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TechnoloyPlus Insightful Training On Using Emerging Internet Technology & Media Effectively For Business Success & Hotel Success.

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1 TechnoloyPlus Insightful Training On Using Emerging Internet Technology & Media Effectively For Business Success & Hotel Success.

2 Our Commitment  (1) Enable you to SELL ALL ROOMS – Everyday.  (2) Provide you with tools to get the HIGHEST rate for your hotel room in your city or category.  (3) Suggest simple but powerful steps to build your brand.

3 Sell All Rooms - Everyday Hotel Industry Content Traveller Generated Content (TGC) SEO, PPC & Email Marketing Social Media Optimization Second Life & Virtual Hotels Conclusion1

4 US Hotel Industry Statistics

5 The importance of the Web  Worldwide online travel sales is valued at $147 billion in 2007 *  Forecast to grow at 17% per year over the next 3 years * 3

6 Travel & Technology Facts  86% of all travel and vacation research now done online  Over 50% of all travel reservations done online  If you are NOT Strongly Online - You Are Not In the Game 6

7 The importance of the web  Online travel sales will represent 48% of total travel sales by 2008 *  A further 38% of consumers make their decision online, but purchase offline **  This means that almost 86% of travel sales will either be made online, or strongly influenced by online 7

8 Why are search engines important?  89% of Internet users regularly use a search engine  In Europe, Google accounts for 76% of all searches  In Asia Pacific Google accounts for 67%  In the US Google accounts for 49%  It is important to know where users are searching to adjust the approach accordingly 15 15

9 New and incremental customers  SEO does take up to 4 - 8 months to make a significant impact  The best results require an iterative process, not a one-time effort  Ensuring high-quality incremental traffic is delivered is vital  For short-term, tactical, traffic deploy Pay- per-click marketing as a complimentary activity 17 17 2. Acquire

10 New and incremental customers  PPC is a fantastic medium for turning on traffic immediately  A well-researched PPC campaign will deliver significant returns and will quickly become an ongoing activity  PPC campaigns compliment SEO activities  Running SEO and PPC side-by-side, ensures that you own the page 18 18 2. Acquire

11 Email Marketing  Managed effectively they can: –Reduce the overall cost of sale through channel shifting –Increase their loyalty and value  Communication of the online proposition in an offline environment is vital  Regular, and relevant, email communication will build loyalty and reinforce the bran 20 20

12 Email Marketing  Building the customer database is very important and can be achieved relatively easily: –Sign-up process on web site –Run online promotions / competitions –Sign-up at check-in / check-out –Ensure offline communication encourages email sign-up  A communication calendar should be developed to ensure regular emails are sent with compelling offers 21 21 3. Retain

13 Summary  Today up to 80% of all bookings are influenced by the web  A strategic, planned, approach to online marketing will produce far better returns than tactical activity  Investing in existing customers, as well as prospecting for new ones, is crucial for overall success  Measuring performance and adjusting campaigns will produce stronger returns 22 22

14 Question  Can an independent non-rated hotel 50 Room Property charge more rate than 3- Star Franchise property in the same city and same area?

15 Question  What do we look for when we travel outside our home and decide to stay at some other location?

16 Traveler Generated Content (TGC) Reviews About Your Hotel On Internet 1

17  What is TGS? Traveler-Generated Content (TGC ):  Traveler-Generated Content refers to all travel-related reviews and blog entries posted on the Internet for fellow travelers to read.  TGC is being read it has become a trusted resource that travelers rely on during their purchasing process. 2

18 Travel Reviews  Millions of reviews on all hotels are available on Internet. Even if your hotel is small, you will have some review.  Over 86 % of traveler rely on Internet Research and Travel Reviews to make purchase decisions.  Experts fear that with growing popularity of reviews, franchisor brand may become irrelevant.

19 Search Engine Optimization  The process of getting higher traffic to your website through search engine is called Search Engine Optimization.  The traffic coming through search engine is free. You don’t need to pay anything to search engines to get the traffic.

20 What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?  The process of improving web pages so they rank higher in search engines for your targeted keywords. Crawlability / Optimized Code Internal Link Structure Link Popularity / Relevance Key Factors Content Relevance

21 Where are the Organic Results? Organic Pay Per Click

22 Virtual World – The next phase  Virtual worlds are 3-D Internet Websites and software that make the experience of using Internet completely immersive.  Virtual Worlds are exploding in popularity because of the higher bandwidth and unlimited creative options.

23 The Future  It is likely that more and more hotel properties will set-up their business in virtual world and in second life.  You can start earning money by creating and selling Virtual Hotel rooms.

24 What is Second Life?  “Second Life is a 3-D virtual world entirely built and owned by its Residents … with … a Resident population of over 21,851,664 (and growing) …” 2

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