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Defining / non-defining

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1 Defining / non-defining
Relative clause Defining / non-defining

2 Sentences can be divided into parts called clauses
Sentences can be divided into parts called clauses. A relative clause is a part of a sentence that describes the person or thing we are talking about and is connected to other clauses in the sentence via a ‘relative pronoun’, who, which or that. Relative pronouns replace the subject or object of the verb:

3 examples Where is the new boy? He was in class yesterday.
Where is the new boy that was in class yesterday? Can I borrow the CD? You bought the CD. Can I borrow the CD that you bought?

4 I told you about the woman who lives next door.
Do you see the cat which is lying on the roof? He couldn’t read which surprised me. Do you know the boy whose mother is a nurse? I was invited by the professor whom I met at the conference. I don’t like the table that stands in the kitchen.

5 Defining/non-defining(difference)
My sister who lives in Istanbul is pregnant My sister , who lives in Istanbul , is pregnant

6 Defining relative clause
I congrutulated the student.He got the highest mark. I congrutulated the student who gaot the highest mark. Can you repair the chair?It is in the study room. Can you repair the chair which is in the study room.

7 More examples(as a subject of the clause)
There is someone at the door.He wants to see you. There is someone at the door who wants to see you. I want to see the person.he deals with the customer complaints I want to see the person who deals with the customer complaints

8 The person who lives next door is an engineer.
The plate which is on the table is dirty. The milk which is in the bottle is for the baby. Why did you buy this car which is older than the previous one.

9 More examples(as the object of a verb)
The applicant who(whom-that) we interviewed yesterday is suitable for the job. The book which(that) I bought last week is very interesting The man (who)(that-whom) we met yesterday was a sales representative. The woman whom I I bought this car from is a doctor.(object of a preposition)

10 Whose-where The girl whose father is a doctor is my girlfriend.(def.)
My classmate Susan,whose parents are both doctors,dosn’t want to be a doctor.(non-d.) The house whose garden is full of flowers is my grandmum’s. The city where I was born is my hometown. Istanbul,where more than en million peole live,has many problems to solve.

11 exercises The girl is my best friend.I go to school with her…………………
The man wants to do business with you.he will come tomorrow………….. The film was very interesting.I watched is last week…………….. The I can’t find the book.It is about pollution……………….

12 Non-defining relative clause
Ataturk, who is the great commender, died in 1938. That green book,which is on the table,belongs to me. Turkey,which is surrounded by the sea on three sides,has strategic importance. My father,whom you met yesterday,in Germany.

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