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Scholar Chapter Training – Part 1 September 30, 2014.

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1 Scholar Chapter Training – Part 1 September 30, 2014

2 Liliana Ortiz Scholar Chapters Coordinator 310.526.3406 ext. 106 Paulette Palafox Director of Scholar Support, Outreach and Advocacy 2 Introduction

3 HSF Overview Role of the Scholar Chapter Network Why do Scholar Chapters exist? HSF Scholar Chapter Network Institutions Scholar Chapters and Scholar Chapter Affiliates What do Scholar Chapter Members gain? President Requirements Advisor’s Role Required Submissions Required Events Member Requirements Funding Overview Campus Event Resources HSF Event Resources Timeline Homework 3 Agenda Scholar Chapter Training – Part 1

4 4 Why We Exist Hispanic Scholarship Fund Overview We aim to give as many top Hispanic students as possible all the tools they need to apply to college, do well in their course work, graduate, enter a profession, excel, lead our nation going forward, and mentor the generations to come The Latino population is large and growing More Latinos are going to college than ever before The high school drop-out rate for Latinos has declined 19% of all college students are Latino General population attending college after HS graduation Hispanics attending college after HS graduation 69% 64% 17% of the U.S. population is Latino 1 in 4 public school students nationwide are Hispanic

5 Over 60,000 HSF Alumni – the best and brightest among millions of scholarship applicants – are now distinguished leaders in their professions, communities, and the nation; many are now serving as HSF volunteers and mentors Distinguished HSF Alumni are delivering incalculable ROI; examples include U.S. Treasurer Rosie Rios, ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero, and U.S. Congressman Joe Garcia Over 1.8 million visitors to have been given free access to a range of services, resources, and information to prepare for college 5 A History of Investing in Latinos Hispanic Scholarship Fund Overview Since its founding in 1975, HSF has awarded over $470 million in scholarships – $36.1 million in FY 2014.

6 The HSF Scholar Chapter Network exists to promote academic success and professional preparation among college students, while encouraging them to serve as role models and leaders in their communities. 6 Role of the Scholar Chapter Network

7 HSF has less than 60 employees to outreach and support the needs of Latino students and their parents nationally, therefore, Scholar Chapters play an integral role in: –Supporting Latino students on campus both academically and professionally –Developing a supporting network of students on campus –Outreaching to local schools and communities about college preparation –Extending the efforts of HSF sponsored events and programs by serving as volunteers 7 Why do Scholar Chapters exist?

8 8

9 What is an HSF Scholar Chapter? An established and active organization that represents HSF at an institution. Who is an HSF Scholar Chapter Affiliate? A student organization on campus that represents HSF on campus and that is associated with the Scholar Chapters. New Chapters will be considered Affiliates until meeting the Affiliate requirements. 9 Scholar Chapters and Scholar Chapter Affiliates

10 Invitations to Chapter events which include academic, career, and outreach opportunities Information on HSF scholarships and access to HSF resources Access to the HSF Scholar Chapter Network HSF’s Mentor Match (Open to HSF Scholars and Scholar Chapter Members) Opportunities to meet HSF alumni and sponsors Invitations to HSF events which include Leadership Conference, Leaders in Education Awards, etc. Volunteer/Outreach Opportunities Information on internship and job opportunities 10 What do Scholar Chapter Members gain?

11 Represent HSF on campus and maintain a professional demeanor when representing HSF and the Chapter on/off campus Lead the board on executing the required events and ensure all event information and documents are submitted to HSF on time Ensure all campus and HSF Scholar Chapter policies are followed Maintain good communication with HSF Maintain a good academic standing Serve as Scholar Chapter President for a full-academic year Ensure a smooth transition between boards 11 President Requirements

12 Each Chapter must have a campus advisor. The advisor can be staff or faculty. She/he should be someone who can assist the President with navigating campus resources and guiding and providing feedback on Chapter events. Advisors, along with the Presidents, need to submit the Advisor Form that will be made available after the second webinar. 12 Advisor’s Role

13 Leadership Agreement Advisor Form Official Campus Organization Verification Request to Change/Update Webpage Form End of the Semester Reports (Fall/Spring) Per Activity (Events, Recruitments, General Meetings): –Event Participation Request Form (To request speakers) –Event Registration Form –Event Evaluation Form (For attendees) –Event Sign – In Sheet –Post-Event Form –Outreach Volunteer Form (For Outreach Volunteers) 13 Required Submissions

