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As you enter the room 1.Grab a notecard and find your seat 2.Fill out your notecard: Line 1- Full name and the name you go by. Line 2- Guardian contact.

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1 As you enter the room 1.Grab a notecard and find your seat 2.Fill out your notecard: Line 1- Full name and the name you go by. Line 2- Guardian contact (phone/ email) Line 3- Birthday Line 4- Favorite Subject Line 5- Something Unique about you - After completed we will go around the room and share “Something interesting about you.”

2 A little bit about Mrs. Brodeur I am originally from Niagara Falls, NY I have a twin sister


4 My husband is Mr. Brodeur who is also a teacher at Carrollton

5 I have taught at Carrollton high school two years ago: IB Math (SL) and Accelerated Math III

6 Let’s Review the syllabus together so you know what to expect This is the URL to our class website 20614/Analytic%20Geometry On this website you can find extra copies of homework, class work, and class notes You can also use this website to contact me. This website also has our class calendar.

7 Class materials: ( listed on Syllabus o Lined Notebook paper o Graph paper o 3 ring binder – 2’’ o Book cover- the books are new and replacement cost is $84.70 o Dividers labeled as follows: Warm ups, Notes, Class work/ Homework, Tests, Quizzes o Calculator- TI-84 or Texas Instrument TI-30X IIS Scientific Calculator. o Pencils and erasers – lead for mechanical pencils; if not mechanical, a self- contained pencil sharpener o Note cards o pencil holder to maintain note cards(if desired) o Highlighter for notes(if desired) o Tissues/hand sanitizer for personal use

8 Your Notebook Organization and keeping up with your work is important in this class! We will have a Notebook check on Friday August 21st -you will be getting a grading rubric today so you know what you need to have

9 Note book check rubric ●Dividers are labeled correctly…………...…...15 points ( Labeled: Warm ups, Notes, Class work/ Homework, Quizzes, Tests) ● All warm ups are in the notebook and in order…….15 points ● All notes are in the notebook and in the correct order….15 points ● All classwork/ Homework are in the notebook and in the…………………………..15 points correct order. ● All quizzes are in the notebook…………………….15 points and in the correct order ● All tests are in the notebook ………………………..15 points and in the correct order ● Your name and class period is on your notebook……...10 points

10 Grading percentages Class Work / Homework / Warm Ups 30% Quizzes / Daily Quizzes 20% Tests / Performance Tasks / Notebook 30% Midterm/ Milestone 20%

11 M AKE - UP P OLICY All makeup work is given per the student handbook and attendance rules. Absences the day before a test (except excused extended absences) will not excuse a student from taking a test. Missed quizzes and tests will be taken the day that the student returns. Any work assigned before the absence will be due the day the student returns. It’s the student’s responsibility to make-up assignments. Students are responsible for all announcements and material covered in class when absent. Continuous absences / tardiness to class have proven to be a factor for poor performance in this course.

12 E XTRA H ELP Please seek help as soon as possible if you are having difficulty, do not wait until the day of a quiz/test. I will be available for extra help; please let me know in advance if you are coming for help, as I may have other obligations. Please note that homework may be graded for completeness and/or accuracy, or as a quiz!! Math tutoring is available before and after school. Also, I update my school webpage daily with homework, quizzes, tests, and additional help for the course. BE SURE TO CHECK IT!!

13 Class room Procedures 1.Turn in Homework in the beginning of class, not during class!! 2.After homework is turned in get out your warm up. (these will be collected on Fridays) 3.After Warm ups we will have our class lesson. (you are to stay in your seat, DO NOT get up to throw out trash or sharpen your pencil). If your pencil breaks raise your hand. Keep trash on your desk until you leave the class. 4.After our lesson we will have class work/ homework. ASK FOR HELP IF CONFUSED!! 5.Occasionally we will have Heroic quests at the end of class on the lesson.

14 Class room rules 1.Once you enter the room and turn in your homework you need to start working regardless of if the bell has rung or not. No socializing in the room. 2.No food or drinks in class except for water. 3.No cell phone use in class, even to check the time. Cell phones should be in your pocket or in your bookbag, not on your desk. -Phones will be taken up and given to an administrator if seen in the class room. 1.Be respectful to everyone. 2.No writing on the desks. 3.Raise your hand if you want to speak, and wait to be called on 4.Be on time and prepared for class. 5.Stay seated unless given permission to get out of your seat 6.No passes will be given within 15 minutes of lunch or during note taking time. Cell phones will be left in the classroom when going to the restroom

15 Potty time -In this class you have three passes (to the bathroom, or office) -Once those passes are up you can still go to the bathroom but have to serve potty time. Come in before or after school for 10 minutes to clean desks/ whiteboard. -If there is a medical situation bring in a doctor's note, or ask your parent to contact me.

16 Test Policies -You will have one test retake each ½ of a year. -This is only for an exam you have failed -Stipulations- failed exam must be signed by guardian, you have to meet with me before or after school for tutoring -Cheating will result in a 0 for the test, no retake and reported to the appropriate administrator

17 The Testing chain Each day you can earn two links. The numbers 1 and 2 will be written on the board. If the class is talking when they shouldn’t be talking, or too loud a number will be erased and you will not get all of the links for the day. When your links hit the floor everyone in the class will get 2 bonus points towards the next upcoming test.

18 Everyone should now have: -a syllabus -a notebook check grading rubric -a warm up form

19 Get you syllabus signed and returned Return the last page of your syllabus filled out by your parent or guardian

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