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6th Grade English Language Arts

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1 6th Grade English Language Arts
The Elements of Drama 6th Grade English Language Arts

2 Drama… …is a story told in front of an audience

3 Elements of Drama Playwright-the author of a play
Actors-the people who perform Acts-the units of action Scenes-parts of the acts

4 Dialogue-conversation between or among characters
Monologue-long speech by one single character (private thoughts)

5 Conflict The struggle between opposing forces, ideas, or interests that create dramatic tension. Internal: with yourself External: with someone else

6 Stage Directions Describe scenery and how characters speak and act
Found in brackets [ ] C, Center Stage L, Stage Left R, Stage Right U, Upstage or Rear D, Downstage or Front

7 Theatre Where a play takes place

8 Set Construction on the stage that shows time/place
Could be called Scenery

9 Props Small movable items that the actors use to make actions look real

10 Characterization Is the playwright’s technique for creating believable characters. Indirect – shows through actions Direct – tells the reader about character

11 Types of Drama Drama: plays that address a serious subject.

12 Types of Drama Comedy: has a happy ending. Humor comes from the dialogue and situations.

13 Types of Drama Tragedy: events lead to the downfall of the main character, often a person of great significance, like a king or hero.

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