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Biology 314 Male and Female Reproduction Systems.

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1 Biology 314 Male and Female Reproduction Systems

2 Time Frame Introduction Puberty for males and females (physiological and psychological changes) Male reproduction system Female reproduction system Projects Test

3 Introduction Informed decisions regarding your sexuality Puberty The physiological and psychological changes that occur from childhood to adolescence Boys enter usually around 14; girls at 12 For boys, this means that their testicles begin producing semen and they ejaculate during a wet dream or while masturbating For girls this means that their ova have matured and are ready to be released and they begin menstruating This means that you can create offspring

4 Physiological Changes Males Voice deepens Grows body hair (armpits, limbs, pubic area, chest etc.). Genital organs undergo physical changes (enlarging of the testicles and penis) Spontaneous errections Wet dream can occur Testicles start producing sperm Females Breasts increase in size Grows pubic hair and underarm areas Hips widen Genital organs undergo physical changes Begins her menstrual cycle

5 Psychological Changes Males Physical attraction Sexual desire (libido) Females Physical attraction Sexual desire (libido) Need for autonomy Sense of responsibility regarding her ability to reproduce

6 Causes of Puberty These changes are controlled by hormone secreting (released) glands. A hormone is a chemical substance that is released into the bloodstream and stimulates the functioning of an organ Can be thought of as a chemical messenger from one cell (or group of cells) to another

7 Pituitary Gland Located at the base of the brain Secretes hormones regulating homeostasis Secretes two hormones directly related to the onset of puberty: 1) FSH (follicle stimulating hormones 2) LH (luteinizing hormones) FSH and LH stimulate the ovaries to secrete estrogen and progesterone and thus initiate the menstrual cycle

8 Which glands secrete which hormones in females? Gland FSH LH Estrogen Progesterone Hormone Pituatary Ovaries

9 Male Hormone The hormones of FSH and LH are also secreted by the pituitary gland The testicles are secreted by the hormone of androgens. The most active of which is testosterone and is essential to the production of sperm In women, the action of the pituitary hormones is cyclical. In men, the action of these hormones is contrast.

10 Male Reproduction System The Male Genital

11 The Function of the Penis The penis is the copulatory (union of the external sex) organ of the males. When the male is sexually aroused, the penis becomes erect and ready for intercourse. Erection is achieved because blood sinuses within the erectile tissue of the penis become filled with blood. The arteries of the penis are dilated while the veins are passively compressed so that blood flows into the erectile tissue under pressure. Used for excretion of liquids as well as sexual intercourse

12 Path of Sperm to Ejaculation Testicles -  epididymes  vasa deferentia  ejaculatory ducts  urethra  outside the body Ejaculation Animation; click here!

13 Female Genitalia The main structures of the female genitalia include: The genital passages or tracts The ovaries The genital passages include The Fallopian tubes The uterus The vagina

14 A picture is worth a 1000 words!

15 Solutions Stencil 1a) the ducts connecting the ovaries to the uterus? The Fallopian tubes b) glands that produce the egg Ovaries C) place where the embryo (fertilization takes place) and develops Uterus

16 Stencil Solution D) pear shaped / many blood vessels / located in the pelvic area Endometrium e) tube that receives the semen during intercourse Vagina F) Place where fertilization takes place Ampulla

17 Stencil Solutions g) Place where the fertilized egg is implanted Uterus h) structures that secrete hormones Ovaries

18 Sperm Meet Egg! Cute Video – Click herehere

19 Fallopian Tubes

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