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2 Selected Reproductive Terms
Breast Vagina Uterus Ovaries Estrogen Progesterone Ovulation Menstruation Egg/Ovum Pubic hair Puberty Hormones Testes Penis Scrotum Testosterone Sperm Erection Ejaculation Semen Nocturnal emission Vas deferens Fertilization Gametes

3 New Terms Puberty: is the time when you start to develop the physical characteristics of adults of your gender. Adolescence: is the time of life between childhood and adulthood. Hormones: chemical substances produced in your body’s glands.

4 …and your body changes…
MALE Underarm hair appears Pubic hair appears Perspiration increases Acne appears External genitals enlargement Sperm production starts Rapid growth Shoulders get broader Larynx gets larger and voice deepens Facial hair appears Muscles develop

5 …and your body changes…
Female Pubic hair appear Acne appears External genitals enlarges Uterus and ovaries enlarge Ovulation occurs Menstruation starts Rapid growth Breast development Hips get wider Waistline gets narrower Underarm hair appear Perspiration increases

6 Major Physical Changes in Females
Breasts: Breast development starts with small, tender lumps under one or both nipples that will get bigger over the next few years. Hair: Soft hair will start to grow in the pubic area. This hair will eventually become thick and very curly. Underarm and legs also grow hair. Body shape: Hips get wider and waist will get smaller. Body will also begin to build up fat in the stomach, buttocks, and legs. This gives the body the curvier shape of a woman.

7 Major Physical Changes in Females
Menstruation: Most girls get their periods between ages9 and 16. During puberty, the ovaries begin to release eggs. If an egg is fertilized by sperm, it will grow inside the uterus and develop into a baby. To prepare for this, a thick layer of tissue and blood cells builds up on the wall of the uterus. If the egg is not fertilized, these tissues and cells are not needed by the body. They turn into a blood-like fluid and flow out of the vagina along with the egg.

8 Menstruation Cycle

9 Menstruation The menstrual period is the monthly discharge of fluid (blood & tissues) out of the body. When a girl first begins to have her period, she is able to get pregnant. During your period, you will need to wear sanitary pad and/or tampon to absorb this fluid. Most periods last from 3 to 6 days. Some common symptoms of menstruation include: cramps bloating soreness or swelling in your breasts headaches sudden mood changes, such as sadness or irritability & depression

10 Using a Tampon

11 Major Body Changes in Males
Body shape: During this rapid growth period, a boy gets taller , shoulders will get broader, and gains a lot of weight. Many boys may experience swelling under their nipples. During puberty, muscles will also get bigger. Voice: Voice will get deeper. This may start with voice cracking. As growth continues, the cracking will stop and voice will stay at the lower range.

12 Major Body Changes in Males
Hair: Hair will appear under arms, legs, and above the penis. Chest hair may appear during puberty or years after, although not all men have chest hair.

13 Major Body Changes in Males
Penis: Penis and testes will get larger. Boys may have erections more often due to an increase in sex hormones. Sperm production starts during puberty. So, during an erection, boys may also experience ejaculation. This occurs when semen is released through the penis. This could happen during sleep. Ejaculation during sleep is called a “nocturnal emission” or "wet dream." This is normal and will stop as boys get older.

14 Gradual Growth of Pubic Hair in Females

15 Breast Development in Females

16 Stages of puberty in Males
Gradual change of male genitals during puberty Childhood to Adulthood


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