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1 Social Media Monitoring Platform

2 Social Media Monitoring Discussion Boards, News Social Networks Blogs, Blog Posts Forums, Video sharing sites Information Gathering Data Processing i.e. Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis, etc. Dashboard 1. LISTEN 2. MEASURE, ANALYZE, REPORT 3. MANAGE, ENGAGE, RESPOND Participants: Companies, Customers, Competitors, Institutes. Conversations and Activity streams Communication TriggersSocial Media Platforms Social Media Monitoring Tool Product, Services, Issues, Stories, Events, Campaigns, etc.

3 Social Media Overview  Marketing wisdom says – you have to be present where your customers are.  Researches show that Americans spend 4 minutes of every hour on various social media platforms.  Facebook Boasts of more than 1 billion users.  Social media has removed the barricade between brands and consumers, letting them connect directly to each other.  Social media facilitates Real time marketing and Real time marketing takes marketing one step further by allowing brands to share an experience with their audience. What is SocialClout?  You are missing out on a low cost high reach channel.  You are at the risk of losing customers to your competitors. You yourself are allowing competitive advantage to your competitors.  You are neglecting a channel that has more 2.5 billion active users. SO? If your marketing team doesn’t have a social media strategy Business Cases SocialClout is a Social Media Monitoring Application that  Allows you to listen to the buzz around your products/services/brands in the various social media platforms  Analyses data for your products/services/brands and produces insights that facilitate decision making  Allows to identify brand advocates and engage with users  Allows you to offer superior customer service using the social media platforms  Helps you to understand the pulse of your customers and engage to drive business results Gives you an opportunity to be close to your customers

4 SocialClout – Social Media Solution Comprehensive data gathering from all major social media sites Real-time coverage for capturing conversations Data gathering services for periodic metrics collections LISTEN Data processing and analyzing data w.r.t. KPIs Sentiment Analysis Geographical and demographical analysis MEASURE Web dashboards with actionable reports KPI tracking and data analysis Respond to influencers or detractors with engagement workflow MANAGE

5 SocialClout Features Benefits Easier to identify relevant leads and drastically reduced cost of customer acquisition. Efficiently monitor and analyze your competitors, understand market place gap and product development opportunity. Comprehensive coverage of all major social media platforms Real-time tracking, and covers all business KPIs Automated sentiment analysis In-depth analysis of data, and insightful reports Campaign Management and Lead Generation through Social Media Comprehensive help, support and documentation Ability to engage with customers on multiple platforms SocialClout Features SocialClout is an eClerx proprietary product that provides and end to end solution for your social media monitoring and marketing needs.

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