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This presentation was created on a blank, basic Power Point template to allow you the ability to add graphics and branding (logos) for your station(s.)

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1 This presentation was created on a blank, basic Power Point template to allow you the ability to add graphics and branding (logos) for your station(s.) You will also note that throughout we indicate (insert advertiser here) or identify an advertiser as Advertiser X – please replace those with the name of the advertiser you are pitching. Please delete this slide prior to your presentation. Need assistance? Click below and send your questions.

2 Leveraging Radio and (insert station name) for (insert Lawn & Garden company name) (Insert date of meeting) Presented by: Insert your name and title INSERT RADIO STATION LOGO(S)

3 Agenda Radios reach and relevance Insight based ideas for insert advertiser Relevant case studies

4 Radio reaches 93% of all U.S. consumers every week… Listeners continue to turn to Radio for news, information and entertainment, despite an ever-increasing selection of media options. Source: RADAR® 111, December 2011 © Copyright Arbitron (Persons 12+ Monday-Sunday 24-Hour Weekly Cume Estimate) 241,600,000 Weekly Reach

5 Radio reach is consistently high through all dayparts Weekdays and weekends, Americans young and old find reasons to tune in to Radio at all hours of the day and night. To make sure their messages get maximum exposure, smart advertisers run ads throughout the broadcast day. Source: RADAR ® 111, December 2011, © Copyright Arbitron (Persons 12 + Monday-Sunday Weekly Cume Estimate for Daypart) 76.9% 81.8% 81.3% 56.4% 25.5% Weekly Reach By Daypart

6 Radio Dominates the Retail Day Source: Gfk MediaDay 2009 Single Year (Fieldwork 08-09/Spring Respondents) weighted to population (000) Base All Next Day

7 Lawn & Garden Consumer Portrait of a highly engaged Lawn & Garden consumer: Male & Female –Categorically skews female (planting goods, property maintenance) –Male skew for heavier equipment (tractor, sprinkler, blowers, trimmers, etc.) Educated Median age of 50 Married with children Employed with a household income of $100K+ Own a home Sources: The NPD Group 2009; MRI/Mediamark Research & Intelligence 2008; Aftermarket Business 2008

8 Source: GfK MRI Doublebase – 2011 – Weighted to Population. 84 % 86 % 85 % HH who bought any Lawn and Garden items in the past year HH spent $500+ on property/garden maintenance purchases in the past year HH bought any tools for Lawn & Garden maintenance in the past year Radio is Relevant

9 Consumers who have bought any lawn and garden items in the past year: –79% listen to FM Radio –64% listen to Radio in the car on weekdays Greatest listening occurs 6-10am followed by 3-7pm –59% listen to Radio in the car on the weekend Greatest listening occurs 10am-3pm followed by 3-7pm –49% are engaged with Traffic reports Source: MRI/Mediamark Research & Intelligence 2009

10 Radio Drives Retail Traffic A mass merchandiser recently increased sales by 1.2%, estimated $10MM+ incremental sales, in the 10 markets where Radio ran vs. markets without Radio –Campaign ran for 10 days and including :60 spots along with 5 days of personality Radio Radio formats target specific listener groups far better than TV channels target specific viewer groups –TVs high cost structure necessitates attracting broad audiences to be successful and is programmed with that goal in mind Radio – with lower costs and many stations – can focus on narrow segments that are carefully designed for their specific appeal to different age and socio-economic groups Radio provides a measurable level of return. The data speaks for itself, it is working. Ramon Portilla Sr. Director of Communications Insights Wal-Mart Stores

11 Leveraging Radio for Insert Lawn & Garden advertiser name here Insight Based Ideas

12 Insight #1 Growing trend towards the creation of sunny, private, plant filled sanctuaries filled with the sound of music Trend that is continuing to thrive across the country for women to not just garden but relax and entertain in a beautiful and natural environment. According to a commercial and residential garden distributor, sales to homeowners are up about 30% from three years ago, while commercial sales have been in the dumps. Sources: Wall Street Journal, 3/7/12. New York Times, 3/7/12 Backyard Greenhouse – the new Woman Cave?

13 Idea #1: Garden Sanctuaries Together, Radio and (insert advertiser name) will provide listeners with the tools they need to create their own garden sanctuaries. Through a robust program that leverages the trust and relationships personalities have with their listeners, an in-store experiential element and digital integration, (insert advertiser name) will have the ability to own the growing trend towards DIY woman caves (aka Garden Sanctuaries.) How it works: –Advertiser X partners with a female on-air personality to create a garden sanctuary at her home –The talent talks candidly on-air about the steps she used with Advertiser X to create the environment – she can speak specifically about products, design, the mood, etc. and how easy it was since Advertiser X had everything she needed to bring it to life. –DJ drives listeners online to the station website and her Facebook page to learn more and invites listeners to join her at a Radio Garden Party at an Advertiser X location –A photo gallery of the talents Garden Sanctuary space is featured online on the stations website along with specific call outs identifying which products were used to create it with a link to Advertiser X website to buy –Radio Garden Party remotes where listeners are invited to an in-store seminar focused on how to build a greenhouse or create the garden sanctuary that is right for them. Sources: Wall Street Journal, 3/7/12. New York Times, 3/7/12