14 Scholar Chapters Events (4 Types) –Scholarship Informational –Academic Event –Career Event –Outreach Event *Must do one of each Chapter Involvement –Examples: Student Org. Fairs Tabling at events – EX. UCCS Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration If applicable, volunteer at an HSF event. (Minimum of 3 members) Other Activities Examples: –General meeting, academic event, career event, outreach event, social Total = 8 Activities 14 Required Events

15 Affiliates Events (4 Types) –Scholarship Informational* –Academic Event –Career Event –Outreach Event *Must do the Scholarship Informational Chapter Involvement –Examples: Student Org. Fairs Tabling at events If applicable, volunteer at an HSF event. (Minimum of 3 members) Other Activities Examples: –General meeting, academic event, career event, outreach event, social Total = 4 Activities 15 Scholar Chapter Affiliate Requirements

16 Official Scholar Chapter Members are those who have participated in at least 6 Chapter activities, one of them being a volunteer event (EX. Outreach event/HSF Event). For “Affiliate Chapters,” official members have to attend at least 3 activities. 16 Member Requirements

17 School Funds –Scholar Chapters are encouraged to seek school funding for their events. Check the funding options at your school through your student organization office. Fundraising –Scholar Chapters are allowed to fundraising for their Chapters. Please make sure to specify that you are fundraising for your Scholar Chapter and not HSF. Also, follow your school’s fundraising policies. Local Sponsors –Scholar Chapters are allowed to see local sponsorship. It can be for event food, materials, etc. Please make sure to inform HSF of all local sponsorships. 17 Funding Overview

18 Collaborations –Collaborations with other student orgs., campus departments and centers may reduce event costs. Mini-grants –HSF Scholar Chapter funds that Scholar Chapters are allowed to request (Up to $250 per mini-grant). It is first come, first served. The requests will be available starting October 6 th. Bank Account –It is recommended that you set-up a student org. bank account on your campus to manage your funds. –Please do not use the HSF/Hispanic Scholarship Fund name on the bank account. You may use Hispanic Scholar Chapter at Institution or Scholar Chapter at Institution. 18

19 Funding: School funds, collaborations Promoting: Campus listservs, flyering, share with other orgs/departments, class presentations, campus social media groups, etc. Partnerships: Student organizations, campus departments, career center, academic support centers, etc. 19 Campus Event Resources

20 Materials: –HSF Flyers –GMS Flyers –Pens –Lanyards –Board T-shirts HSF Speakers: -Alumni -HSF representatives Presentations: –HSF Scholarship –GMS Scholarship –College Prep –And More Funding: –Mini-grants (First come, first served) Marketing: –HSF Calendar of Events –HSF Monthly Newsletters –HSF Social Media –Scholar Chapter Webpages 20 HSF Event Resources

21 Timeline - Fall 09/30/14 Scholar Chapter Training – Part 1 10/02/14Due: Scholar Chapter/Affiliate President Leadership Agreement 10/02/14Scholar Chapter Training – Part 2 10/16/14 Due: Year Calendars – Include the 4 required events, any possible HSF events you plan to participate in, and any additional events you plan on having. Advisor Form Email: Official Campus Organization Verification De-activate Social Media Pages and Transition to Facebook Groups 10/30/14Due: Request to Change/Webpage Update Form 12/18/14Due: End of Semester Report 21

22 22 Timelines - Spring TBD Scholar Chapter Training – Part 3 03/30/15 Scholar Chapter Awards Application Open 05/05/14 Due: New or Returning President Application 05/19/15 Due: Scholar Chapter Awards Application 06/08/15 Scholar Chapter Award Winners Announced 06/17/15 Due: End of Semester Report

23 Due Oct. 2nd: –Review and Submit Scholar Chapter/Affiliate Leadership AgreementScholar Chapter/Affiliate Leadership Agreement –Create/update myHSF profile ( 23 Homework

24 October 8 th Alumni Hall of Fame in New York –Looking for local volunteers, please contact Isaac Cervantes at 24 Announcements

25 Thank you! Scholar Chapter Training – Part 2 is this Thursday, October 2 nd 5:30 PM PDT 25 Scholar Chapter Training –Part 1

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