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Britain Leads the Way.

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1 Britain Leads the Way

2 Why Britain? The Industrial Revolution began in Britain due to
Resources New technology Economic Conditions Political & social conditions

3 Why Britain? Resources New Technology Large supplies of coal
Plentiful iron Large population  large work force New Technology Skilled mechanics willing to meet demand for new, practical inventions

4 Why Britain? Economic Conditions Political & Social Conditions
Trade allowed Britain’s economy to prosper Accumulated capital- wealth to invest in enterprises such as shipping, mines, railroads & factories Political & Social Conditions Stable government Strong navy Religious attitudes: supported hard work

5 Changes in the Textile Industry
“Putting Out” System- raw cotton was distributed to peasant families who spun it into thread & then wove thread into cloth Major Inventions- to meet demand for cloth Flying Shuttle- weave fabrics quickly Spinning Jenny- spun many threads at the same time Waterframe- Used water power to speed up spinning

6 The First Factories New machines too large to operate at home
Factories- Places that brought together workers and machines to produce large quantities of goods Located near rivers/streams for water power

7 Revolution in Transportation
Faster & cheaper way of moving goods from place to place On Land Turnpikes- Privately built roads that charged a fee to travelers who used them Steam Locomotive- Made the growth of railroads possible (railroads do not have to follow course of river) On Sea Steamboat- Improved shipping, traveled very quickly Carried times cargo of wooden ships

8 Invention Assignment Choose ANY invention from the Industrial Revolution. On a white sheet of paper, you will tell me: Invention Name & Inventor Description (paragraph) Impact (paragraph) Connection to Today (paragraph) Picture of the invention You can use your book (pg. 496) or notes. You may have to do additional research on your own. Due tomorrow. You have class time today to work on this.

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