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This presentation was created on a blank, basic PowerPoint template to allow you the ability to add graphics and branding (logos) for your station(s.)

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1 This presentation was created on a blank, basic PowerPoint template to allow you the ability to add graphics and branding (logos) for your station(s.) You will also note that throughout, we indicate (insert advertiser here) or identify an advertiser as Advertiser X – please replace those with the name of the advertiser you are pitching. Please delete this slide prior to your presentation. Need assistance? Click below and send your questions.

2 Putting (insert station name) to work for (insert Movie/Movie Theater advertiser) (Insert date of meeting) Presented by: Insert your name and title INSERT RADIO STATION LOGO(S)

3 Agenda Radio –Reach –Relevance –Results Our collective mission How (insert Radio station) can help you Open BIG

4 Radio reaches 93% of all U.S. consumers every week… Listeners continue to turn to Radio for news, information and entertainment, despite an ever-increasing selection of media options. 241,512,000 Weekly Reach Source: RADAR® 112, March 2012 © Copyright Arbitron (Persons 12+ Monday-Sunday 24-Hour Weekly Cume Estimate)

5 Radio reach is consistently high through all dayparts Weekdays and weekends, Americans young and old find reasons to tune in to Radio at all hours of the day and night. To make sure their messages get maximum exposure, smart advertisers run ads throughout the broadcast day. Weekly Reach By Daypart Source: RADAR® 112, March 2012 © Copyright Arbitron (Persons 12+ Monday-Sunday 24-Hour Weekly Cume Estimate)

6 Source: GfK MRI Doublebase – 2011 – Weighted to Population. 86 % 88 % 87 % Adults who prefer to see a new movie during Opening Weekend 18-34 year olds that attended the movies 2-3 times a week in the past 90 days. Adults who prefer to see a new movie within the first 2 weeks of its release. Radio is Relevant

7 Adults 18+ who prefer to see a new movie within 2 weeks of its opening: –84% listen to FM Radio –20% have listened to Radio online in the past 30 days –64% listen in the car during the week and weekend –Formats with the greatest appeal include: Adult Contemporary (21%), CHR Top 40 (25%), Country (21%) –Strongest day part listening is Morning Drive (6AM-10AM) at 54% followed by Afternoon Drive (3PM-7PM) at 50% Midday and late night listening over-indexes among this target audience as well with 39% tuning in weekdays between 10AM-3PM and 16% tuning in weeknights between 7PM- Midnight Source: GfK MRI Doublebase – 2011 – Weighted to Population

8 Portrait of a Moviegoer Adults, teens, children all go to the movies –In any given month, over 56 million adults will make a trip to the movies –Males and females go to the movies at similar levels The most frequent moviegoers are: –Hispanic –12-24 year olds –25-39 year olds Movies are the Nations #1 leisure time activity –Continuing to draw more people than all theme parks and major US sports combined Station should insert specific movie target audience definition here or delete this box if you are pitching to multiple films Sources: GfK MRI Doublebase – 2011 – Weighted to Population ; National Retail Federation, National Restaurant Association, BIG Research

9 Radio Drives Big Opening Weekends Radio organized a multi-market sweepstakes promotion for the movie The Devil Wears Prada where one lucky listener received a once in a lifetime opportunity to become an intern for the day with Fox and work the Red Carpet at the New York premiere of The Devil Wears Prada. –Promotion included film sponsorships of key on-air segments such as Fashion, Nightlife and Employment –Digital integration with a link on the stations websites to the movies home page. –Contributed to a successful opening weekend with a #2 rank in terms of gross sales Mr. and Mrs. Smith opened at #1 in box offices due in part to a multi-tiered Radio program that began with awareness building integrated sponsorships within Movie Entertainment related features and Whats Happening calendars on stations across the country –In addition, one station from each of the top 10 markets executed a giveaway of a trip to His or Her Spy School where consumers were flown to the Arizona desert to participate in Covert Ops training. Stations also were provided with 10 pairs of Run of Engagement tickets to Mr. and Mrs. Smith to use as qualifying prizes. For Austin Powers Goldmember, the Top CHR stations in relevant markets ran a 2-3 week campaign culminating in a station-hosted Austin Powers/70s costume party, The Ultimate Shagfest –Stations teased listeners that they needed the secret password to gain admission to the party and the only way to get the password was to fill out an application which also served as entry into a grand prize sweepstakes for a trip to London –Promotion resulted in high awareness for the release and increased sales in promotional markets A recent study conducted for a film that released in the #1 spot demonstrated the following results from listeners who heard the Radio commercials: 29% lift in Awareness 10% lift in Consideration 27% lift in Purchase Intent Sources: KMS led study conducted by Ipsos OTX, RAB, Katz Marketing Solutions

