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Britain Leads the Way Chapter 20 Section 2

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1 Britain Leads the Way Chapter 20 Section 2
Mr. Marsh Columbus North High School

2 Why Britain? Resources New Technology
Large supplies of coal and iron-ore Large labor supply thanks to population boom caused by the agriculture revolution of the 1600s New Technology Skilled mechanics were eager to make new inventions Demand for cheaper products and the business capital allowed inventions to be practical

3 Why Britain? Cont’ Economic Conditions Political & Social Conditions
Growing British Empire and trade brought economic growth to England Population explosion brought a new demand for more products Political & Social Conditions Britain had a stable government that supported and pushed for economic growth Change of perspective, no longer were people looking for better life in the after life, they searched out worldly goods and riches

4 Changes in the Textile Industry
Textile industry was the fastest and one of the earliest forms of major manufacturing England used the “putting-out” method Cotton brought from India and North America was sold to peasant families who would spin the wool and cotton into thread and weave the thread into fabric Skilled artisans would dye and sew the fabric into clothes

5 Changes with new inventions
John Kay Flying Shuttle – allowed weavers to speed up production James Hargreave Spinning Jenny – allowed on spinner to spin more thread Richard Arkwright Waterframe – used water power to run spinning wheels

6 Inventions of the Textile Industry

7 First Factories The new inventions cost far to much for a peasant family to own and operate. Early factories began to develop along water For power and transportation

8 Revolution in Transportation
With more goods needing to be moved from point “A” to point “B” demand for better transportation followed Turnpikes- private built roads that charged a toll to be used George Stephenson steam locomotives First major railroad from Liverpool to Manchester Robert Fulton and the steam boat Clermont set a record 5 miles per hour on water using the steam boat

9 Steam Power Transportation

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