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1 Empowering the Kraft Consumer iMedia Brand Summit February 2004.

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1 1 Empowering the Kraft Consumer iMedia Brand Summit February 2004

2 2 Business Goal Creative Executions Results

3 3 Business Goal Grow topline volume through ownable, equity building food and nutrition messaging, content and functionality

4 4 Defining The Strategic Value Consumer Idea and Time Starved Cooks Motivation I turn to the resources I can depend on each and every time to give me food ideas that save me time and make me feel good about the food I am putting on the table for my family Insight Cooking for my family is one of the most important ways I can show how much I really care for them but it has to be simple and delicious Relevant Brand Difference Empower any cook by providing simple everyday food ideas Strategic One Thing An experience that gives me quick and easy ways to use my favorite Kraft products my family already trusts and loves

5 5 Consumer Insight At home or at work, Moms are challenged daily to come up with dinner ideas the whole family can enjoy Solution Develop messaging that speaks to consumer mindset Employ time-driven messaging and day-part targeting to create relevancy Provides real-time solution for daily dinner dilemma Include offer to opt-in for future communications Creative Execution: Everyday Food Simple

6 6 Creative Execution: Seasonal/Holiday Messaging Consumer Insight Consumers actively seek recipe and party ideas to make the holidays special for their families Solution Engage user in seasonal experience Provide value through themed recipes and activities Showcase multiple Kraft brands Target placements two weeks prior to event

7 7 Creative Execution: Cooking School Consumer Insights Cooking is an exciting, yet scary, proposition for starter cooks preparing meals on their own for the first time Consumers love to discuss and share recipes and cooking techniques with friends and family Solution Develop a skill building experience Utilize the functionality available within new IMVironments to reach emerging cooks Enables users to control video play Provides tutorial and viral capabilities

8 8 Kraft Cooking School IMV Demonstration

9 9 Helping Consumers Live Better/Eat Better Creative Execution: Counting Carbs Consumer Insight Consumer wants to eat healthier but its way too confusing Jell-O at 105 years old is as much on trend as ever Solution Demonstrate the depth and breadth of content Showcase contextually relevant content Showcase recipes from an American Icon that help you eat better if youre counting carbs or calories Allow consumers to make their family a homemade dessert in minutes

10 10 Creative Execution: Counting Carbs Low Carb JELL-O Recipe

11 11 Creative that Delivers Empower Engage Demonstrate Branding Drove qualified traffic and customer acquisitions 3.5% CTR with a 25% Interaction Rate 150,000 active users per day Double digit gains in purchase intent and unaided awareness

12 12 Thank You!

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