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1 Atherosclerosis

2 What is atherosclerosis?
found in 80-90% of Americans over 30 the deposit of plaque (fat, cholesterol, and other substances) buildup along the inner walls of the arteries

3 Signs and Symptoms Coronary Artery Disease: upper body pain, shortness of breath, weakness Cerebrovascular Disease: vision, dizziness, balance, walking, headache Peripheral Artery Disease: discomfort in legs, hair loss, thickened nails, cold skin, gangrene

4 The Causes family history (cannot find specific genes associated with risk) diet/ high cholesterol high blood pressure smoking exercise diabetes

5 The Main Effects heart attacks stroke death

6 Organs Involved/Effected
Plaque may partially or totally block the blood's flow in: arteries in heart brain pelvis kidneys limbs

7 Body Systems Involved/Effected
Integumentary System Nervous System Respiratory System Muscular System Urinary System

8 Cure Development Angioplasty: opens blocked or narrowed coronary arteries (mesh tubes are sometimes used) Coronary artery bypass grafting: uses arteries or veins from other areas in your body are used to bypass your narrowed coronary arteries Carotid endarterectomy: is surgery to remove plaque buildup from the carotid arteries in the neck

9 Preventative Measures
don’t smoke exercise healthy foods normal weight reduce stress

10 The Future of the Disease
T cells attacking bad blood cells possible vaccines studying DNA

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