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Round 1 Ultimate QuestionWashingtonJeffersonMadison.

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3 Round 1 Ultimate QuestionWashingtonJeffersonMadison

4 President Jefferson Mr. Madison’s War Era of Era of Good Feelings $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $300 $400 $500 Supreme Court Jefferson- ian Stuff ian Stuff $300 $100 Grab Bag Grab Bag $200 $300 $400 $500

5 Jefferson sought to reduce the size of this institution as he saw it as too expensive and a potential threat to the republic. Answer Scoreboard$100

6 armed forces? What is the armed forces? $100 Scoreboard

7 This vice president killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel in 1804. Answer$200 Scoreboard

8 Aaron Burr? Who is Aaron Burr? $200 Scoreboard

9 Jeffersonians were unsuccessful in removing this Federalist judge from the Supreme Court, although they did impeach him. Answer$300 Scoreboard

10 Samuel Chase Who is Samuel Chase? $300 Scoreboard

11 President Jefferson kept all of Hamilton’s financial plan intact except for this. Answer$400 Scoreboard

12 excise tax on whiskey? What is the excise tax on whiskey? $400 Scoreboard

13 As President Jefferson’s secretary of the treasury, this Frenchman lowered the national debt. Answer$500 Scoreboard

14 Albert Gallatin? Who is Albert Gallatin? $500 Scoreboard

15 Jefferson’s electoral victory in 1800 is known by this nickname. Answer$100 Scoreboard

16 “Revolution of 1800?” What is the “Revolution of 1800?” $100 Scoreboard

17 Jefferson got this from Napoleon for only $15 million. Answer$200 Scoreboard

18 Louisiana Territory? What is the Louisiana Territory? $200 Scoreboard

19 Jefferson belonged to this political party. Answer$300 Scoreboard

20 Republicans (Democratic- Republicans)? What are the Republicans (Democratic- Republicans)? $300 Scoreboard

21 This act infuriated the Federalists when the U.S. isolated itself economically from the world in 1807. Answer$400 Scoreboard

22 Embargo Act? What is the Embargo Act? $400 Scoreboard

23 Jefferson succeeded in winning this war in North Africa with the help of the “Mosquito Fleet.” Answer$500 Scoreboard

24 Tripolitan War? What is the Tripolitan War? $500 Scoreboard

25 Answer This Federalist was the most important Chief Justice in U.S. History. $100 Scoreboard

26 John Marshall? Who is John Marshall? $100 Scoreboard

27 This supremely important decision resulted in the establishment of judicial review. Answer$200 Scoreboard

28 What is Marbury v. Madison (1803)? $200 Scoreboard

29 Question You may wager your current dollar amount, bet as little as $100, or bet up to $1000.

30 This 1824 “steamboat case” decision declared that only Congress had the right to regulate interstate commerce. Answer$300 Scoreboard

31 Gibbons vs. Ogden? What is Gibbons vs. Ogden? $300 Scoreboard

32 This decision stated that the U.S. Supreme Court could overturn a decision by a state supreme court. Answer$400 Scoreboard

33 What is Cohens v. Virginia? $400 Scoreboard

34 This 1819 decision declared that the Bank of the United States was constitutional. Answer$500 Scoreboard

35 McCullough v. Maryland? What is McCullough v. Maryland? $500 Scoreboard

36 These young westerners pushed Madison into war with their desire to conquer Canada. Answer$100 Scoreboard

37 War Hawks? Who are the War Hawks? $100 Scoreboard

38 This “unnecessary” battle gave Americans great pride when Jackson whipped the British in 1815. Answer$200 Scoreboard

39 Battle of New Orleans? What is the Battle of New Orleans? $200 Scoreboard

40 . This treaty ended the war with the pre-war status quo being restored. Answer$300 Scoreboard

41 Treaty of Ghent (1814)? What is the Treaty of Ghent (1814)? $300 Scoreboard

42 This meeting ruined the Federalists as they were now seen as traitors. Answer$400 Scoreboard

43 Hartford Convention (1814)? What is the Hartford Convention (1814)? $400 Scoreboard

44 This event triggered U.S. demands for war in 1807 when the British damaged a U.S. naval ship. Answer$500 Scoreboard

45 Chesapeake- Leopard Affair? What is the Chesapeake- Leopard Affair? $500 Scoreboard

46 He was the president during the “Era of Good Feelings.” Answer$100 Scoreboard

47 James Monroe? Who is James Monroe? $100 Scoreboard

48 Clay’s program for higher tariffs, a BUS and federally funded internal improvements was known by this term. Answer$200 Scoreboard

49 “American System?” What is the “American System?” $200 Scoreboard

50 The slavery issue was sparked in 1819 by the proposed Tallmadge Amendment but was resolved by this agreement. Answer$300 Scoreboard

51 Missouri Compromise (1820)? What is the Missouri Compromise (1820)? $300 Scoreboard

52 Answer$400 A depression that ensued due to overspeculation on land was known by this nickname. Scoreboard

53 Panic of 1819?” What is the “Panic of 1819?” $400 Scoreboard

54 Answer$500 This U.S. proclamation, written by Secretary of State John Quincy Adams warned Europeans not to create new colonies in the Western Hemisphere. Scoreboard

55 Monroe Doctrine (1823)? What is the Monroe Doctrine (1823)? $500 Scoreboard

56 This Native American woman was indispensible in helping the Lewis and Clark expedition succeed. Answer$100 Scoreboard

57 Sacagawea? Who is Sacagawea? $100 Scoreboard

58 This Amendment prevented future ties in electoral votes between presidential and vice presidential candidates. Answer$200 Scoreboard

59 12 th Amendment? What is the 12 th Amendment? $200 Scoreboard

60 The Embargo Act was replaced in 1809 by this act, that again opened the U.S. to trade with the world, except Britain and France. Answer$300 Scoreboard

61 Non-Intercourse Act? What is the Non-Intercourse Act? $300 Scoreboard

62 Answer$400 This British 1806 proclamation declared that all foreign ships, including U.S. ships, would be subject to British searches. Scoreboard

63 orders in council? What are the orders in council? $400 Scoreboard

64 Answer$500 This Haitian led a slave rebellion that eventually resulted in France’s loss of Saint Domingue, its most important sugar colony. Scoreboard

65 Toussaint L’Ouverture? Who is Toussaint L’Ouverture? $500 Scoreboard

66 Make your wager Category: Sectionalism Question Scoreboard

67 Identify the three major provisions of the Missouri Compromise of 1820 Ultimate Question Answer Scoreboard

68 What are: Maine as a free state Maine as a free state Missouri as a slave state Missouri as a slave state No slavery north of 36˚30’ line. No slavery north of 36˚30’ line. Back to Question Ultimate Question Scoreboard

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