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The Elements of Drama 7th Grade Language Arts.

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1 The Elements of Drama 7th Grade Language Arts

2 Essential Question How does drama provide the reader a different experience than prose (short stories, novels) or poetry? How is drama different from television?

3 Drama Comes from the Greek Word, “Dran” Means “To do” or “To Act”
The Doing/Acting Makes Drama

4 Drama… …is a story told in front of an audience

5 Elements of Drama Playwright-the author of a play
Actors-the people who perform Acts-the units of action (Like chapters in a book) Scenes-parts of the acts (Like subchapters in a book. Elements of Drama

6 Dramatic Speech Dialogue-conversation between or among characters
Monologue-long speech by one single character (private thoughts)

7 Theatre Where a play takes place

8 Stage Directions Found in brackets [ ]
Describe scenery and how characters speak C, Center Stage L, Stage Left R, Stage Right U, Upstage or Rear D, Downstage or Front

9 Conflict The internal or external struggle between opposing forces, ideas, or interests that create dramatic tension.

10 Set Construction on the stage that shows time/place
Could be called Scenery

11 Props Small movable items that the actors use to make actions look real

12 Characterization Is the playwright’s technique for creating believable characters. Indirect Direct

13 Types of Drama Drama is used to describe plays that address a serious subject.

14 Types of Drama Comedy is a form of drama that has a happy ending. Humor comes from the dialogue and situations.

15 Types of Drama Tragedy is a form of drama in which events lead to the downfall of the main character, often a person of great significance, like a king or hero.

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