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1.1 Customer Service Overview Standard 1.1 Overview Of Customer Service.

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1 1.1 Customer Service Overview Standard 1.1 Overview Of Customer Service

2 What?  What determines the success of a business?  Product?  Time?  Employees?  Pricing?  Profit?

3 C U S T O M E R S  The MARKETING CONCEPT:  The focus of a business must be the needs and wants of the C U S T O M E R  Explicit Needs: -- they tell you what they want  Hidden Needs: -- they may hint, but don’t express  Barriers: -- concerns that keep customers guarded

4 Where Are The Customers?  How do businesses keep an inflow of customers?  Features?  Benefits?  Colors?  Styles?  Locations?  S E R V I C E Return Customers Customer Focus Satisfaction

5 HOW?  Effective Employees  Believe in the product  Believe in the business  Mission  Vision  Meaning  Believe in providing excellent service

6 1.Have and encourage a Customer Service Environment 2.Hire the RIGHT people Service Minded Businesses

7  Hiring plans are used to:  Determine the hiring needs of a company  Outline the needed personnel  Identify the necessary qualities in the people  Guide the employment search HOW? Create A Hiring Plan

8 The right traits in people to represent the company, provide service to the customers, and develop sales opportunities. Hiring Plans LOOK FOR

9 A personality profile is a tool used to provide an evaluation of an employee's personal attributes, values and life skills. It may be used to determine employability or to maximize job performance. Questions in a personality profile tests usually search for information about an employee's temperament, decision-making methods, communication style and general attitude. Aptitude and ability tests are designed to assess your logical reasoning or thinking performance. They can guide decisions for what you are most likely to be successful doing. Test result are compared to that of a control group so that judgments can be made about your abilities.

10  Create a Customer Service Environment  Train employees to interact with customers  Teach employees how to generate sales and satisfaction Then… HIRE THE BEST PEOPLE

11  Service, Customer Service, Customer Relations Service “Excellent customer service is the process by which your organization delivers its services or products in a way that allows the customer to access them in the most efficient, fair, cost effective, and humanly satisfying and pleasurable manner possible.” "Customer service is the ability to provide a service or product in the way that it has been promised" "Customer service is an organization's ability to supply their customers' wants and needs" "Customer Service the process of taking care of our customers in a positive manner“ All interactions between a customer and a product provider at the time of sale, and thereafter. Customer service adds value to a product and builds enduring relationship.

12  Defined for the use of THIS course…  Customer Services is the process of developing customer satisfaction with a product, service, or sales opportunity. Customer Service

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