Guess whats going to be in the bag today –Listeners who have already shopped Advertiser X send their Advertiser X Backpack and contents for a chance to be featured on- air and online as the Backpack Monday DJ endorsement units run inside each personalitys show, every day, with emphasis on Monday as each weeks promotional kick-off Short form promotional units will drive participation for listener promotions and giveaways

15 Insight #2 Research over decades confirms that parent involvement is a critical element of successful schools and high student achievement, not to mention it is of utmost importance to the majority of parents. When considering Back to School, it is the parents utmost priority to send their children in fully prepared (regardless of age or grade.) This year, it is predicted that when it comes to back-to-school shopping, parents are willing to look at products with a little bit of a higher price tag and are considering the value and longevity of a product at the point of purchase, rather than just the lowest cost. val·ue / ˈ vælyu/ Show Spelled [val-yoo] Show IPA noun, verb, val·ued, val·u·ing. noun 1. relative worth, merit, or importance: the value of education; the value of a brands longevity.

16 Idea: Education with Value Community based program that brings together educational and cultural disciplines with Advertiser Xs back-to-school value promotion. How it works: Radio station will create on-air features that focus on educational areas such as Literacy, Discovery, the Arts, Math, etc. with local ideas about how to bring these values home with Advertiser X merchandise. –Literacy – end of summer must-reads for tweens before they enter High School –Discovery – exploration into various subject matters with trivia calendars, journals, homework helpers and notebooks –Arts – stretch your imagination and design your own first day of school book cover, backpack or outfit –Math – how much more will you be able to afford if you clip coupons, shop during Tax Free week and shop Advertiser X during the Back To School promotion Online lists for each subject matter will include shopping lists, activities to take on with kids of various ages across each of the subject matters (as it relates to the items on the shopping list) and links to purchase the featured items on Advertiser X website. Radio station and Advertiser X partner to create subject matter flashcards –Front of the flashcard includes the subject matter (e.g. Literacy) and the back includes a list of end-of -summer must reads along with a coupon from Advertiser X –Street teams distribute flash cards at high trafficked events and local venues –Digital flashcards will also be created and sent via email to stations loyal listener database

17 Insight #3 Teens Guide on How to be Cool with Back to School Tablets, cell phones & accessories Dress for success Care for your hair Wear makeup Wear a unique backpack Have the things that write Be nice Sources: NBC Today Show, wikihow

18 Idea: Top of the Trend There isnt a teen or tween out there that doesnt want the coolest stuff to go back to school with. Parents know that, but care less about cool and more about price. Now they can have it all – the value of exactly what the kids want with the value they demand for their wallet. Communicate the message via innovative media tactics including: Top of the Trend at Top of the Hour –Series of short form spot units that air at the top of the hour providing Back to School hot trend advice including featured products to moms and teens/tweens. –Topics can cover all categories important for the Back to School season (electronics, fashion, supplies, personal care items, dorm furnishings, etc.) Listeners are driven online and in-store to learn more, see more and upload an image of themselves to virtually try on fashion items and share with their friends for their thoughts and advice Consumers can opt-in online to receive daily Top of the Trend emails/text messages from the station Top of the Trend music blocks kicked off with a message about weekly values and feature the top new artists of the week Top of the Trend secret values (coupons) that can only be received by texting Advertiser X to your station Create a sweepstakes extension that rewards schools with a prom or homecoming concert that is Top of the Trend

19 Next Steps Gain feedback on ideas Station to revise based on feedback and propose schedules and costs Plan activation timeline including commercial creative and station produced spots (if required) Discuss how campaign success will be measured Launch campaign

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