10 Our Collective Mission Sources: National Retail Federation 2011 BIG opening weekends for your theatrical release TimingObjectiveStrategy 3-4 Weeks Ahead Awareness Create Buzz 1-3 Weeks Ahead Consideration Engage Consumers 2 Days Prior Sales Incentives to Purchase

11 Tactics to consider or customize for each promotional window (Awareness, Consideration, Sales) Note to stations: this proposal does not include specific ideas due to the varied nature of each individual film. Please customize any of the tactics being provided based on the movie, its genre and the target demographic.

12 BIG Opening Weekend (Awareness) Movie Bites –2 or 3 minute segments, giving listeners an inside look at the most anticipated new movie releases. –Segments will be hosted/narrated by station talent chatting about the movie and plays bites of audio from the films trailer drawing listeners in…but leaving them wanting more! Traveling Trailers –Radio station can employ street teams armed with flat screen video units; these teams attract unprecedented attention and create forced sampling opportunities and awareness merely by piquing the consumers curiosity Teams accompany station promotional crews to events and appearances Local Radio stations can execute spotting promotions on-air and online (where to find the Traveling Trailers today) Photos and/or video footage of the street teams posted on the station websites Creation, sponsorship or integration (where possible) of relevant on-air and digital content including: –Entertainment reviews and reports –Celebrity Gossip –Whats Hot/Happening local listings –Soft news

13 BIG Opening Weekend (Consideration) Red Carpet Screenings –Partnerships with movie theaters for Radio station to host advance or opening day private screenings Station begins promoting the film 3 weeks in advance of opening weekend and invites listeners to win a seat at the Radio station hosted advance or opening day screening of the film Winners will be treated to a red carpet premiere-like screening event with station-employed paparazzi hosting pose with a star from the film (standees) photo ops, local and station celebrity appearances and more Custom Sweepstakes –Call in, text in to win promotions for relevant prizing to the individual movies premise (e.g. Dark Knight – trip for 2 to Gotham (NY) or a Batmobile; Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days – a family vacation for Summer 2013; etc.) –Secondary prizing to include film related prize packs, movie tickets, vouchers for concession stand, etc. –Custom sweepstakes will run in addition to movie promotional spots in relevant dayparts to reach the movies target –Content adjacencies as relevant to the movie premise will further engage the listener Movie Music Bookends –To create a sense of ownership of music and soundtracks that were born from the movies, create a campaign of strategically placed, bookend spots wrap around music sets that were included in or written for the movies –The Sample Execution: –Opening Spot (Last in Pod – before the song set) –VO: Movie title – coming soon to a theater near you – brings you this next set of music that was born in the movies… –Closing spot (First in Pod – in the commercial break) –VO: Nothing better than a song that reminds you of that great movie you saw? Movie title – coming soon to a theater near you will introduce you to the next hot song born from a movie

14 BIG Opening Weekend (Purchase) In Theaters Now! –Creation of a weekly segment for local movie theaters that airs on Wednesday-Saturday and provides detailed listings (think an on-air version of Mr. Moviefone) Each listing provides a brief synopsis of the movie (can be announced or audio bits from the trailer), lists that days movie times and drives traffic to the specific theater or online to the theater site to purchase tickets Create In Theaters Now! button on the station website that links to movie listings at the sponsor local theater Invite listeners to text Movie to station call letters for a random chance to win a ticket to one of the movie listings. Auto bounce back will promote the full listings. Movie Countdowns –To create as much excitement as possible around the biggest new movie release create custom countdowns that ramp up in frequency as the opening weekend gets closer Several days before the release, participating stations will air high frequency announcements informing listeners about the upcoming movie release On the day of the release, spots will air each hour and include how many hours are left until the release so listeners know just how long they have to wait. Online, station sites can implement a rich media countdown clock promoting the release. When someone visits their stations site, a countdown clock, with the movies branding, will load in front of it with local movie theater listings. The countdown clock will then dissolve into a fixed movie ad unit that may include teaser video to enable listeners to sample the trailer.

15 Next Steps Gain feedback on ideas Station to revise based on feedback and propose schedules and costs Plan activation timeline including commercial creative and station produced spots (if required) Discuss how campaign success will be measured Launch campaign

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