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Internet Safety.

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1 Internet Safety

2 Why is the Internet useful?
Finding information Names of places, phone numbers, addresses Research For papers, to learn new things Communication , chat, social networks Makes things easier to do Can be anything, anywhere, at anytime

3 Internet: Valuable Resource
Research- Make sure information is valid Copyright- Laws that protect authors so that people do not steal their work and ideas List authors’ names List date that we got information, internet changes quickly!

4 DO use the internet to: Visit far away places, such as: Museums
Galleries Play games Communicate with a Pen Pal Safe Pen Pal Websites

5 Pen Pal Safety Tips Never Give out personal information:
Respond to messages that are: Threatening or Make you feel uncomfortable Give out personal information: Home address Full name School name Telephone number Arrange a meeting without telling a grown-up

6 Social Safety Tips Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Skype, Myface, MoshiMonsters Never give out password Always set profile to “private” Choose your friends carefully Assume everything you write is there forever

7 Why should we be safe online?
Protect yourself What should you do if a stranger sends you a message? Tell a teacher or grown up- they will block them Delete messages that come from senders you don’t know Never share personal information- EVER! Cyber-bullying

8 Why should we be safe online? Cont’d
Protect your computer What should you do if a stranger asks you to download something? Ask a grown up What makes a password strong? Combination of letters and numbers Don’t use your own name Make it long

9 Rules to Internet Safety
Get permission from an adult before going online Don’t talk to strangers Never give out your personal information Don’t download anything without an adult’s permission Be aware of sites you are going to

10 Resources

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