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1 Prof. Dr. Necdet GEREN (Mech Eng.) Center Director Participant: TUBITAK-ADANA UNIVERSITY-INDUSTRY JOINT RESEARCH CENTER TURKEY Participant Role: Contractor.

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1 1 Prof. Dr. Necdet GEREN (Mech Eng.) Center Director Participant: TUBITAK-ADANA UNIVERSITY-INDUSTRY JOINT RESEARCH CENTER TURKEY Participant Role: Contractor SUPER-SME Kick Off Meeting Metz- 6 th March 2006 FP6-2004-KNOW-REG-2 Supporting Potential and Existing Research Intensive SMEs


3 3 TUBITAK-ADANA UNIVERSITY-INDUSTRY JOINT RESEARCH CENTER USAM is an interface to both industry and university Designed to link the research and development needs of industry with university research capabilities

4 4 TUBITAK-ADANA UNIVERSITY-INDUSTRY JOINT RESEARCH CENTER OBJECTIVES To provide continuous cooperation between university & industry To promote industrial projects for academia To observe technological and industrial developments to transfer to industry through projects To provide innovative manufacturing technology services (i.e rapid prototyping)

5 5 ADANA Location of ADANA in Europe

6 6 General Information : Geographical Located at the southern part 6 th economically largest city 13.915 km 2 area Population: 1.849.473

7 7 Number of Employees: 625.000 Unemployment Rate: appr. 17 % (2005) GDP: € 4,5 Billion (% 3,5 of total GDP of Turkey) Number of Universities: 2 Number of University Students: Over 33.780 Number of Companies: 17.859 (1850 industrial company, %10 of total) R&D Expenditures over GDP (National): 0,67 % (2002) Number of private and public researchers: Over 2000 R&D oriented companies: appr. 300 Number of technological labs: 132 R&D Budget (National): 307 million Euro (for 2006) General Information

8 8 GENERAL INFORMATION: Main Sectorial Distribution of ADANA Industry Annual Export 1.314 billion euros Annual Import over 1.003 Billion euros

9 9 GENERAL INFORMATION: Regional R&D policies There is a not a regional R&D policy-making approach in Turkey yet. Therefore, in Adana, we follow national S&T policies approved by the Supreme Council of Science and Technology (BTYK). At regional level, we are an important intermadiary promoting policy measures of TUBITAK and its RTDI financing agency (TIDEB) as well as those of the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey. (funds expected to reach from 0.4 % to 2% of GDP in 2010) Main National and Regional Actors TUBİTAK-TIDEB (RTDI financing agency)-National TTGV (Technology Development Foundation of Turkey) National Adana KOSGEB (Small and Medium Industry Development Organisation) TUBITAK-ADANA-USAM & University of Cukurova Enterprise Development Centre Technology Development Centre –established by KOSGEB Cukurova University techno-park (will operate in 2 years)

10 10 S&T intermediaries actions and programs: TÜBİTAK Adana ÜSAM Collaborative Research Programs: TÜBİTAK Adana ÜSAM Actions to support innovative Projects: Small and Medium Industry Development Organization (KOSGEB), TUBITAK Industrial R&D Funding Directorate (TIDEB) Technology Development Foundation of Turkey (TTGV) Centres of Technology transfer (IRC) IRC-Anatolia (Adana is within the network of the IRC Anotolia which is located in capital city ANKARA) S&T Intermediation Systems:

11 11 ÇUKUROVA University ( is a state university and 10 faculties 1 state conservatory 3 colleges 9 vocational colleges 3 institutes and 29 research and application centres ÇAĞ University ( is a private university 3 faculties 1 colleges S&T INTERMEDIATION SYSTEMS: Regional Universities

12 12 Adana University-Industry Joint Research Center TUBITAK-USAM Agricultural Extention, Communication, Research and Applic. Center Agriculture of Mediterranean Countries Research and Applic. Center Computer Sciences Research and Application Center Cotton Research and Application Center Environmental Problems Research and Application Center Industrial and Medical Electronic Instrumentation Research and Application Center Machine and Equip. Design and Production Research and Applic. Center Medical Sciences, Experimental Research And Application Center Refrigerator and Air-conditioning Research and Application Center Space Sciences and Solar Energy Research and Application Center Strategical Research Center Subtropical Fruits Research and Application Center S&T INTERMEDIATION SYSTEMS: Industrial Research and Application Centres in Cukurova University (13)

13 13 S&T Intermediation Systems: Mediator & Collobrative Research

14 NUM BERNAMEFIELDSERVICES OF STRUCTURE TRANSFER CENTERS1 IRC Anotalia technology transfer and innovation specific mission to diffuse technology and know-how to enterprises or foster technology transfer SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PARKS AND COMPANY RESEARCH1 CUKUROVA UNIVERSITY TECHNO CENTER Research and Development To obtain a national industrial structure which is able to compete and export in the international area by encouring universities, research association and enterprise to cooperate with manufacturing fields. INTERMEDIATE ORGANISATIONS 7 ADANA USAM Research and Development Provides R&D projects, training, consultancy, business services ADANA KOSGEB Enterprise Devolopment Centre They also act as the regional branch of KOSGEB in providing their services and supports to SMEs Provides training, consultancy and business services to enterprises which includes innovation related services Computer Sciences Research and Application Center of Cukurova University Information communication technology Provides training on ICT, among other things. Adana Chamber Of CommerceService To represent business interests, create opportunities for development and contribute to enhancing business standards and performance in the region. Adana Chamber of Industry Service Integrateand innovative industry practices with the success in contributing to regional development. Adana Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Mechanical Engineering Provides advise and training and other services to the enterprises active in the machinery sector Adana Foreign Trade ClubForeign Trade Provides various business services to the exporting companies S&T Intermediation Systems

15 15 INFORMATION ABOUT SME NEEDS 1184 Survey results of 1850 SME’s (KOSGEB)

16 16 INFORMATION ABOUT SME NEEDS 1184 Survey results of 1850 SME’s (KOSGEB)

17 17 Expectations from SUPER-SME project Supporting development of services proposed by USAM to SMEs Dissemination of good practice tools to other existing and potential intermediaries in Turkey Learning from experience of other partners in developing regional RTDI strategy Establishment of effective networking between regional intermediaries Significant contribution to the structuring of the ‘technology development region’ Increased RTDI orientation in the regional development plan Increasing the number of research intensive SMEs in Adana, their collaboration with academia, and participation in national R&D support programmes and EU Framework Programmes

18 18 Tel. : 0 322 338 72 37, 338 72 38 Fax. :0 322 338 72 39 Adana-ÜSAM Çukurova Üniversitesi 01330 Balcalı/ADANA - TURKEY MANY THANKS TUBITAK-ADANA UNIVERSITY-INDUSTRY JOINT RESEARCH CENTER

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