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Otterbein University Welcomes You New Student Information Guide Sep 2010.

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2 Otterbein University Welcomes You New Student Information Guide Sep 2010

3 TWO ACCOUNTS 1.Network Account 2.Self Service Banner

4 1.NETWORK ACCOUNT How to activate: Use Otterbein ID (e.g.A20012345) Pin: (e.g.123456 ) Go to New User Web Page

5 What Do I Use it For? O-Zone Webmail Blackboard Wireless logon Basically all technology resources on the network that ask for username

6 What if I Forget My Password? Contact Help Desk to have me reset password. Sign up sheet after session

7 How do I reset my password? Go to, select Password Information from menu items on left, then Changing Note: Need to know password first!!

8 2.Self Service Banner

9 What if I Do Not Know My OID or Pin? OID is found on Cardinal Card and Otternet page Pin is found after you set security question in Self Service Banner. Type in ID (e.g. A12345678), hit forgot pin button

10 What is wrong with this picture? You made your security question “What is my pin?” Not making fun – Just saying!

11 Banner, What Do I Use it For? Handle all student services on-line: Register for classes Get class schedule View grades, holds, transcripts Financial aid status, accept awards, make payments

12 Two Ways to Navigate O-Zone with network username and password and then single sign-on to all other resources If O-Zone is down for maintenance, use main page, then A-Z index and navigate to every resource

13 Network Resources Self Service Banner O-Zone Webmail Blackboard Otternet Home folder Web folder Training

14 Personalized with your Academic Profile, Meal Plan and Account Summary Customizable Announcements from Otterbein Single sign-on

15 WebMail Beware of phishing email – Information Technology will NEVER ask you for log-in information about your account!

16 We Filter Out For Junk Email and Spam Two Ways: Junk E- mail folder and OCCleanMail Check your Junk E-mail folder for accidentally filtered mail, right click and add Sender to Safe Sender’s List Then, right click and move to Inbox Folder





21 Blackboard

22 What if My Class is not Listed?

23 Home and Web Folder on My Otternet on O-Zone or A-Z index Otternet Otternet

24 Jump Drives Tip: Put a Word file or Notepad Text Document called Identification so if you lose it, we can return it!!

25 Windows Office 2007 and Macintosh Office 2008 Gotcha

26 Training and Converter Use Office 2007 and 2010 for Bibliographies!! Get familiar with Office before you present in a classroom or struggle in a lab. Ultimate Steal: Office 2010 for $79.95 Windows 7 for $64.95Ultimate Steal: Office 2010 for $79.95 Windows 7 for $64.95

27 How Do I Get Connected to the Reshall Network and Practice Safe Hex? Plug into wall port or splitter Go to the Residents Halls Info Don’t risk getting your computer blocked on the network. (Residents and Commuters) You must have: 1)Windows updates 2)Virus protection 3)Malware protection (Malwarebytes)Malwarebytes Uninstall any old virus protection software first or you could corrupt your operating system!! Install only one!

28 Ethernet Patch Cord You buy at Otterbein Bookstore or Computer Store Plug into Wall Port or Splitter

29 Splitter Get one from Help Desk if missing Leave in the room – Do Not Take Home Call Help Desk if yours is not working

30 How to connect to Wireless Connect to “Otterbein” on campus Connect to “OtterbeinU” in reshalls See this page to configure your wireless network settings:

31 How Do I Use Labs? Papercut 400 copies/quarter Logoff lab computer!

32 COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT Otterbein Policy: Shutdown, Written Warning, Judicial Council Federal Law: Felony Charge, Fine, Jail

33 Protect your public image!! Our goal is to educate students and to keep them informed of issues in cyberspace that may affect them adversely.

34 How To Get Help Email: Follow us on Twitter Use Chat on O-Zone

35 Or if You are Confuzzed… Use the Student Help Desk!! Campus Center 8:30am – 9:00pm M-R 8:30am – 6:00pm F 8:00am – 2pm Saturday 614.823.1060 First door on the right after entering both double doors of Campus Center

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