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Managing Guest Feedback In Real Time With Maestro’s MAESTRO USER CONFERENCE 2015.

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1 Managing Guest Feedback In Real Time With Maestro’s MAESTRO USER CONFERENCE 2015

2 Mobile technology, the Internet and Social Media have changed the way people connect forever. Unlimited access to information and knowledge are allowing smartphones to become real time electronic “portals” through which we live our lives.

3 Potential guests source destinations, seek feedback, and make choices using Internet connections.

4 Guests check in, experience their chosen property… and check out. And opinions are formed… “We had the most amazing time at…” “Our room was absolutely terrible…” “Great resort, terrible food…” “You just HAVE to stay there…” “We are coming back FOR SURE…” “The service was disappointing…” “The staff were so friendly…” “We had the BEST time ever…” “We will tell our friends to stay here…”

5 …and often shared instantly and everywhere… Sometime while your guests are still staying with you!

6 All of which means the hyper connected traveler is having a significant impact on the hospitality business. Average number of reviews for a hotel – 238 Percent of travelers who find user reviews important 81 % Percent of travelers who won’t book a hotel without reviews 49 %

7 Questions… How does the pervasive amount of online guest review data impact the average hotelier? And how does this impact the average traveler? Easy questions to ask… Not so easy to answer …

8 As hoteliers… Managing your property’s reputation has never been more challenging… You must invest in: Digital marketing efforts Social media strategies Differentiating strategies Maintaining an accurate and honest “virtual/on-line” presence To properly manage… Ongoing guest expectations!

9 As hoteliers… Managing your property’s reputation has never been easier… Guests more willing to “share” Easier to know what guests want Easier to monitor guest perceptions Easier to take immediate action Easier to track guest feedback Easier to stay connected to guests When you take a proactive approach!

10 As travelers… Just because people says something doesn’t mean it’s an accurate portrayal of what actually happened… Or what can be expected in the future. But conventional wisdom says “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, so… Decisions ARE made based on what is viewed on line!

11 If the New Normal is… Pervasive Traveler Experience Sharing (The Good, The Bad and The Ugly) Then The New Solution is… PRO-ACTIVE Property Reputation Management! By Maestro’s

12 Which Brings Us to… And Introducing…

13 How Works: Splash Page Post Stay/Invitation Email Scorecards, 13 Month Trend Report and Comments Report Scorecards, 13 Month Trend Report and Comments Report Survey Link

14 Why GEM Insi is Different −Seamless & fully automated − Customizable − Mobile and tablet friendly − Robust, reliable reporting − 13 Month rolling trend reports − Optional comparative reports − Guest feedback reported in real time − 24/7 access to guest data − Fully integrated with Maestro −Guest Profile −Reservations −Analytics −Loyalty

15 Why GEM Insight is Different The guest experience matters…You must ask the right questions GEM provides the key guest experience metrics you need/want Maestro/GEM integration creates competitive advantage

16 GEM Insight Reporting Overview −Key Guest Experience Points (check-in, rooms, etc.) −Food and Beverage Venues −Unique Venues (spa, golf, etc) −Emotional Drivers −Overall Perspectives −Demographics & Comments Sample Data

17 GEM Insight On Line Admin Site

18 Key Maestro Integration Touchpoints − Guest Profile − Reservations − Analytics GEM/Maestro Interface Just Keeps on Getting Better!




22 −Response Rate Dashboard −Arrivals Report −Analytics Dashboard −Comment Key Word Search −Survey Completion Reminder Email −Website Widget −Custom Reporting New GEM Features

23 GEM Survey Dashboard




27 −Pre Check-in TouchPoint −Post Check-in TouchPoint −Guest Follow Up Response and Issue Tracking −GEM2 Guest Engagement Metric What’s Coming Later in 2015?

28 Critical GEM Insight Benefits −Customizable guest intelligence you can trust −Efficient and easy to use −Comprehensive, insightful, actionable reporting −GEM drives long term guest engagement, loyalty and property financial performance

29 The Most Critical GEM Insight Benefit? − Guest intelligence you can TRUST! − The GEM numbers don’t lie − Don’t assume other sites tell your story accurately!

30 Introducing… − Short, non customizable survey − < 60 second interaction time − Quick and easy to set up − Performance and comments reporting − 24/7 access to all guest data − lower entry level price point






36 Connecting the dots between a Positive guest experience and loyalty… −Did they enjoy their experience with us? −Did they engage with us? −Are they connected to us? −Will they advocate for us? −Are they guests for life? Used to be virtually impossible… Until Maestro’s GEM!

37 Sample Data





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