14 Insight #2 Increased awareness of growing your own food for a healthier you (and environment) Realization that balanced nutrients in your soil is just as important as balancing the nutrients on your plate Contributes to global sustainability Sources: Wall Street Journal, 3/7/12. New York Times, 3/7/12

15 Idea #2: Home Grown Recipes Most consumers want to include fresh from the garden produce in their kitchens, but often space and time may limit them from taking it on. Together, Radio and (insert advertiser name) provide simple ideas to simplify the gardening and recipes that use the simple home harvests that will excite and delight listeners and their families while they have a renewed respect and appreciation for each bite! How it works: –Creation of an on-air weekly (or daily) Home Grown Recipes feature, e.g. Welcome to Home Grown Recipes sponsored by Advertiser X, I must admit that the garden is really not my territory but I plant a few of my favorite herbs and enjoy watching everything grow. I dont have much space, but Ive found its quite simple to maintain a small windowsill planter of a couple varieties of herbs. I gotta tell you the first time I harvested from this little garden, I was SO glad I did it. You can find everything you need to start at Advertiser X and visit the station website to see the home grown recipe of the day Hi – its time for Home Grown Recipes sponsored by Advertiser X. Yesterday I told you about the windowsill planter trick – if you havent started yet – I promise – its well worth the effort. Even if all you do is tend a little basil plant this summer, picking that fresh basil to garnish your favorite summer pasta changes the way you think about your food. Stop by Advertiser X, they have everything you need to keep you eating healthy all summer long. Dont forget to visit the station website to see the home grown recipe of the day –Home Grown Recipes feature online Daily recipes are created and featured online on the stations website and its Facebook page in a special Home Grown Recipes section that uses ingredients that can be grown in your own backyard (or windowsill) with Advertiser X branding Listeners are invited to share their own home grown recipes via the Facebook page or the station website At the end of the harvest, listeners will be asked to vote on the best Home Grown listener recipe (in two categories: Windowsill and Greenhouse) and the recipes with the most votes will win soil/seeds for the following year Recipes will be downloadable Sources: Wall Street Journal, 3/7/12. New York Times, 3/7/12

16 Insight #3 Know how is critical when it comes to caring for the lawn and gardening According to a recent survey, when it comes to caring for your lawn and property, consumers say if I knew more, Id do more and rely on experts or trusted guides (e.g. beautifully landscaped neighbors) to learn. Sources: Wall Street Journal, 3/7/12. New York Times, 3/7/12

17 Idea #3: Planting Tips Consumers tend to get overwhelmed by the thought of starting a lawn and garden project – they have no idea how much it should cost, not sure if they will do it right, feel stupid asking basic questions and dont even know what the right question is. To top it off, there are so many sources of information, they dont know who to trust. Advertiser X and Radio to the rescue. Together, we will provide seasonal and location based planting tips throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall - on-air, online and via mobile applications – one more reason for them to continue to rely on their trusted Radio companion. How it works: –Daily, on-air, informative and educational Planting Tips that run adjacent to weather reports :15 or :30 units provide information on when to plan what, how to care for various types of plants based on the zone in which you live and the weather conditions that day or week Units may be voiced by an expert from Advertiser X or a station personality Call to action includes a drive to online to view all the planting tips and opt-in to receive text alerts, shopping lists, coupons and more –An online Ask the Garden Guru housed on the stations site. Best question of the week, will be posted on the site and win a prize. –Online Planting Tips podcasts and printable text versions live on the station website –Opt-in to receive text or email alerts with weather information along with planting tips associated with that information. Sources: Wall Street Journal, 3/7/12. New York Times, 3/7/12

18 Insight #4 Lawn & Garden = Affordable DIY Home Improvement Sources: Wall Street Journal, 3/7/12. New York Times, 3/7/12 Consumers see yard care, landscaping and gardening as relatively low cost/affordable ways to improve the value and style of their homes in a challenging economy.

19 Idea #4: The Garden Challenge Gardening is simple and its an opportunity to strut your creative and artistic talents that we all have buried deep inside! Together, (insert advertiser name) and Radio will inspire listeners to take on a gardening challenge and will reward them by displaying their work for the entire community to see through an interactive and engaging contest. How it works: –On-air: :15 and :30 promotional spots announce the Advertiser X Garden Challenge and provide instructions on how to participate –Creation of an inspirational online photo gallery of gardens (all different forms and sizes – rock gardens, flower gardens, window boxes, landscapes, etc.) –Listeners create a plan for their own garden and visit Advertiser X to get started –In June/July, listeners will upload before and after pictures of their Garden Challenge project for consumers to vote –Consumer generated votes will identify the Top 5 gardens to be included in the Finals –Panel of judges including experts from Advertiser X and the Radio station(s) visit each of the Top 5 gardens to select the winner –Top 5 finalists will all receive coupons to Advertiser X and Radio station prizes –Grand prize winner will receive an entire Landscape makeover for their home Sources: Wall Street Journal, 3/7/12. New York Times, 3/7/12

20 Next Steps Gain feedback on ideas Station to revise based on feedback and propose schedules and costs Plan activation timeline including commercial creative and station produced spots (if required) Discuss how campaign success will be measured Launch campaign

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