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Physical Science Course Guidelines

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1 Physical Science Course Guidelines

2 INTRODUCTION This Physical Science Course is designed to give students a basic knowledge of physics, chemistry, and physical science laboratory skills. Students will engage in note taking, problem solving, laboratory work, guided activities, computer applications, and engineering projects. The goal is to prepare the student with a solid foundation for future studies in the physical sciences.

3 GRADING The quarter average is calculated on the following percentages:       J Tests - 50 %       J Quizzes - 20 %       J Labs and Projects - 20 %       J Classwork, Homework, and Participation - 10%

4 GRADING The semester average is calculated with the following percentages:      First Quarter - 40%      Second Quarter - 40 %      Semester Exam - 20%

5 GRADING The Randolph grading scale will be
used for determining grades.            A+               A                 A-                B+               B                 B-                C+               C                 C-               D+   69            D                 D-    65            F     Below 65

6 TEST DAYS Test days are Wednesdays and Fridays for the first semester. Second semester test days are Monday and Wednesdays.

7 TEST BONUS POINTS Students may receive two extra points on a test by correcting the test and getting a parental signature on the test. In order to earn these points, tests must be returned within two days of when the graded tests were returned. Test corrections are to be on a separate sheet of paper.

8 MAKE UP TESTS Students who miss scheduled tests may be required to take the make-up test for that unit. Make up tests may consist of 10 to 12 essay questions.

9 PLEDGED WORK The Pledge I pledge that I have neither given nor received help. All tests and quizzes are considered pledged work in this class.

10 PLEDGED WORK Upper School Honor Council

11 PLEDGED WORK Middle School

12 PLEDGED WORK Homework, class work, and labs may or may not be considered pledged work.

13 PLEDGED WORK Students may work together on some homework and classroom assignments as long as the work is not "divide and conquer" or simply copying. Students must always give credit to those who have helped. This information is to be listed at the end of the assignment.

14 PLEDGED WORK Students should not discuss a test or quiz in any manner until the graded test/quiz has been returned. This includes describing the test as hard or easy.

15 PLEDGED WORK Cheating and plagiarism are not tolerated. Students must be careful to give credit when it is due.

16 MATERIALS NEEDED Students will need an inexpensive scientific calculator, pens or pencils, lined paper, and a memory stick. All items must be labeled with the student's name.

17 MATERIALS NEEDED Students will be using the text: Science Spectrum: A Physical Approach. Each student will be issued a copy and should take that copy home until the end of the year. A classroom set may be used at school. Students can also access the text online.

18 CLASS EXPECTATIONS 1. Students are expected to bring to class a notebook and pens or pencils. Scientific calculators and laptops should be brought when needed.

19 CLASS EXPECTATIONS 2. Students are expected to do their best and ask questions when necessary.  

20 CLASS EXPECTATIONS 3. Students are to treat each other with respect.  

21 CLASS EXPECTATIONS 4. Students are required to follow all safety rules and regulations. Violation of these rules will result in strict disciplinary action.  

22 CLASS EXPECTATIONS 5. For safety reasons, this room and the lab are no backpack rooms.  

23 CLASS EXPECTATIONS 6. Students are to download and save all files before they leave school. Students are not to rely on home internet to retrieve files.  


25 CLASS EXPECTATIONS 7. Students are responsible for getting work done when absent. Many of the assignments are listed on the Internet. Be sure to check there first when a class is missed.  

26 CLASS EXPECTATIONS 8. Students take good care of all equipment and facilities.

27 CLASS EXPECTATIONS 9. Students are to check the side board upon entering the classroom for the Bell Work Assignment. Students are to begin this assignment as soon as they enter the classroom.

28 CLASS EXPECTATIONS 10. Homework assignments, classroom agenda, and supplies needed for the class are posted daily on the side board.

29 CLASS EXPECTATIONS 11. Do not print the syllabus. It is kept current and will reflect any changes made during class.

30 CLASS EXPECTATIONS 12. For more information concerning school policies, see the Student Handbook.

31 NETBOOK INFORMATION 1. Students should always think about where they leave their laptops. Laptops left in the hallway or outside can be easily taken. Laptops should either be kept with the student or in a designated area such as the laptop cart.

32 NETBOOK INFORMATION No food or drink around netbooks. Do NOT take the netbook to Café Randolph or eat food while using it.

33 NETBOOK INFORMATION 2. All laptops are to be left on the Drake campus. Laptops are to be stored in the laptop cart before leaving school.

34 NETBOOK INFORMATION 3. To improve your laptop performance, students must defragment and run disk clean up frequently. Students should also run SpyBot and AdAware.



37 NETBOOK INFORMATION 4. Do NOT overload your laptop with extra files. Students will need to download files for school and need room on the hard drive for class information.

38 NETBOOK INFORMATION 5. If your laptop should need repair, fill out a tech request. If you cannot use your laptop to fill out the request, ask another student or one of your teachers to fill it out. Do not take your laptop to Mr. Leonard until he requests it.


40 NETBOOK INFORMATION Jason - take netbook to Mrs. Brown
Sara - pick up netbook

41 NETBOOK INFORMATION 6. Students should not assume that they can simply leave their laptops in a classroom. They must have permission from the teacher before leaving laptops.

42 NETBOOK INFORMATION 7. Netbooks that are left unattended in the hallways will be confiscated and given to Mrs. Robb. Students must meet with Mrs. Robb in order to get netbooks back.

43 NETBOOK INFORMATION 8. Students should in no way change passwords or use another person's laptop, unless permission has been granted by the owner of the laptop.

44 NETBOOK INFORMATION 9. Do not store your netbook in your locker, set books on top of the netbook, leave it on a slanted surface, etc. Remember, all of your notes for a test or your papers may be contained in the netbook. Take care of it.

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