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Mrs. Embry’s Curriculum Night Parkview Elementary Eagle Mountain – Saginaw ISD.

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1 Mrs. Embry’s Curriculum Night Parkview Elementary Eagle Mountain – Saginaw ISD

2 Daily Schedule Cafeteria Opens7:10am First Bell7:30am Second Bell/Tardy Bell 7:40am Lunch/Recess12:40pm Specials9:50am 2nd Grade Dismissal2:40pm 9/14/20152

3 Discipline Plan Four-Star System (Color Change System) 4 Stars – Super Student (Green) * * * * Excellent Behavior 3 Stars – Warning (Yellow) * * * Satisfactory Behavior – teacher will verbally reprimand, redirect behavior and give rule/expectation clarification. 2 Stars – Teacher Consequence (Orange) * * Needs Improvement – Teacher contacts parent via note home, signed behavior chart, email or phone call if behavior is persistent. 1 Star – Office Referral (Red) * Unsatisfactory Behavior – Parent is contacted via telephone call/Phone conference; discipline referral sent to the office. 9/14/20153

4 Classroom Routines I do allow snack time. Please send a healthy snack that does not require a spoon or fork. Please sign your child’s behavior sheet each night. –If their folder was marked before recess they will walk that same day. If it was marked after they will walk the next day during recess. 9/14/20154

5 Homework Each Monday your child will bring home a reading log and a math homework sheet. – Math homework is due Friday – Reading Log is due the next Monday »Please read with your child for at least 15 minutes a night. »They need to read at least 4 nights a week. 9/14/20155

6 By the end of Second grade your child will have learned: Basic knowledge of sentence formation (i.e. nouns, pronouns, subjects, predicates, adjectives, verbs, etc.) How to write a complete sentence. To relate three or more sentences to make a paragraph. How to go through the steps of the writing process (i.e. Brainstorming, rough draft, final copy, etc.) To write and understand the perspective of an author and different characters in a story. 9/14/20156 Language Arts

7 Words Their Way –Individualized Spelling List –Practice sorting words into word patterns –Child’s word patterns will go home for practice each week –Have the weekend and a full week of practice before testing on weekly word patterns 9/14/20157 Spelling

8 Spelling Sort Explanation 9/14/20158 Lists Mrs. Ketcham’s groups “Oddballs”

9 9/14/20159 We use the adopted math program, Investigations and supplement it with lots of hands on activities and a variety of resources to provide a well-rounded, hands-on math program. Math

10 By the end of the year your child is expected to be able to: Add and subtract double-digit numbers with and without regrouping. Work with fractions, probability, graphs, tell time, count collections of coins, and use mental math. 9/14/201510 Math

11 Nine Weeks’ Topics 1 st – Exploring Matter and Energy 2 nd – Forces and the Natural World (Part 1) 3 rd – The Natural World (Part 2) 4 th – Living Systems: Grassland vs. Tundra 9/14/201511 Science

12 Throughout the year your children will be learning many different skills and expanding their prior knowledge of... –Social Skills –Geography Mapping Skills The States and Seven Continents –History Separating Fact from Fiction Historical Figures –Economics and Government –Holidays and Traditions 9/14/201512 Social Studies

13 9/14/201513 Reading We will be reading from literature-based basal readers and a variety of additional guided reading books and chapter books. We will focus on many skills including decoding, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.

14 9/14/201514 Work Skills on Report Cards A = Effort is commendable B = Attitude is positive C = Participation is exceptional D = Has shown improvement E = Tutoring Recommended G = Conference Requested H = Is working below grade level Your child needs improvement in: I = Listening attentively J = Using time wisely K = Following directions L = Showing consistent effort M = Working independently N = Practicing Neatness O = Bringing proper materials P = Keeping desk/materials in order Q = Completing assignments on time R = Returning homework on time S = Participating in class T = Respecting authority U = Respecting rights/opinions of others V = Accepting responsibility for actions W = Exercising self control X = Talking excessively Y = Taking care of school property

15 9/14/201515 Thursday Folders Include: Graded Work Flyers from the office/staff **Please check these each Thursday and empty them out.**

16 9/14/201516 2 nd Grade Assessments DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) Beginning of year level: 18+ TPRI (Texas Primary Reading Inventory)

17 How to contact me… Mrs. Embry –This is the best way to get a hold of me. Call the office at 817-237-5121 and they will transfer you to my voicemail. Notes in your child’s folder Class Website 9/14/201517

18 Remind Me 101 Text @mrsembrys2 to the the number 469-518-7370 to receive reminders from me! 9/14/201518

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