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Welcome to Curriculum Night! Mrs. McNeme K2 is the place to be!

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night! Mrs. McNeme K2 is the place to be!

2 Video From Mrs. O’Neill

3 Introductions  A little bit about Me

4 School Procedures  Arrival/Dismissal  Doors are unlocked at 7:30.  If you arrive at 7:50 or later, go to the office to get a tardy slip.  If your child is going home a different way, call the office by 2:45pm or send a note in your child’s folder in the morning.  If your child is absent, please send a written and signed note stating why your child was absent. This note must be turned in within 2 days. This will make the difference between an“excused” and “unexcused” absence.

5 School Motto We are respectful We are responsible We are safe We are prepared Because we are Austin Mustangs On a mission to EXCELLENCE! In addition to this, students are expected to follow our classroom’s “8 expectations for living”

6 Great Expectations! - No behavior chart -logical consequences -parent contact

7 Language Arts  Mini Lessons Guided Reading  Reading at Home/Reading Folders  Daily 5 Stations  Read to Self  Word Work  Work on Writing  Listen to Reading  Read to someone (This will start in the spring)

8 Writing  Journals  Stages of Writing  Handwriting Without Tears  Pencil Grip  Fine motor Skills

9 Math  Math Stations  Counting  Patterning  Graphing  Number Sense  Addition/Subtraction  Hands on math  “MAP” Testing --New Math Assessments done on the computer

10 Technology  Kindergarten Expectations for technology  Computer Lab Parent Helper  Fun for Kid’s Websites- can be found through my website   Staff webpages  Google site

11 Report Cards  Every nine weeks  Standards Based – IPS, AS, MS  Conferences in Sept/Oct  As needed or requested

12 Lunch  Water only in the classroom  Label it!  Please send squeeze top water bottles to avoid spills  Healthy, Peanut Free snacks  Working snack: need snacks that are easy to open, little clean up Snacks/Water Bottles  Family Fridays start next week  If you send in money for student’s lunch account- please put it in an envelope labeled with your child’s name, my name and K2.

13 Birthdays  Celebrated at 2:15pm  Cupcakes or Cookies- easy to serve, no cutting, no forks or knives  If your child has a summer birthday, we would love to celebrate their ½ birthday in our class.  Please find our Party Guidelines on our classroom website!

14 Transportation  Call the office no later than 2:45 if transportation changes OR send a note in your child’s folder.  Use the YELLOW cards when picking up your child. If you don’t have it, you will be asked to go to the office and you must have your drivers license. School Wide rule.  Without a bus pass, students can not ride the school bus.  Going home with a friend? Note and Yellow Card

15 Teach responsibility by having your child remember everyday to bring…  Backpack  Folder- clean out daily, and send any notes that need to be signed and returned.  An extra set of clothes -left in cubby. *** very important!

16 Kindergarten Events Check out our website to look at our “Monthly Calendars” Coming up--Teddy Bear Parade & Pet Day!

17 Mon-Star Student  Your child can create a poster board showing off all about them!!  Decorate it, add pictures, etc.  He/she will share it with the class the following day!

18 Spirit Days  Once every nine week period. Look for it on our monthly calendar.  Every Friday is Spirit Wear! Wear Austin or Coppell Shirts!

19 Mustang of the Month  Character Trait Winners!  Announced on the announcements.  Picture in the local paper.  Nominated by teacher and presented at 9 wk spirit rallys.

20 Background Checks  Austin Elementary website:  Under “Parents” click on “Volunteer today”, this will take your directly to the website.  Print out the form and submit to the office.  This could take up to two weeks.  Needs to be completed every year.  My Website!  Important Documents- Background Check

21 Specials Information  Art Newsletter :  PE Info

22  2 room moms  Mystery Readers!- sign up will be emailed to you soon

23 Thank you SO much for your time! Don’t Forget: Write your child a note for tomorrow!Write your child a note for tomorrow! Talk to Room MomsTalk to Room Moms

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