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Jeffersonian Era Review. 1.The election of which President in 1800 demonstrated that even under the development of political parties, the Unites States.

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1 Jeffersonian Era Review

2 1.The election of which President in 1800 demonstrated that even under the development of political parties, the Unites States could and did have a smooth transition of power? Thomas Jefferson

3 Jefferson condemned Alexander Hamilton’s financial plans for the US, but Jefferson still kept what financial institution? The Bank of the United States ( BUS)

4 2. Which Supreme Court decision established the concept of judicial review? Marbury v. Madison

5 3.What is the legal term that describes the concept that the Supreme Court has the ultimate authority to determine if state and federal laws are constitutional or not? Judicial Review

6 4.Which political party favored a strict interpretation or strict constructionist view of the Constitution? Democratic-Republicans or Republicans ( Jefferson, Madison, Monroe)

7 5. During the Jefferson Presidency, in what year was the Louisiana Purchase completed? 1803

8 6.What was the name of the expedition that was led by Lewis and Clark in order to explore western lands? Corps of Discovery

9 7.What Indian woman served as guide and translator during the Lewis and Clark expedition? Sacajawea

10 Louisiana Purchase – 1803 How many states would eventually be created from the Louisiana Territory?

11 13 States

12 8. What were the two most important results of the Louisiana Purchase? 1. Almost doubled the size of the US. 2. Sent a strong message to other European nations that the US had firmly established its position on the continent.

13 9. Which Native American leader advocated the rebirth of Seneca Indian culture that would include white culture? Handsome Lake

14 10. Which Native American leader, known as “Shooting Star” created an Indian Confederacy to fight against US policy? Tecumseh

15 11. At what battle in 1811, did William Henry Harrison defeat the Tecumseh Confederacy? Battle of Tippecanoe

16 12. During the early 19 th century, which states represented the Barbary States of North Africa which demanded a tribute to be paid by the US for access to the Mediterranean Sea?

17 Barbary States: Tripoli, Algiers, Morocco, and Tunis

18 13. Which Barbary state declared war on the US which resulted in a successful US invasion? Tripoli

19 14. Regarding US and international conflicts, which European nation passed the Continental System? France

20 15. Which European nation passed the Orders in Council? Britain

21 16. To avoid an international incident of going to war, which act was passed by Jefferson which almost destroyed the economy and decreased Jefferson’s credibility during his second term in office? Embargo Act of 1807

22 17. During which naval incident did the US Captain state “Do not give up the ship” Chesapeake/Leopard Affair

23 18. Who served as President from 1809 to 1816? James Madison

24 War of 1812 19. What were four reasons the United States declared war on Britain in 1812? 1.British impressment of American sailors on the high seas 2. British interference with American trade 3. British incitement of Indians against Americans 4. War Hawks demanded war in order to obtain Canada

25 During the War of 1812, where did the US, under the command of Oliver Hazard Perry, obtain a naval victory? Lake Erie

26 20. Which treaty ended the War of 1812? Treaty of Ghent Ghent, Belgium “ City of Flowers”

27 21. As a result of the War of 1812: The US produced a claim to the Oregon Territory. The US eventually obtained Florida through a treaty with Spain Prewar boundaries were restored

28 22. Who emerged as a US war hero after the Battle of New Orleans? Andrew Jackson

29 23. Who served as President from 1816 to 1824? James Monroe

30 24. The US obtained Florida from Spain and gave up claims to Texas in which 1819 treaty? Adams-Onis Treaty

31 25. What were four main provisions of the Monroe Doctrine of 1823? 1. The US would not tolerate European colonization or intervention in the Americas 2. The US would not interfere in European affairs 3. Any attack by a European nation in the Americas would be considered an attack on the United States. 4. Nations in the Western Hemisphere were inherently different from those of Europe- i.e., they were republics not monarchies.

32 26. What were the three main provisions of the Missouri Compromise of 1820? 1.Missouri would be admitted as a slave state 2. Maine would be admitted as a free state 3. Slavery would be prohibited north of the extension of Missouri’s southern border. (36 30)

33 The Missouri Compromise, 1820-1821.mht

34 27. What was the main cause of the depression which began in 1819 and also called the Panic of 1819? British banks called in their loans to American businesses.

35 28. Which war did the Federalists call “Mr. Madison’s War?” War of 1812

36 29. Because of relative peace at home and abroad, which President served during the “Era of Good Feeling?” James Monroe

37 30.During the early 19 th century, who served as the most influential Supreme Court Chief Justice for 34 years and increased the power of the judicial and executive branches of government? John Marshall

38 Which Supreme Court case established Federal authority over interstate commerce? Gibbons v. Ogden

39 Which Supreme Court case established the principle of Judicial Review? Marbury v. Madison

40 Which Supreme Court case established Federal authority over State authority in that a state cannot tax Federal property? McCulloch v. Maryland

41 Who was the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? John Jay

42 Who served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for 34 years and is remembered for his decisions which greatly strengthened the influence of the Supreme Court as an equal branch of the Federal Government? John Marshall

43 The War of 1812 ended with what overall result regarding boundaries between the US and British territories? Prewar territorial boundaries remained unchanged.

44 On the celebration of the 50 th Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which two founding fathers died within a few hours of each other? Thomas Jefferson and John Adams

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