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Leadership and Ethics Bishop Kearney High School Dr. Hays

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1 Leadership and Ethics Bishop Kearney High School Dr. Hays
Types of Leadership Leadership and Ethics Bishop Kearney High School Dr. Hays

2 Autocratic Leadership
One in which one person runs everything Makes all the decisions Does not consult others Expect to be obeyed without question Not well liked

3 When Is Autocratic Leadership Needed?
Important to obey orders without question Examples: Firefighters Soldiers in combat Police officers

4 Democratic Leadership
Managers work with employees Why? To make decisions Listening is critical Everyone meets and listens to others opinions New ideas are encouraged Leaders still make final decision Assumes people have ideas

5 Free-Reign Leadership
Requires that leaders set goals for employees and managers Leave them alone to get job done Places most trust and confidence in workers Deal with broader decision making Have to be available to resolve problems and answer questions

6 Delegating What is delegating?
Giving managers and employees the power to run things and make decisions Reasons for delegating: Not enough time More important work Employees own production process Employees develop own potential

7 Leadership in Teams What is a self-managed team?
Work groups that supervise themselves Manager’s role replaced by the team leader

8 History of Leadership Teams
Stared in Japan Came to US in 1980’s Stresses people working in teams and making decisions as a group Leader is team player rather than boss Leader learns a range of jobs rather than just one Team usually works on single project Makes project goal oriented rather than task oriented

9 Organization of Self-Managed Teams
Two ways Team selects one team leader Each team member employs special skills, but there is no team leader Which do you think would be more effective? As a team leader, do not give orders Motivate team members Work toward a shared goal Evaluate each other’s performance

10 Advantages to Self-Managed Teams
Are more goal oriented than task oriented Have a chance to learn each other’s job and obtain new skills Learn to participate and cooperate Learn to solve their own problems Disadvantage: Some people do not have skills or initiative to work together productively

11 Homework Leaders often have different ways of inspiring the people who work for them. Write a brief essay (at least one page and no more than two) discussing reasons why leaders delegate and empower employees.

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