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Male and Female Reproductive Systems

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1 Male and Female Reproductive Systems

2 Male Reproduction System

3 Sperm – the sex cells that are made by males and that are needed to fertilize eggs. Testes – the male reproductive organs that produce sperm and testosterone.

4 Scrotum – the skin covered sac that surrounds the testes.
Epididymis – once sperm are made they move into this coiled tube. Vas Deferens – once a sperm matures, it travels into this tube.

5 sperm and the added fluids.
Prostate Gland – the male gland that adds fluid to the sperm to nourish and protect it. Semen – sperm and the added fluids. Urethra - the tube that passes through the penis. Sperm leave the body during ejaculation via this tube.

6 Penis - the organ that removes urine from the male body and that can deliver sperm to the female reproductive system.


8 Testosterone - the male hormone made by the testes.

9 An immature sperm takes 2 – 10 days to fully mature.
How long does it take an immature sperm to mature? An immature sperm takes 2 – 10 days to fully mature.

10 What are some signs that a male is going through puberty?
Shoulders get wider & develop muscles hair grows on the face and other body parts voice deepens At this time testosterone also causes the body to start making sperm.











21 Female Reproductive System

22 Eggs - the sex cells of females
that can be fertilized by sperm. Ovaries – the female reproductive organs that produce eggs and hormones.

23 Cervix - the narrow base of the uterus.
Fallopian Tubes – connect the ovaries to the uterus. Uterus – the muscular organ the size of a fist where fertilized eggs develop. Cervix - the narrow base of the uterus.

24 Endometrium – the lining of the uterus that thickens as an egg matures.
Placenta - a blood vessel-rich tissue that forms in a mother’s uterus. Vagina - reproductive organ that connects the uterus to the outside of the body.


26 Menstruation If an egg is not fertilized, the blood vessels in the endometrium break down. The process in which the blood and tissue that built up in the uterus flows out of the body through the vagina.

27 Menstrual Cycle a monthly series of hormone-controlled
changes that mature an egg and prepare the uterus for pregnancy.

28 What are some signs that a female is going through puberty?
Growth of hair under the arms and pubic region Increase in height & weight Growth of darker hair on the legs Increase in perspiration Widening of the hips Increase in breast size Onset of menstrual periods

29 Over 2 Million What are the two female hormones our body produces?
Estrogen and Progesterone Girls have all their eggs at birth. On average, how many are there? Over 2 Million

30 When do eggs mature? Eggs begin to mature when a girl reaches puberty
How often do eggs mature? One egg matures every 28 days Where are eggs fertilized? In the fallopian tubes









39 body during puberty affect
How do the changes occurring in the male and female body during puberty affect adolescents?

40 We will now be looking at what is described as abstinence and what is described as sex, but first…

41 Not engaging in any kind of sexual activity with a partner
Abstinence Sex Any vaginal, oral, or anal intercourse

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