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Physical Development.

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1 Physical Development

2 Identify the important parts of the male and female reproductive system

3 Female Sexual System Bartholin’s Gland Cervix Clitoris Fallopian Tubes
Fimbriae Hymen Labia majora Labia Minora Ova Ovaries Pituitary gland Ureter Urethra Uterus Vulva Mons Pubis (mons veneris)

4 Male Sexual System Cowper’s glands Epidydmis Foreskin Glans Penis
Pituitary Gland Prostate glands Scrotum Testes Ureter Urethra Vas deferens

5 Pubertal Myths Puberty starts at one point in time
Puberty Strikes without warning Puberty is the result of raging hormones

6 Endocrine System regulated by endocrine glands
pituitary is the master, secretes gonadotropins around age 7, LH and FSH release in sleep occurs LH stimulates testosterone production that causes genital growth, body hair, and change of voice (in males). FSH stimulates testicle growth and sperm production Lh= lutenizing hormone FSH= follicle-stimulating hormone

7 Females store LH in early adolescence
FSH makes ovaries release hormone resulting in breast development, increased body hair and menstruation.

8 Genetic Influences Most changes in puberty caused by genetics.
Genes have most influence on rate of growth and weight. Body hair and menarche also genetic based

9 Nutrition Secular trend: a steady drop in the average age of menarche over the last 100 years, may be leveling off. Poor nutrition can delay or suppress menstruation

10 Sequence of Male Pubertal Change
Testicular enlargement change in texture and color of scrotum Increased growth of penis (about 12.5 years) Growth of pubic hair growth spurt of height First ejaculation (semenarche) Seminal fluid is infertile at this time Growth of axillary hair

11 Growth of facial hair Breaking of voice Breast changes differentiate from gynecomastia More penile growth, prostate growth and seminal vesicles Hair growth from pubic area to naval Start of recession of hairline

12 Sequence of Female Pubertal Change
Growth spurt: height, weight, fat on hips Growth of breasts, includes some enlargement of areola Growth of vagina and change of pH balance Growth of pubic hair, approximately 6 months after breast buds develop Continued growth of breasts and pubic hair

13 Growth of uterus Enlargement of ovaries Menarche, simultaneous with rapid decline in height growth spurt Fertility: months after menarche

14 male issues penis size (performance) unwanted erections (unruly penis)
nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) ejaculation (masturbation) body size, strength (steroids)

15 male issues voice changes, mannerisms estrogenic onset (gynecomastia)
“success objects” - success enhances desirability always horny, always ready desire for contact comfort (love) disguised as sex

16 Female Issues female issues
breast, buttocks, thighs, legs (size, shape) menstruation (“the curse”) genital hygiene “attractiveness” (face, general body) fear of fat (80% diet, eating disorders)

17 female issues androgenic onset (hairy, acne) “sex objects”;
eager, knowing but not too willing success is unattractive; down play success desire for sex disguised as contact comfort (love)

18 Contrast of male and female changes
Growth spurt in girls begins on average 2 years earlier No event in male development is directly comparable to menarche (?) Genital development is somewhat earlier in girls than boys Tanner’s Sexual Maturity Scale identified development in various areas

19 Timing and Puberty Normal range is very broad
The individual’s perception of normality is more influential than objective measures Maturity of appearance effects how adolescents are treated Early maturing is positive for males, and may be negative for females Late maturing is difficult for both boys and girls- but long term may be associated with positive outcomes.

20 Body Image Self-concept and self-esteem are tied to how we believe others see us Adolescents are generally critical of their own appearance Girls are far more likely to suffer from poor body image Males are more focused on appearing strong

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