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Online Safety

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1 Online Safety

2 Never share account IDs or Password Do not share with strangers OR friends That is only for you to know

3 Do not use personal info in screen names Leave out birthdays, hometowns, school names, hobbies etc.

4 Do not give out personal information Never give out any personal information about you or anyone else to someone over the internet 2FC0C80DAAF6%7D

5 Do not share photos Don’t share photos of you, your family, your home, or friends to people online

6 Don’t open emails if you don’t know the sender Just delete them

7 If someone is mean, threatening, or makes you uncomfortable – DON’T respond Log off Tell a parent or teacher

8 Be careful what you write online Nothing on the internet is completely private

9 Do not meet online “friends” in person This is dangerous!

10 Easy Summary – 4 Rs Recognize Refuse Respond Report

11 Resources and More Information afety afety things-not-to-post things-not-to-post

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